Parvarish 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 10th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the police approaching Mahesh [to which Raavi was having a talk] to ask the location of Manger’s cabin and he leads them the way. Raavi urges to meet Jeet but Mahesh refuses. Raavi tells her reason for which she has came there and Mahesh gives an excuse, too. She pleads him to make a draft in her favour, he agrees. In the boss’s cabin, Jeet is arguing with boss to trust his honesty and he is not the culprit and someone has deceived him. Police enter the cabin to arrest Jeet for an enquiry. Jeet is shocked. They take him out of the cabin compelling. Jeet tries to convince but all goes in vain.

The cops are taking him to Police station when Raavi catches an eye on. She asks Jeet the reason and the cops tell her that he is the main accused, a culprit for a scam. Sobbing, she approaches near boss to find the reason to which he replies that Jeet is the main accused in a fraud/scam of 350 crore. Shocked Raavi, leaves the bank in the thoughts of the police arresting Jeet and so on. At Ahuja’s, Pinky is tensed in awaiting for Jeet’s call. Phone rings; Sweety is at the phone. Pinky acts as normal and picks up. Sweety is telling about Lucky’s father and his arrival and Lucky’s frightened mind and blah’..blah to which Pinky gives no response. Sweety doubts as Pinky is not responding. Pinky excuses and hangs up.

Mahesh arrives near Raavi who is shocked and requests her to go home and guarantees her that nothing will happen. She tells him that she will go to police station first and then towards home to tell Pinky about this. He advices her to go with an elder accompanied and readies himself to drop her but she refuses his help as she will call Lucky for the same. Pinky is weeping and therefore calls Raavi for her encouragement but Raavi rejects her call as Pinky will definitely identify her worry by her utters/voice. Hence, Pinky tries to call Jeet but to no avail. Lucky recalls Raavi as he forgot his phone and saw her missed call. She tells about Jeet’s matter. He is shocked and leaves for bank in a frenzy where Raavi is waiting. Rocky distracts him as they had promised something to which he refuses. At Ahuja’s, door bell rings and Pinky hurries to open the door but she nearly faints and hence takes support of the wall. Sunny & Raashi arrive and they think that Pinky is fainting and not well. Pinky gives an excuse and again tries to call Jeet but this time, Raashi and Sunny call her for snacks. At Ahluwalia’s, Rocky arrives and Sweety asks about their plan but as Lucky ditched [according to Rocky] their plan cancelled. At that very moment when Rocky moves towards his bedroom, Lucky phones and Sweety picks up. He tells about the 350 crore scam and Jeet’s arrest and also tells her to leave for Pinky’s house. Sweety is shocked and immediately leaves for Pinky’s while Rocky misunderstands that Lucky is in police station. Sweety tells him the matter and then Rocky understands why Lucky had left the office urgently. Sweety asks him to accompany her as she will support Pinky while he would babysit/take care of Raashi and Sunny.

On the other hand, Lucky is feeling proud as Raavi didn’t break down in spite of seeing her father arrested. Then, they both leave for police station. Sweety and Rocky reach at Ahuja’s to which Pinky guesses to be Jeet at the door. Rocky takes Sunny and Raashi inside with their snacks to see the new gaming site he has found which is an excuse to take them inside. While, Sweety informs Pinky about Jeet’s arrest. Pinky is in a trauma.


Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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