Anamika 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th April 2013 Written Update

Anamika is in Jet’s room. Balraj is worried on missing Anamika. He calls up and informs the family oif the same. Bebe is sure that Rano will not meet Jeet as she very well know it could jeopardize his chance for selections as it is against the rules to meet and stay with family members.Balraj calls up coach sir who also tells that Rano will not come to meet Jeet as she is well aware of the rules.

Coach sir’s assistant informs that a girl is in Jeet’s room. Jeet wants to inform Kranti sir of Rano’s arrival but she persuades him to not do that. She puts a spell on Jeet and he faints.
Anamika is about to suck Jeet’s blood and there is a knock on the door.Jeet tells Rano to hide so that coach sir doenot see Rano.Anamika suspends herself on the wall and escapes detection.As coach sir and his assistant leaves.. Anamika puts her spell on him and sucks his blood.
Morning comes and Jeet gets up late coach sir comes to his room.He is angered to see Rano in his room and he tells Jeet that he could not reach the play ground in time hence he could not take part in the competition. He refuses to hear Rano’s words .Coach sir refuses to bail out Jeet and tells that his boxing career is finished.
Jeet is devastated.

Balraj returns home saying he couldnot find Rano.Jeet calls up Balraj and tells him he will be returning home with Rano.
The family is worried that if this will affect Jeet’s career.
Jeet and Rano are driving home. Rano is crying remembering what happened between Jeet and coach sir.
They meet the guy from whom Anamika had take a lift and broken his hand. The guy is scared to see Rano and declines to take a lift from them and flees..
Rano is shocked at his behaviour and utters that the guy behaved as if he saw a ghost.

Precap-Rituji overhears Swapnaji saying Rano destroyed her son’s career. She gets angry and states if it is so she will take her daughter from there. Anamika listens to the conversation.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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