Parth’s Birthday Imagine with KYY team


It has been two years since Parth and Niti have been in a relationship. Trying to save it from public and media had been impossible. Niti is currently in London shooting for her debut film. Parth has got a new offer for a film but has to keep mum about it due to the pressure from Producers. So, he does not let let Niti know about it. But somehow she gets to know about it. That’s how their fight started.
Present ~~

Parth is pacing around his room nervously. He has been distant from everyone since morning. He isn’t concentrating even during the workshop and the whole cast and crew knows something’s wrong.

As for Parth he is really tensed. Its the night before his birthday – 10th March. He is supposed to be excited for his big day as he turns twenty five. Instead, he is missing Niti. More than that, he is worried about Niti.

It’s been almost a day since she has spoken to him. The last time she did the two of them ended up in indulging in a huge argument. Now he misses her. What worsens the condition is that Niti hasn’t called or messaged him once.

“Stop stressing out mate.” Utkarsh calmly says to Parth. He ignores him instead and goes on calling Niti. The whole KYY team has arrived with him for celebrating his birthday of course except Niti. Parth has a very important first day shoot tomorrow and what makes it special is that the shoot for the film starts on his birthday.

He calls Niti again and again but it directly goes to her voicemail. Meanwhile on the other hand, Niti steps out of the airport with her bags. She has purposely kept her phone switched off and has arrived to India just to be there at Parth’s birthday. Although, the poor guy has no idea about it.

She glances at the watch, its 11:15. Just forty five minutes to go. She is very excited, as if its her own birthday. She spots a black SUV waiting near the entrance. A familiar personality smiles and waves at her. It’s Charlie. She knows all about her plan. The whole KYY team does, except Parth, of course.

Charlie is there to pick her up. “Hey Niti. What’s up ? How was the journey ?” She asks pulling her into a hug.

“Good! How’s Parth ?” That’s the first question she asks her. She’s pretty sure that he is freaking out at the moment since she’s not attending his calls.

“He’s in pretty rough shape. But he’ll be fine once he sees you.” She smiles. Niti nods and gets into the car with Charlie.

“I know. It’s just, I feel so bad to fight with him earlier.” She mumbles.

“It’s okay babe. Such things happen. I just can’t wait for his reaction when he meets you.” Charlie laughs and drives to hotel.

On the other hand, Parth is starting to freak out. He is curled up on the couch staring at the pictures of his with Niti on his phone. Whereas Utkarsh, Krissane, Ayaz and Abhishek are observing him. They are pretty cool as they aren’t oblivious to Niti’s plan.

“Dude it’s like your birthday in around twenty minutes. Cheer up man!.” Utkarsh says.

“It’s going to be the worst birthday ever. She’s not even answering my calls. I think I have screwed up big time.” He mutters in a very depressed tone.

To that Abhishek is the first and the quick one to reply, “Why do you think like that ? She’ll come !” He exclaims earning a tight slap from Ayaz. He has almost spilled it out that Niti will come. But thankfully, Parth doesn’t notice.

He throws away his phone and sulks on the couch all by himself. Meanwhile Niti is already outside his hotel room with Charlie. She can’t control her excitement to see Parth.

Charlie opens the door and walks in followed by Niti. Parth is on the couch with his back facing her. The rest of the lads see the two of them entering and wave to Charlie in particular. Niti chooses to stand behind Parth.

“Hey dude ! Any updates on Niti ?” Charlie asks casually taking a seat on chair.

“No don’t even bother to ask. Just leave me alone.” Parth mutters rudely.

“Oh. So what are you going to do now ?” Ayaz asks.

“I don’t know, okay ! She’s not even answering my calls.” Parth exclaims. Niti keeps her hand on her mouth to keep herself from laughing.

“Maybe you should call her again.” Veebha suggests entering the room. She smiles at Niti before taking a seat in front of Parth. But surprisingly, Parth considers her suggestion and calls Niti again. But her phone is switched off, remember ?

“She’s not answering. Why is she not answering ?” Parth says to himself as Niti silently makes way towards the couch and takes a seat beside him.

“Because she’s here. Right beside you.” Niti says barely above a whisper. Parth is startled by the sudden voice coming from his side and finally looks at her.

Niti is biting her lip preventing the wide smile that is threatening to spread across her face. As for Parth, he is stunned. He’s gobsmacked looking at her like he’s just spotted an alien.

“Hi.” She smiles waving at him. He’s completely lost, figuring it out whether it’s his dream or Niti’s there for real.

“Hi.” He blurts out and finally snaps out of his trance.

“Oh f**k – Hi! Shit. I – what are you doing here, Niti ?” He exclaims in surprise. He literally jumps out of the couch and pulls her in his arms squeezing her completely.

Niti giggles like a stupid teenager (No offence, I’m a teen too) and hugs him back. Being in his arms makes her feel like a very long wait is finally over. He gently strokes her hair and rocks her back and forth. Meanwhile Krissane snaps a picture of the two of them.

“I’m sorry baby. I shouldn’t have fought with you. I just – I missed you like crazy and you weren’t answering my calls and texts. I was miserable. I love you so much Niti!” Parth says in Niti’s ear sending shivers down her spine. All she wants to do, is, hear those three magical words from him again and again.

“I love you too, Parth, so much! I’m sorry for that fight and whatever I said you that night.” She says and lets a tear slip from her eye. Parth pulls back and quickly wipes it off.

“What happened to your phone?” He asks.

“I switched it off because I was in the flight. I didn’t bother to switch it on later as I wanted to surprise you.” She shrugs.

“This is the best birthday ever.” He chuckles, hardly able to control his excitement. He is smiling ear to ear, reflecting genuine happiness and reason behind the happiness is her, Niti.

“Excuse me. But, some time back you said that this was going to be your worst birthday ever?” Utkarsh questions stepping in between the two love birds.

“Well, brace yourself buddy. This is going to be your best birthday till date. Our plan worked, didn’t it Niti ?” Charlie asks.

Parth is baffled when he hears the words ‘Our Plan’. That’s when it dawns upon him, that Niti was not the only one involved. It’s each and everyone in the room apart from himself.

“You were all in it ?” He asks.

“Yes. So, how do you like the surprise bro ?” Ayaz asks.
“Thank you so much guys. I couldn’t have asked for much. Seriously you all are the best and I –” Parth goes on with his emotional speech while the rest of them scatter around.

“Okay okay. Your feeling have reached us! Now fix yourself mate. It’s just ten minutes to go!” Abhishek exclaims pushing Parth inside to change.

He comes out quickly wearing a white tee with a black leather jacket and ripped jeans, the huge grin leaving his face even for a moment. Meanwhile the boys bring in the most delicious cake anyone has ever laid eyes on. Almost, all of them, are drooling. It’s chocolate everywhere on it with HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTH written in the middle.

“Guys just twelve seconds to go!” Krissane exclaims.

“okay now eleven…” Utkarsh corrects her.



They all scream cheering around. Charlie bursts party poopers from the back. Everyone is lost in cheering the boy that the cake is completely forgotten.

“Cut the cake !” Utkarsh exclaims handing a knife to Parth. He, who can’t control his smile grabs it and starts cutting the cake. They all sing the Birthday Song and click a lots of pictures.

He pulls out a piece of cake and feeds Niti. But Niti, turns over and feeds him first.
“Happy birthday jaan.” Niti says stuffing the whole of it in his mouth. He laughs it off as Ayaz comes with a handful of cake more.

He is smiling evilly and everyone else is aware of his intentions. He is, obviously planning to smear the cake on Parth’s handsome face.

“Shit. No!” Parth exclaims stumbling backwards. Ayaz is inching closer to him and before Parth can defend himself he is held back by Utkarsh and Abhishek. Ayaz smirks, before smearing the cake on boy’s face. Niti laughs till her stomach aches. These boys, all adults, are behaving like kids.

Niti grabs some cake too and inches closer to Parth. He is surprised to see Niti doing that.

“What ? You too! Oh god, you guys are not good influence on her!” He laughs as she paints his beautiful face with the cake, very lovingly.

“I’m sorry. But it’s your birthday and you look cute!” She exclaims hugging him from side.

That night is all about celebrating Parth’s new year. No one is stressed. Its just laughs, jokes, fun and lots of love spreading everywhere. . .

So an Imagine for the birthday boy !
Happy birthday Parth ! For all readers, this is not it. More updates probably to come.
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