Tashan e ishq (Gossip)

Hey back with a gossip again but before i start i wanna say something i dont know i may continue my gossips bcoz from 14th march my exam starts so i am reall sorry for this but if i get time i may write . But from 22 march i will be back again. Now stopping all this lets move to the gossip.

Twinkle to take entry in Sarna house with band baja barat and sitting in doli.
Kunj will she this and will be totally puzzled and supriced.
Kunj try to find out why is twinkle behaving like this but this will leave him amazed.

But…. my dear friends hear comes the twist which is gonna be intresting that is now how will twinkle be able to persuade kunj in her own style(tsahan style).

I thank everyone who commented me earlier. I feel so delighted to read ur all comments. Please do comments for this gossip too. And i will write my gossips till 12th but i will try my best oto write a extra day. And please do comment even the silent readers too.

  1. Thnks fr telling about upcoming episodes..but that twinkle arriving to sarna mansion in a doli is the new promo

    1. Thank u fie commenting. Hope u like my ff.

  2. i wish kunj doesnt get more annoyed by this act…

    1. I too hope the same way btw thanks a lot.

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    Thanks a lot ff reader, we are going to miss u 4 some days, Wish You Luck In Your Examination

    1. Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for wishing me best of luck and thanks for commenting.

  4. Ohh noooooooo..xms..which means no posts:(..anyways all the vry best 4 your xms

    1. Dont worry dear bcoz if i get time i will surely post.

  5. This time kunj’s character is like abhi’s character in kkb…hope tis wont last long…n ur gossip was awesome…finger crossed..

    1. It too hope the same and fingers cross anyways thanks for commenting.

  6. Wow wonderful thankx a lot am so happy in this new track and thank you so much for giving gossip till 22 march am missing u so much.

    1. Thnks a lot for ur comment.

  7. Thanks a lot who all commented me.hope u comment for the other gossips of mine in next too

  8. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Your gossips are absolutely true.
    Focus on your studies.
    Best of luck for your upcoming exams.

  9. sry 4 commenting late
    oh crap Ma xms killing me
    well nice gossip and keep it up and sry once again

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