Part 98 Mehrya My Version

Part 98 25/09/2018

Time flies at Bangalore. Almost 6 weeks passed and Shaurya’s show was doing well in TRP increase. Many of the apartment residence identify Shaurya as one of the judge and the celebrity from the show and wants to take photographs with him but he will usually decline them tactfully. Some of the aunties at the apartment whenever they get hold with Mehak will ask about the show and who will be getting eliminated, can they get a pass to the studio to watch the show live and some even ask for autographs. Mehak will be shy and blushing hard handling them. One late morning Shaurya has already left for shoot and Mehak went to meet Mrs Srinivas after her yoga lesson. Both was chit chatting with as Mrs Srinivas was cooking lunch she asked is Shaurya very strict like in the TV. Mehak laughed and said in TV as judge he is very strict but at home and with all of us he is very sweet to all. He is like that when comes to work. Mrs Srinivas asked how did you meet him sorry to ask because he is a celebrity and you are a simple girl, Mehak replied it’s okay all are having the same question, well I was a contestant in India Super Cook in Delhi, it was Shaurya’s TV program and he was the Judge there as well so we always having conflict, arguments and lots of misunderstandings finally we both get married. Its almost 1 year plus we are married and very much in love with each other. Mrs Srinivas holds by Mehak’s cheek and said be happy always like this, Mehak blushed and said thank you.

At night Mehak decided to prepare delicious pasta meals on her own without waiting for Shaurya as these days after shoot he was busy tight up with discussions and postmortem of the shooting for the day or week. His team were discussing on weekly guest appearance of food bloggers or critics to come and try the dishes and comment so from there they will accumulate the points weekly and end of the week will announce the person who gets through for the coming week , and the person scored low points will be eliminated. Mr Venkatesh, Mrs Bhavna and Mr Bhatt agreed to the idea and they quickly summoned their assistant to get in touch with local food bloggers and critics. They were about to wrap up their discussion and Shaurya’s mobile ding with a notification, he took out and notice the notification on his Facebook from Meera Sharma, he unlocked the mobile and tap on the notification to read it, It says

Dear Friends sorry for being away for so long and not updating any recipes and posts. From now on I will be updating this page regularly stay tuned for more tummy growling updates and kitchen tip and tricks. Lots of love (MS)

Shaurya’s face brighten up seeing her post and he clicked the LOVE emoji on her post and type there welcome back MS, surely missed you and your post with a wink emoji. He was smiling the entire time seeing his mobile screen oblivious to his surrounding and this was noticed by all his team in the room. Mrs Bhavna asked Shaurya is there something interesting you want to share with us , Shaurya was immediately out of his trance and quickly said there is nothing Bhavna, but she didn’t give up she asked we always see if you get a message your face lit up like the teenager in love what is happening Shaurya she asked again and the rest of the team giggle along with him, Mr Bhatt said to them yes that boy is very much in love with his wife, you all should meet her she is very sweet and humble girl. Mr Venkatesh eagerly asked so when are you introducing your wife to us Shaurya we want to see the very strict judge Shaurya Khanna’s wife too. Shaurya chuckled and said yes of course I will invite you all for dinner at my place and you can meet my wife his face lit up brightly as he speaks about wife his love of his life. After the discussion all leave from there.

At home Mehak saw Shaurya comment for her post and was giggling covering her mouth she press the Love emoji for his comment and for all the other comments from others. She looked at the time and plays the song in the home hi fi set and tied her hair up in a bun and started to work for dinner. She julienned the cucumber, carrots and arrange together with hummus made earlier and put them in the fridge and started to work on the main course. She made Mediterranean dish with cous cous, she also made a dish with brinjal and tomatoes which to be eaten with soft textured Arab bread something like chapatti but even softer then chapatti texture. As she was arranging all on the dining table, the doorbell ringed and Mehak happily runs to get it. She opens the door and Shaurya came in giving her a beary hug and he loosened up her bun. He kissed on her forehead saying sorry baby today I was late let me shower and will prepare dinner right away, Mehak was clinging to his neck said its okay I have cooked something from all your guidance and what I learn from the internet, Shaurya’s eyes glinted hearing her excitement. He said let me try now, she refused and pushed him to the room saying come quickly and try them go, he went to shower obeying her and came out so quickly to try the dishes prepared by Mehak.

She made him to sit and started to arrange the dining table with the cucumber and carrot with hummus dipping and continued with the soft bread and brinjal tomato dips. She served the hot cous cous. Shaurya excitedly rub his both palms as Mehak feed the first bite of cucumber with hummus he was surprised at how precise she made it with the exact taste just like in the Mediterranean restaurant. He enjoyed the dishes prepared by her very much, Mehak asked him in her naughty tone so Judge Shaurya what you think about this dish and what is your take on the presentation, flavor and etc.? Shaurya wiped his mouth with the napkin and said, the cous cous has cooked with all the right flavors and the dish is perfect and the presentation is awesome as it’s prepared by the most beautiful lady in the world for him. Mehak smiled and stick her tongue out at him and gets up to take their plates to wash , Shaurya holds by her hand and planted a kiss on her inner wrist and slowly whispers to cut some fruits and he will help her with the dishes. She ruffled his hair and moved to prepare some fruits for him as he do the dishes. Both snuggled cozily on the couch as Mehak feed him the fruits and watch TV together and Shaurya teased Mehak on her Facebook update and later their conversation were about Shaurya’s competition and elimination rounds how they will eliminate contestant on weekly practice and appearance by food critics/ blogger on weekly basis.

Next day Mehak was in the yoga class performing yoga with the rest of the class mates. Their class room door was interrupted and the admin of the center called MS Mehak, you have a visitor which made her wonder who can it be, she was still in confusion when a familiar face enters the class door step which made Mehak’s jaw drop opened widely, it was none other than Shaurya wearing his shades smiled a little at her. She still can’t believe it was Shaurya at her yoga class, he told the yoga practitioner to excuse Mehak today as she have some urgent errands to run and he came to bring her with him. The rest of the class becomes restless seeing the hot, handsome and suave Judge Shaurya Khanna of Bangalore Cooking Star is at their yoga class and calling Mehak there, they were murmuring something wonders what is happening and what is their relationship? He looked at Mehak who is still in daze and said Mehak shall we? She gets up from her place and walks slowly towards the door and he placed his hand at her waist, which was noticed by her classmates and others there. So Mehak is Shaurya Khanna’s girlfriend someone said and all awed hearing it and yoga practitioner ask them to be quite and focus on the class.

Outside the class Mehak kept asking slowly Shaurya what are you doing here, today you don’t have shooting is it? He didn’t response as he continued to walk holding her firmly. She asked him Shaurya I am talking to you, where are we going and what you doing here? All are seeing me one kind, he pulled her to one of the pillar and looked at her intently as she looked confused with his ministration. He trace her forehead with his long finger tucking the strand which falling on her face behind her ears he grinned at her and said today my shooting got cancelled and I want to bring you out for something you can thank me later for that now go change your clothes and come quickly lets go he said as he leaned towards her. His scent and warmth only made her panic and she pushed him away and run to the changing room to change her yoga wear into casuals. She came out with her backpack and Shaurya leads her to the car and he started the car.

They reached an office and it only increased Mehak’s curiosity wondering where they are heading and Shaurya’s suspense is driving her nuts. She knows his notoriety at times he is hard to handle just like baby. They reached an office. She followed him in and they were asked to wait at the lobby for the person in charge to come. Later a guy in his early twenties came and greeted Shaurya and Mehak and introduced himself as Arun. Shaurya introduced Arun to Mehak saying, Mehak this is Arun he will be helping you on edits and how to upload contents in YouTube and other social media related stuffs. He is an expert in guiding more amateur YouTube user to post efficiently and gets many followers in Social media. Mehak was totally surprised with Shaurya’s gesture for getting her help for her cooking related channel which she always wanted to do. Arun guided them to his tutorial lab and Shaurya with Mehak followed him. Mehak cling to Shaurya’s arm saying thank you so much patidev you are so sweet and you are the best husband in the world. Hearing the compliments Shaurya secured his other hand on hers and said you are welcome my love, you can thank me at night in a special way he whispered. Hearing him made Mehak turned red, she beat him gently on his forearm. They were seated in the computer lab and Arun asked Mehak what is her channel about, the content of the channel and how frequently she intend to update, her targeted audience and many more. They discussed and Mehak showed her mobile of the photos and videos she taken during her cooking attempts at home. Arun asked is there any name she has thought for the channel and Mehak said she have few in her mind and she listed what is in her mind.  Shaurya checks the list and suggested how about Cooking made easy by Chef Mehak. It was catchy and sounds good as well Mehak agreed to choose that. The discussion went well and both left that office and Shaurya said Mehak will follow up with him and also will attend the tutorials on editing and uploading in YouTube and other social media sites with Arun.

In the car as they buckle up, Shaurya bend towards Mehak showing his cheek, she looked at him and asked what this is, his cheek was still in front on her face and he said I know you feel like to kiss me so you can do it now I don’t mind. Mehak smilingly leaned in and placed her soft lips on his cheek. He became very happy with her single kiss and started the car and both enjoyed to have meals and spend time together.

Next morning after all the romantic flirtation Shaurya finally left home for his shoot, usually once he woke up , he will cling to Mehak hugging her from back nuzzling her, he won’t let her prepare the breakfast easily. He will turned off the stove and before Mehak could protest he will carry her back to the room to start back his romantic torture hugging, kissing, tickling her, caressing her or some days he just wants her to be with him quietly, he just wants to feel her warmth and her scent as her hands caresses his hair gently till he feel good, slowly she will convince him to go and shower and get ready for work. There some days she has to dress him and feed him as well, Mehak pampered him and showered all her love on him no matter how much tantrum he throws. Some days Shaurya will go off and within 10 minutes he will come home sneakingly capturing her and savor her lips hungrily for few more minutes later he will plant a kiss on her forehead whispering I love you and leave for his shooting.

She was clearing the dishes her mobile rings and she quickly went to get it. It was Mrs Bhatt. She greeted her and asked how her day is and what her plan is for the day. Mehak said she has no plan just some work pending she will finish them up soon. Mrs Bhatt said okay finish all your work and come over to my house. You have promised me to come and visit me but didn’t come till now, so please come over she insist. Mehak smiled and said okay Mrs Bhatt I will come over let me finish some work here, please message me your home address I will be there. She replied her and hang up the call. Mehak started some work which to be emailed to Arun and called him to confirm and set the next day for their meeting. Mehak took her handbag and locked the house and leave to Mrs Bhatt home.

She reached Mrs Bhatt home and she welcomed her both sat and exchanged pleasantries. Mrs Bhatt asked how is her yoga classes going on and Mehak excitedly said she has now upgraded to the next level, she feels good doing yoga. Mrs Bhatt asked did she watched the cooking competition, Mehak said she watch them without missing every other day. It was lunch time and Mrs Bhatt bring Mehak to have lunch and as they were eating she suggested that they should go to the shooting spot. Mehak quickly shakes her head in NO. Mrs Bhatt chuckled and asked why she doesn’t want to go, all girls are drooling over her handsome husband and she should go and give Shaurya a surprise at the shooting Mrs Bhatt suggested. After much convincing Mehak agreed and deep in her heart she was telling Mr Khanna it’s not always you who knows how to surprise, Mrs Khanna is no less than you. I am coming Mr Khanna.

After lunch and Mrs Bhatt and Mehak left to the shooting spot. They reached the venue and some of the staff came to greet Mrs Bhatt. Mrs Bhatt asked them how the shooting going on and the staff replied in a short while there will be an ad break now still shooting going on and he guided them to studio. Mehak excited as well to surprise Shaurya she was wondering what his reaction is going to be. The staff reminded them to switch the mobile into silent mode as shooting is still going on. Both of them waited and watched the program from the side standing discreetly not interrupting the shoot. Mehak admired him how Shaurya comment on each contestant’s dishes. Before announcing who is the weekly winner, they announced for break. Shaurya take off the microphone from the lapel and pass it to the technical assistant and he walked out for the break. Mehak hide herself behind a wall and watched him as he walks and looking at his mobile. She quickly take her mobile out and message to him so patidev it’s already break right now what you waiting for? Shaurya reads the message and wonders, he scratched his chin and looks around, today shooting was not live just usual shooting which will be telecast later, and he wonders how she knows about the break now? He chuckled and quickly message her, hey s*xy where are you? You are being cheeky now with me is it? Mehak giggled seeing his reply and his face expression. As he walking pass the wall he notice someone hiding there and he slowly approach behind the pillar and he swiftly pulled the figure from behind the pillar and he saw it was none other than his beautiful wife. She smiled widely seeing him as she was caught by him and she pouted at him and said I thought I want to surprise you Shaurya but I get caught by you. He tuck her hair behind her ears and said you did surprised me meri jaan , what are you doing at the shooting spot, usually when I ask you will always don’t want to interfere my work what brings you here he asked with a smile on his lips. Shaurya brings her to his vanity room and close the door, she sat on the seat next to him and told him that Mrs Bhatt called her and she went to visit her, it was her idea to come to shooting spot so she came here to see him. She naughtily asked did you like me coming here. He pulled her on to his lap and said this is not a bad idea at all. He traced his lips over her cheek and planted a kiss on her jawline. Mehak joined her forehead with his and both close their eyes and enjoy the company of both in silence. The vanity room door were knocked and someone from outside called Shaurya sir break is almost going to end we need to do touch up for you before start shooting. Mehak looked at Shaurya and he reluctantly let go of his grip around her waist and she stands up  correcting her dress and adjusted his suit , Shaurya replied he will do touch up on his own and comes there in short while , his assistant left from there. Mehak touched up his makeup and hugged him before leaving there, he opens the door and lead her out from the vanity room and bring her to the waiting area where Mrs Bhatt was there, he greeted her and another assistant called Shaurya Sir shoot is about to start. He kissed Mehak on her forehead and smiled as he leaves from there, Mehak was blushing red as beetroot in front of Mrs Bhatt who was smiling quietly looking at the love birds.

Mrs Bhatt dropped Mehak back home and she was very happy to see Shaurya at work and she played some music in the hi fi set and checked what to prepare for the dinner. She remembered, Shaurya likes a lot of seafood more compare to meats. She remembered of buying some seafood like prawn and squid earlier she defrost them. The odor of prawn and squid make her sick, she wore a glove and took her duppatta to tie as a mask around her face. She started to work on cleaning the seafood after watching in the internet. She came across the recipe for Paella. She looked at the time it was almost time for Shaurya to reach home, she quickly worked on adding flavors to the rice and she garnish the top with the grilled seafood and let it cook in low flame till the flavor infuse. She quickly went to freshen up as her senses masked with the seafood odor and mumble to herself how everyone are eating this, this is so smelly. She came out and turn off the flame and ding the house doorbell ring. She eagerly went to get it and saw Shaurya was there. Both hugged and he asked looks like you already prepared dinner today as well I can smell the food smell, tell me what you cook today he asked restlessly. Mehak shakes her head and said first go and freshen up and then come to have your dinner or else you are not getting anything she ordered him, he went to freshen up.

Mehak quickly set the dining table and dancing slowly follow the rhythm when Shaurya came to the dining area. He saw moving around gently and follow her suit as well. Mehak slowly open the oven and took the tray which is still covered with aluminum foil paper and rush to the dining table. Shaurya manage to understand from the aroma it’s a seafood dish. But he wonders how she prepares it as she will nauseate even with the mention of non vege item, he was looking at her who is still dancing as she place the tray on the dining table and she went to get him to sit down at the dining table and signaled him to open the aluminum foil and he carefully lifted the aluminum foil and surprised to see one of his favorite dish paella topped with grilled prawn and squids. He was astounded to see the seafood dish made by his lady love. Although he eat non vege dishes often at outside but when he is with her he follows her suit. Apart from their ISC experience Mehak had never touched meat before and after that.  But today it was a complete surprise from her. He looked at her and pulled her closer to him she looked at him and raised her eyebrows asking what. He asked did you cooked this. She shakes her head in yes animatedly. But why you don’t touch non vege items and why did you cook this he asked her in concern. Mehak cupped his cheeks and said I don’t eat but I at least can cook for you right? I saw the recipe and I remember once you mentioned you like this dish so I decided to cook for you. Eat this quickly and let me know okay she asked him to try the dish. He asked her what are you having for dinner then, she said I made vegetarian paella for me let me get mine okay she went to kitchen. She joined him at the dining table and both enjoyed the meal while Shaurya complimented Mehak for another gastronomical surprise dish she made. She have never made the dish before and yet tasted them but the flavoring added to the dish was very precise. The seafood were cooked with the correct spices which gives the maximum flavors. He bend closer to kiss her cheek but she quickly avoid him and said no kissing patidev with a warning tone. He wonders what happen to her out of blues and before she ask she said please go and brush your teeth and gargle your mouth before kissing and all, you eat all these seafood and their smell is very strong she told him as she eats her food. Shaurya grimaced at her and said Mehak I just had the food I did not cut and clean them, Mehak rolled her eyes and said too bad you want to kiss then you must brush your teeth before that or else no kissing business okay, she took her plate and his empty plate headed to the kitchen to clean up. Shaurya grinned alone seeing her he heads to the bathroom to brush and comes back. She done with the cleaning and both rested at the balcony talking about his shooting stories and Mehak told him about her meeting with Arun and she will start her editing class the next day onward. The evening well spent with each other’s comfort.

  1. It was amazing
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      HI Cindy thank you so much for feedback dear glad you like my update,
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  2. wow such a long and beautiful up date please up date soon

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  3. Hi haseenah. Superb update, loved the surprise factor between mehrya. Just can’t wait for next update. Lots of love ??

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  4. You know something hun the Shaurya we were accustom to in ZKM is totally different from the one you are portraying. I love this one more he is a true romantic I love the way he turn his cheek for her to kiss aww. Lol his mouth smells of seafood nevertheless she should have let him kiss her it’s on the cheek not her mouth then again even I would have done the same lol. Waiting on your next and I am much better thanks for asking.

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Jayashree thank you so much for the feedback , glad you are back to comment for my update.
      Yes indeed my Shaurya in my ff is slightly different a total romantic husband package type. Mehak is always being herself shy and sanskari type.
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