Muskaan 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan’s auction gets fixed

Muskaan 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with VIP accepting Sir ji’s deal. Muskaan comes in the class and gets later. Dolly meets her and says Ronak is my brother, he is not so bad, he is good hearted, he is different, sorry on his behalf, don’t mind. Muskaan says its fine. Dolly thanks her. She asks Muskaan to come with her and have food. Sir ji and Tabassum scolds the girls. Sir ji says I will auction Muskaan and give her this gift on her birthday. Suzaine cries. Muskaan and Dolly come to canteen to have food. Dolly starts asking her about her family. Muskaan stays silent. Dolly asks her to say details. She orders drink and burger. She asks do you believe in caste and all, we study together. Muskaan eats food. Rakhi asks Sapna to calm down and then teach a lesson to Muskaan. Ronak goes to Muskaan and asks her to take

tiffin so that she can get food again. He gives her tiffin. She leaves. He smiles.

Muskaan comes home. Sapna acts good and apologizes. She gives her a lassi. Muskaan thanks her and says I m not hungry. Rakhi says you are doubting on Sapna. Tabassum asks what happened. Muskaan says I m not hungry. Tabassum asks her to drink lassi. She gives her a dress and asks her to try it. Sapna insists Muskaan. Muskaan drinks lassi and thanks her. Sapna thinks now this will affect Muskaan.

A girl gets scared. Ronak goes to help. Ronak and his friend Hanuman, see a beggar. Ronak helps the beggar. He asks the girl to go home and not be scared. He helps the girl by stopping the taxi. Hanuman says you always help everyone, why did you hug that poor beggar. Ronak says that girl shouldn’t feel that every beggar can be bad at heart. Muskaan gets ready. Suzaine feels bad. She compliments Muskaan. Tabassum gets happy seeing Muskaan. She takes Muskaan with her. Aarti says I have to meet my daughter soon, give me medicines. The lady gives her medicines. Aarti says I didn’t meet my daughter since years. Aarti takes medicines. Muskaan gets drowsy. Sapna smiles. Tabassum asks what happened. Muskaan says I feel suffocated. Tabassum removes the heavy jewelry. Suzaine thinks why is Muskaan stumbling. Aarti gets all tablets at once and says now I will get fine soon and go home. Warden makes her vomit to flush out heavy dose of medicines. Muskaan checks her ghungroos.

Ronak talks about society change. Muskaan says we should scold the men for ruining women’s lives. Ronak says how do you know such brothel women, like you stay with them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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