Part 61 11/05/2020

Shaurya’s POV

It was the usual morning, I was getting ready for work. I decided to wear the navy-blue suit with a grey checked vest and busy choosing the matching tie facing the dressing table mirror. I put the other tie away as I slide the tie behind the collar. Just than a familiar arm enveloped around my waist and I can feel she press her face on my back holding me tightly as she is inhaling my scent. My heart fluttered when she holds on to me like that. I can stay like that forever. It was strangely sweet when she said you smell so good Shaurya. It just made me to stop everything I am doing at that moment, I didn’t manage to tie up my tie when she said that in her enticing tone which made my heart to flutter like a lover boy. Her voice sounded lazy but it was enough to awaken the beast in me. My temptress naughty wife.  I swear she will be my death of me. My hand went to pull her in front to look at her. She looked sweet like a cupcake and I cupped her face to look at her, she looped her arm around my neck and give me the sweetest adorable smile which made my heart to blossom. Her smiles just make me as though life pumped back inside me and when she holds on to me like this, its just overwhelming love which she held for me but nothing else.

Shaurya: Good morning my love. Looks like you are up to something naughty today? What’s going on in your mind?

Mehak: I am not doing anything, I just want to be with you.

Shaurya: (rolled his eyes) Yeah, I am here, come sit down here.

Both sat on the bed, Mehak looped around his bicep and rested her face on his shoulder. Shaurya pulled her closer to him which only made her snuggle comfortably against his nape. She settled herself on his lap like a child not bothering about crushing his work attire nor worrying about him getting late for his work. He rolled his eyes in confusion as well deep down in his heart why is she extra clingy today. She is his heartbeat and she know that he will do anything if she asked and sometimes she doesn’t need to try to ask too as he knows what is deep inside her heart. But this is not the usual scenario Shaurya seen with Mehak. He caressed her hair slowly as she nuzzles him at his neck which made his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat. Shaurya stayed silent as he closed his eyes to calm down himself. Her ministration did nothing except making him to let out a groan.

Mehak: Shaurya, you smell so good… I just want to be like this with you and enjoy this.

The moment she uttered that, he felt jolted as this is not the usual Mehak will say or behave. The Mehak he knows, she doesn’t say much or react much in intimacy. Romantic is always is his department. He is the master in that department and without much trying he will flutter her easily. The only time Mehak went bold a bit when they were back in Netherlands, Diya and her friends organized their first night, Mehak told him about the preparation. Or else he would have never even guessed them in his wildest dreams. Just as he digests in his mind, his naughty wife planted her lips on his jawline then slowly to his cheek then to his ear which made his heart beat pumped as if he is running a marathon.

Shaurya: Sweet heart, what is it. Early morning and this much of love, my heart and my system cannot take it easily.

Mehak: Uhmmm… Shaurya do you need to go to office today? (lazily asked)

Shaurya: Why, what’s special today? If you want, we can go out later to mall for shopping and lunch date?

Mehak: No Shaurya I don’t want to go shopping, I just want to sit with you like this, not doing anything. Just you and me.

Shaurya sensed that indeed today Mehak’s behavior is different. He pulled her face to look at him and she smiled at him with her warmth gesture.

Shaurya: Okay let’s do like this. I will ask Awara to get breakfast for us, you will eat here and watch TV while I will go to study room and I have important call to attend. I was supposed to go to office to join the conference call for my project. It’s in another 20 minutes. Once the meeting over, I am all yours, we can sit together, watch movies and play games etc.

Mehak nodded in agreement and Awara served her breakfast there and Shaurya quickly had his and he turned on the tv before going for his meeting. He went to the study room for his conference call. The meeting went well for 1 hour. As he ended the meeting, he called his secretary and furnish her with the necessary details etc. regarding his earlier conference call. Once he settled the call, he walked back to the room and notice that Mehak was sleeping peacefully as the TV was still turned on. He turned off the tv and bend to see Mehak closer and wonder what happened to her. Its unlike her to fall asleep while watching tv. He pushed her tendrils away as he placed his palm on her forehead to check if she is okay. His cheek lifted instantly when she frowned in her sleep. He covered her with the blanket and came out from his room. He closes the door and left her sleeping and snuck downstairs to see what he can do in the meantime. He looked around the house and looked for Karuna maa and she was not there.

Shaurya: Awara: where is mom?

Awara: Sir, mam went to some function at her friend’s place.

Shaurya: Okay.

He walked back and forth thinking what to do and he looked up to his room, the door was still closed. He shakes his head and decided to bake something for Mehak. He headed to the kitchen and looked inside the fridge for some ideas. He decided to bake Banana Chocolate Walnut cake. He rolled up his sleeve and wear his apron as he started to bake his surprise cake for his lady love. He put the cake mix in the oven to bake and came out when Karuna maa reached home. She was surprised to see him in his apron. Shaurya came to hug his maa and peck her cheek.


Karuna maa: Shaurie, what you doing beta? You are not going to office is it? Where is Mehak?


Shaurya: Maa, I wanted to go to office but today your daughter asked me to spend time with her and when I finish my meeting at study room and came to see her, she is sleeping.


Karuna maa: (letting out laughter) Mehak, …sleeping.that’s very strange Shaurie. Is she okay?


Shaurya: She seems to be okay, if anything I will bring her to see the doctor. Don’t worry, now while she is sleeping, Awara prepared today’s lunch and I have baked Banana Chocolate walnut Cake too. Let’s see what is her reaction too.


As the mother and son duo talking, Mehak walked down from the stairs still yawning. Karuna maa looked at her as she sees the glowing feature in her face.


Mehak: Maa, when you came back, so sorry I don’t know what happen and I just knock off while waiting for Shaurya. Let me see what to prepare for lunch.


Karuna maa: Mehak beta, don’t worry, no need to rush on anything. Your husband already makes sure Awara cooked lunch for us, so let’s have good lunch and we sit down and enjoy watching tv with some dessert. Let me go and see is everything ready for lunch.


Karuna maa leave Mehak and Shaurya and headed to the dining area. While Shaurya step closer to her as his eyes scrutinize her feature. She is a sight to behold and she look adorable when she feels guilty for sleeping like that. He wraps his arms around her shoulder bringing her closer to him, Mehak gaped at him and create a distance with her arms at her chest.


Shaurya: So Mrs Khanna, you made me to stay at home to spend time with you, but when I came to look for you, you were sleeping like a log. I tried to wake you up, but you didn’t budge, is this why you asked me to stay at home with you today? I am going to take revenge for this.


Mehak: (as she pouted at him and pull her ears) Sorry Shaurya, I don’t know what happened, I was watching tv and waiting for you anxiously but didn’t realize when did I fell asleep. I never slept like that before and I swear I didn’t know you came. Please don’t be upset with me, please please please please….


Shaurya who looked at her antics he can’t stop being himself and started to laugh at her. Mehak face bloomed with a smile as she cupped his cheek and pinch them gently.


Mehak: Thank God you are not upset, come let’s go have our lunch, I am so hungry now.


She clings to his bicep and both walked to the dining table. Shaurya pulled a chair for her and for Karuna maa and they sat together as they enjoyed the lunch. Once done, Shaurya asked Awara to bring the sweet treat he baked for her. As she swallows the first bite, she let out moan which made Shaurya’s head turn to her direction and he watched her as she savages the cake.


Karuna maa: Shaurie, looks like Mehak really enjoys your cooking. Previously you don’t come to kitchen except to do your protein shake but nowadays you are in kitchen often. Good changes in you beta. I must say this cake is best cake ever.


Shaurya: thank you maa, just that occasionally I want to do something to make my ladies in the house happy too, glad that you two enjoy the cake. If you don’t mind ladies, I need to get back to my study room for my other work.


He left to the study room as both the Khanna ladies sat together at living room to watch their favorite Tv show. It was almost evening when Shaurya change to his jogging wear and came to the garden as Mehak playing with Naughty. He went for his usual sprint for few rounds. Naughty letting out his bark as he run behind Mehak, biting her dupatta. Mehak let out loud chortle whenever she gets caught by that little golden retriever. She throws one of the Naughty’s toy away and the golden retriever ran to reach for the toy. He gets the toy and Mehak hides herself behind the bush. Naughty came back looking for Mehak with his toy but when she was not around he let out loud barking as he jumps around in anxiety. Shaurya who run pass Naughty stops for a while and went near Naughty and lower himself to his level. He patted him and asked what happened. Mehak sees them from the bushes and when Naughty fail to notice her, she giggled and slowly moved from there. Shaurya looked around for Mehak but when the bush moves a bit, he understand it was Mehak hiding there. Shaurya point to Naughty towards the bush. Clever Naughty went behind the bush and caught her there. Mehak came out from there and started to run away from Naughty but before she makes her escape Shaurya caught her by her waist and lifted her in the air as he swings her around. Mehak laughed heartily as she floats in the air. Naughty went around them barking happily.


Mehak: (still giggling she wrap her hand behind his neck as he balances her in his arm) Carry me like this Shaurya…. I just want to stay like this.


Shaurya: Okay I will carry like this, but what will I get in return?


Mehak: (tapping her jaw as if thinking) Anything you ask? Since you made for me Banana chocolate cake just now for me, I will make something sweet for you, tell me what you want to eat?


Shaurya: Since I am holding my laddu, I want to eat her as my treat.


Mehak quickly place her index finger on his lips.


Mehak: Not so fast, quickly put me down, you go take your shower and come back, let me prepare something for you now.


Shaurya carried her till the kitchen entrance not listening to Mehak’s pleas to put her down, saying maa will see them, or Awara will come. He put her at the kitchen and pecked her cheek as he runs back to the room to freshen up. Mehak took the pan and started to work on the sweet dish for him. Mehak prepared panjiri as she sings her favourite tune, the song her mom used to sing to her when she was young. When Mehak transfer them into the small bowl, Shaurya came in to kitchen.


Shaurya: So Mrs Khanna, what is my treat, smells good.


Mehak: Wait a minute Mr Khanna, be patience.


She took the bowl and started to feed him the sweet dish lovingly. He was like a good boy enjoyed the sweet dish and finished the bowl.


A week past, Mehak seems to be tired most of the time, even when she is instructing Awara, if he does a small mistake she will be giving him an earful lecture. Karuna maa has to come and ask Mehak to cool down and rest while she will take care of the house matters. Before the meal she will be waiting anxiously like a child waiting for her favorite meal but once the food was served she lost her appetite, or she eats very little. She enjoys sweet dishes and sneaks into kitchen prepare some kulfi, gulab jamuns and few others and relish them with Karuna maa. There will be days Karuna maa will ask Mehak to sit and watch as she prepares some sweet dishes from her village. They spent their time talking about each other’s childhood stories, from schoolmates, to others while Shaurya comes back home. They get bored easily as Dolly maasi were away and once in a while they call her to chit chat. The next morning Shaurya went office as usual but Mehak complained she is tired and restless. He asked her to rest well and he will come home earlier than usual. Mehak frowned at him and bid him bye and asked him to come home soon. To her surprise Shaurya came home even earlier than expected.


Karuna maa: Shaurie, you are early today beta.


Shaurya: Yes maa I need to leave to Mumbai tonight. Tomorrow I have conference and my secretary forgot to update in my schedule till she informed me last minute. Now I need to go the next available flight.


Mehak: When are you leaving? (in worried tone)


Shaurya: Now, in fact I came to pack my clothes and to inform you guys before leaving.


Shaurya went to his room followed by Mehak. He took out his clothes from the wardrobe and put them on the bed. Mehak was twisting the end of her dupatta as she looks on. Shaurya was talking in the mobile as he signed at Mehak to pack his clothes in the suitcase. Mehak frowned as she folds his clothes and arrange them in the suitcase. She was mumbling to herself as she was upset he is going away. Shaurya ends his call and saw Mehak who was packing his suitcase in anger. He puts his mobile in his pocket and walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her tightly.


Shaurya: So why is my laddu upset now? (as he nuzzles her shoulder)


Mehak pushed him with her elbow resisting his hold but he tightened his hold as he rubs his cheek on her back which made her tremble in sensation.


Mehak: Shaurya, do you need to go? Why don’t you send Vicky instead?


Shaurya: Sweet heart, I need to be there as this is meeting with leading hoteliers and restaurateurs. Vicky still new in this line. Besides that, he will be handling some of the restaurant matters here. That’s why. Don’t worry is just 2 days. I will call you every now and then.


Mehak: How about I come with you to Mumbai? Once your meeting over, we can go out and spend time together? (she suggested like an excited child)


Shaurya: NO, you are staying here, its only 2 days and I will be in meeting the whole day and I will be accompanying one of my partners to do site survey for his new project. He wants me to review the location for him, so I can’t promise what time I will be back to hotel then for us to go out etc.


Mehak: Then you pack your own bag. Why you need wife to do this for you?


Shaurya turned her to face him and he can see she is seriously upset with him. He rested his arms on her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.


Shaurya: Please my love dont be so hard on me, is less than 2hrs, the moment my job done I will take the next available flight and be with you. I promise then we can go out on date etc. I promise. (he pleaded in his way to melt her like a puddle)


Mehak looked at him through her eye lashes then she leaned on his chest.


Mehak: Okay fine then, please call me and come back soon okay? I will miss you terribly.


Shaurya: I will miss you so much sweet heart. Come help me pack my suitcase. My flight is in another 2hrs.


As Mehak and Shaurya quickly pack Shaurya’s suitcase came downstairs, he took blessings from Karuna maa and she asked him to come home soon and went in to give the privacy for both. Mehak leaned closer to Shaurya and she looked right and left to see if anyone there and she slowly place her rosy petal on his stubbled cheek. Her peck was soft, and it was a soft kiss not demanding but more inquisitive. Her fingers caressed his nape to his jawline which stir him up. He gently takes her in his arms, he held her close for a moment and then planted a kiss on her forehead. He inhaled her scent deeply in him as he whispered,


Shaurya: Baby, please don’t do this to me, you are purposely teasing me. You know how I will be when you be naughty like to me, I will be mad and wild …. I don’t want to be late for my flight.


Mehak: (she cupped his both cheeks and pinch them gently) then I want to see you becoming mad, I want to see you becoming wild now. (She purposely keeps on tease him).


Shaurya: After I come back from Mumbai you will see how mad and wild I will be, till that, be a good girl, take care of your self and I will call you and talk to me like this sweet laddu okay.( he pinched her cheeks lovingly) Ok I got to go. Take care sweet heart.


He pecked her cheek and walked to the car, he sat in and waved at Mehak as the car leave from Khanna Mansion. Mehak waved at him and once the car went off from Khanna mansion she walked inside home and went to living area to see Karuna maa sat on the couch. She went to sit beside her as she frowned at Karuna maa.


Karuna maa: What happened beta, he already left and now you are sitting like this. Don’t worry is just two days and he will be back. Now tell me today you ask me anything you want I will cook for you, lets ask Awara to prepare snack for us and we can watch tv together, like what they all say, lady’s day today. Only us, what say you?


Mehak: Super idea maa, let’s check what’s in tv now then we will enjoy ourselves.


Mehak called Awara and listed him a bunch of dishes and even Karuna maa was surprised when she told him the list of snacks. Awara looked at Karuna maa in confusion but Karuna maa signed at him to go first. First the ladies started to watch some comedy show, then some random tv show till they were sharing good laughter as they indulge into snacks prepared by Awara. In evening Mehak retired to her room, she changed into her nightwear and wait anxiously for Shaurya to call. As she was arranging their walk in wardrobe she notice her sanitary napkin in the drawer is untouched. She took out the packaging and started to think when was the last she used them. She rushed out of the wardrobe room went to check the calendar on Shaurya’s study table. She flipped the table calendar pages and started to do mental calculation as she realized she missed out period. She facepalmed herself and put the calendar away as she walks back and forth in her room, she stopped when her mobile rings, she picked her mobile as its from Shaurya.


Shaurya: Hello, sweetheart. How are you? Miss me?


Mehak: (still in her deep thought) Ha… no no nothing like that. How are you? Did you reach safely?

Shaurya: Yes, reached hotel and checked into my room. I ordered room service only, so once I fresh up will have my meal. What you doing, are you in our room?


Mehak : haan, I am in our room. (not in her usual chirpy mood)


Shaurya sensing the change of her tone, he stops doing everything he was doing and stand in the same position.


Shaurya: Mehak, are you okay? Why I feel that you are not okay. Did something happen?


Mehak: nothing Shaurya I am okay, just feeling tired. I want to go to sleep.


Shaurya: Okay, take rest my love, will call you tomorrow morning okay.


He hung up the call but still was thinking why she sound not herself. He put down his mobile away and head to the bathroom to freshen up. In the meantime, Mehak who was standing in front of the dresser, looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her right hand unknowingly went to her abdomen and touch them with some unusual sense in her. She rested on the bed and her thoughts wander till she went to sleep. The next morning, she was again late. She was sleeping soundly till the abrupt phone ringing jolted her to wake up abruptly. She looks for her mobile and quickly slide to answer.


Mehak: Hello (in her raspy voice)


Shaurya: Good morning sweet heart, looks like you are still in bed. Did you sleep well?


Mehak: (resting back on the pillow) Hmmm… morning….What time is it now?


Shaurya: (grinning as he put a forkful of omelette in his mouth and chewing his food) is just 9.30 in the morning?


Mehak: Whatttttttt…. Its already 9.30. maa must be waiting for me, bye bye bye, I need to get ready.


She tosses the mobile on the bed and rush into the bathroom forgot to slide off the mobile, Shaurya on the other end heard her mumbling, Matarani save me, don’t know how I slept off and now I am going to face my maa. She ouches as she hit her toe at the sideboard and muttered again, who will keep this here, She shut the bathroom door and take a quick shower. Shaurya was listening to all these, was laughing quietly as he finishes his breakfast at the hotel and head to his work matters. Meanwhile Mehak gets ready and went downstairs and saw the dining table is ready for breakfast. She saw that and saw Awara bringing in another dish as Karuna maa follows him.


Karuna maa: Mehak beta, morning. Did you sleep well?


Mehak: Morning maa, sorry (as she pulls her ears) I woke up late, I didn’t set my alarm last night.


Karuna maa: Its okay beta, you think I am the typical mother in law who punish her daughter in law because she wakes up late is it? You must be tired and that’s why you are late, now come sit down and remember I told you yesterday about a dish my mom used to do with poha, I made this for you to try. Try them and let me know.

Mehak : But maa..


Karuna maa: Mehak, now sit down quietly and eat breakfast first.


Mehak sat down as Karuna maa served her and as they were eating Vicky came to join them. They exchange wishes and start to have the breakfast. Karuna maa saw Mehak was eating little and she asked.


Karuna maa: How’s it Mehak?


Mehak: Maa, please don’t mistake me, I was so hungry just now, this food taste good also, just like how I wanted to eat tangy, spicy but I don’t know why I can’t eat more. I am feeling full now. Maybe I will eat this later, please maa.


Karuna maa: its okay beta, eat first, and drink the juice too. Do you remember we have to go to hospital today?


Mehak : (looked puzzled) Hospital? Why maa? Are you not well?


Karuna maa: (smiling at her) remember doctor asked us to do gynae check every year? Today we are supposed to go together for the checkup.


Mehak: Oops, maa I totally forgot about it, okay once we are done, we shall go and get things done okay.


They finished the meal and get the driver to bring them to hospital. Mehak who was not done prior gynae check was restless a bit till Karuna maa explained to her what will be done etc. The nurse came and give them a container to collect urine sample and they took blood sample as well. Their turns came, and both went to see the doctor. It was Karuna maa’s former school mate, so she knows her very well.


Doctor Geeta: Hi Karuna, how are you? You only come to see me, once a year when you want to do annual checks or else you don’t come to see me. How are you doing?


Karuna maa: Hi Geeta, I am good, I just started to walk on my own with stick recently, after my daughter came to take care of me. Mehak, meet Doctor Geeta, we were college mate, she went abroad to study medicine, whereas my parents asked me to take up home economics. She is good doctor in the town. Geeta, meet Mehak, Shaurya’s wife. You couldn’t make it to his wedding last time as it was last minute arrangement.


Mehak: (as she greets her with her palms forward) Namaste, how are you?


Doctor Geeta: Come sit down beta. First let me check your mother in law’s report. Yours still not ready yet.


Doctor Geeta went through Karuna maa’s report and asked her to lie down as she continued with her test while Mehak waited at her seat. Once done with the test, doctor explained about her report result. While a nurse walked in to pass Mehak’s report to the doctor. Karuna maa moved to another seat while Mehak sat next to the doctor. Doctor did the usual test like checking the blood pressure, pupil movement etc.


Karuna maa: Geeta, please check her properly, recently she is not eating well, even just now breakfast, a bird will eat more than her. She is complaining tired too.


Doctor Geeta: So Mehak, tell me how you feel.


Mehak: Doctor aunty, I am so tired all the time, when I want to eat, I will only like certain types of food and previously I can stay awake the entire night but now I am sleeping all the time.


Once done the doctor asked her to lie down on the bed to check her further. Doctor Geeta get the sonography scanner on her lower abdomen and glide all around that region. Her face lifted slightly as she explains to Mehak to continue to see that black dot on the monitor. Once done the nurse helped her to adjust her dress and they headed back to the seat. Doctor Geeta, who already at her seat was flipping through some paper and seeing Mehak doctor signed her to come and sit next to her.


Doctor Geeta: Mehak beta, I am going through your report. All looks good and indeed it’s good news too.


Hearing her Mehak and Karuna maa looked at each other in confusion. Then they looked back at Doctor.


Karuna maa: what is it Geeta? Any problem?


Doctor Geeta: (controlling her smile) Mehak, just now you have mentioned that you are tired, and no appetite etc so I did the sonography scan on you. Remember just now in the monitor there was a black dot?


Mehak: Haan yes aunty.


Doctor Geeta: You are pregnant dear, almost 4 weeks. Congratulations, Karuna you are going to be grandma soon.


Hearing that both Karuna maa and Mehak looked at each other and jumped to hug one another. Karuna maa planted few kisses on Mehak’s forehead and cheek as she cupped her face.


Karuna maa: Beta, I am going to be a grandma, Shaurya is going to be papa, we will have a baby crawling and ruling our home. Thank you, beta you give me, such good news.


Mehak: Maa, I cant believe that I am going to mummy…


Karuna maa: Geeta now tell me what else I need to do, like diet for pregnant woman, what all she can eat etc. I want to take care of my daughter and my grandchild with my love and care.


Doctor Geeta: definitely Karuna, this time you must take care of her well. Looking at her report, she is anemic, need to take vitamins and proper care and lots of love she needs. I will prescribe all her vitamins and make sure she takes them on time.


They left the doctor’s room as Karuna maa holds Mehak securely as both were elated with the news.


Karuna maa: Mehak, I listened to you when I was not well now this time you must listen to me. I will take care of you just like a precious one.

They left hospital and Karuna maa holds Mehak’s hand in the car as she caresses her hair gently.


Karuna maa: Mehak do you want to eat something? Maybe we can stop by to have something from your favorite restaurant?


Mehak: Maa if you don’t mind can we have something like dessert, like ice creams etc. I really want ice cream. Please


Karuna maa: haan of course we need to celebrate this moment why not we have ice cream.


They reached the ice cream dessert bar, ordered variety flavours and they indulge them without any guilt.


Karuna maa: Mehak lets call Shaurya and inform him, I cant wait to see his reaction. Lets call him now.


Mehak: Maa, lets not tell him this in the phone, we will tell him when he come back. I want to see his reaction in person. Please maa.


Karuna maa: Then how about your family? We need to inform them about this good news right?


Mehak: Maa, please lets inform Shaurya first then we will share this news with everyone. I cant wait for Shaurya to come back tomorrow.


Karuna maa: Ok beta just as you wish okay, now faster finish this ice cream and lets go home. You need to rest well.


They went home and Karuna maa made Mehak to rest at the couch as she asked Awara to prepare the meals. After that Karuna maa asked Mehak to sit down as she applied the warm oil on her head and massaged her scalp well. They keep chit chatting how to reveal it Shaurya.


Mehak: Maa, I got an idea, why not I plan a surprise for Shaurya. He always plans for everyone to make them happy, why not this time I do something and reveal this big news? Then after that we will inform everyone, please maa….


Karuna maa: Okay as you wish beta, then inform me, I want to celebrate this news. Grandson or Granddaughter its our precious one for our family. Baby in the womb will be happy when you are happy, so to see you happy I am always with you. So plan quickly what to do for your husband.


Mehak: Yes maa I will plan something quickly.

Just then Mehak’s mobile started to ring, she looked at it and its from Shaurya, Karuna maa smiled at her and asked her go to sleep early and wished her good night. Mehak smiled at her and walked to her room as she answered the call.


Shaurya: Hello sweet heart, looks like you didn’t miss me at all today? No phone call, no messages, no miscall. What happened yaar, looks like you have forgotten me. (in playful upset tone as he takes off the tie from his collar)


Mehak: (controlling her smile) I was busy what to do, now so many things to do and I didn’t want to disturb you.

Shaurya: What work you have been doing? I cant concentrate on any work here Mehak, I just want to get back home and hug you kiss you and do all the naughty stuff .


Mehak (biting her inner cheek controlling her laughter as her cheek colour rose) enough enough don’t need to say anything further. So what time are you coming back?


Shaurya: I have meeting upto 2pm, so my flight is at 4.30pm and will reach Delhi by evening. You get the driver to come to airport to pick me up okay?


Mehak: Okay, see you tomorrow. I miss you.


Shaurya: Wow finally my wife says she misses me. I miss you too sweet heart. See you tomorrow, sleep well and dream of me okay?


They hang up the call and Mehak started to check something in her mobile and she planned something in order to surprise her beloved husband.










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    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya good to see you back after such a long time. glad you like the chapter. I am completely gone nuts as being at home for the past 3 months, is no joke to be wfh, doing kids school stuff, cooking, cleaning etc. I might need to end this ff soon so I can concentrate on other things. Some important personal family matters are pending since long ago and I have been putting on hold for too long. I hope u can understand me. if everything falls in its place I might start a new ff soon. or else you can check at wattpad. i do communicate to people there you can message me there too. thank you stay blessed always

  6. thanks dear how are you, family and work hope fine. please keep IT up.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Thankyou Judith , I am good dear, juggling between work from home, working with kids on school matters, handling house matters , and many more issues to sort in between. hope things will be good for you at your end, have a blessed day ahead.

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