Friends and Family – Character sketch

It’s a multiple FF combination of, Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi, Ishqbaaaz , Pardes mein hey mera dil , Silsila badaltein rishton ka, but with little difference I’ll clear the story

There is no leap thing , Ishwari ji hided the real identity of Dev Ria Nikki , they are from very reputed family Mehra’s from Austria, an Accident changed their entire lives as if now they are living with their family in Austria

After getting divorced from Rajveer Nandini leaves to Austria finding job there , Mauli Kunal was living happily till a accident the accident totally changed their relationship and their family they are now broken souls but will soon get the happiness they deserve

After leaving from India Nandini,  changed her name as Naina , ( so you can all understand now ) , she joined in company of Raghav & both fall in love with eachother with the approval from his dadi he married Naina aka Nandini he have big family ( not same characters in the serial) here only Naina Raghav & Dadi are same all others are will let you know

Anika & Saumya are sisters they are on a mission , All characters are same Shivika & Rumya are same opposite to Om I would like to bring another girl I liked their pairing actually

Mehra family
Surekha Sri as Indumathi Mehra

Mother of Harsh, Pankaj, Raghuveer , mother in law of Sunitha , Ishwari , Sarla, grand mother of Raghav, Anika , Saumya, Dev , Ria , Nikki , Ranveer , Uttar , Uttra and Chutki a kind hearted and a sweet women loves her, sons, DILs Grandchildrens lot miss her two sons , and DIL

Late Harsh Mehra

The eldest son of Indumathi , husband of Sunitha, Father of Raghav, Anika , Chutki and Saumya equally loves all the children of Mehra family died in a car Accident

Late Sunitha Harsh Mehra

The eldest DIL of Mehra family mother of Raghav, Anika , Chutki and Saumya loves her family a lot can do anything for her family died in a car Accident

Late Pankaj Mehra
The second son of Indumathi Mehra loves his family , Ishwari’s Husband Father of Dev , Ria , Nikki loves every one equally died in a car Accident

Supriya pilgaonkar as Iswari Mehra

The second DIL of Mehra family loves every one she left her family with her three kids after demise of her husband After 20 years she returned to Mehra family after a lots of effort Anika brought her back to the family

Vijay Kashyap as Raghuveer Mehra

Third son of Indumathi Mehra husband of Sarla Mehra , father of Ranveer Uttar & Uttara , loves all the children of Mehra family , handling the business after the demise of his both brothers & sister in law

Supriya Shukla as Sarla Mehra

Third DIL of Mehra family loves her family a lot bit dramatic but kind hearted

Arjun bijilani as Raghav Mehra

Son of Harsh & Sunitha twin brother of Anika , elder brother of Chutki & Saumya married to Naina bhatra aka Nandini , father of two childrens Girish ( 7 years old )  & Pranitha ( 6 month )  loves his family a lot handling business with Dev

Drashti Dhami as Naina Mehra

A sweet and bold girl , loves her family a lot, missed her contact with mauli desperately wanna meet her , a sous chef  at Mehra’s five star hotel & partner in a business with Sonakshi

Shaheer Sheikh as Dev Mehra

The eldest son of the next generation a month elder to Raghav & Anika , son of Pankaj & Ishwari husband of Sonakshi bose , father of two children suhana ( 7years old ) & shubh ( 4 months old ) handling business with Raghav extremely loves Anika missing her badly

Erica Fernandez as Sonakshi Mehra

Lovely bold & sweet lady a perfect Dil , a perfect mother , a perfect friend ,  Running her own business with partnership with Naina , Ani, Naina & sona are besties more than a relations they maintain their friendship

Ria Mehra
Same as in the serial works in Mehra group of companies,  Unmarried

Nikki Mehra

A college going girl studying journalism in Austria

Aneri vajani as Chutki Mehra

2nd daughter of Harsh & Sunitha , a child who was lost long years ago

Nehalakshmi Iyer as Saumya Mehra

3rd daughter of Harsh & Sunitha, loves her family a lot miss her mom and Dad badly , she was oly 2 years when her mom & dad Died

Ranveer Mehra ( allies) Ranveer Singh Randhawa
Son of Raghuveer & Sarla because of Om & priyanka he thinks he lost his twin brother and sister Uttar & Uttara  for that he wishes to take Revenge so he decided to marry prinku , he changed his name he appointed Kamini & Mahi , but it was oppsed by his sisters Anika & Saumya

Surabhi chandan as Anika Mehra

A ladli of the family was a detective and came to India to know about her parents death Mystery , was helped by sahil father but in the investigation he was murdered so she decides to stay with Sahil
It was 5 years back she came out of her family & her identity

From the episodes you will come to know about the mysteries , Flashbacks and much more Fun , friendship , bond of families too

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  1. Shesha485

    Yeah, I like the story. But I think there is too many characters to understand. Whom have you casted for Ranveer? Anyways, waiting for the first episode

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks yaar , the same person who played Ranveer in IB , yeah I’ll update

  2. Prajkta

    Eagerly waiting for you to start the story…. All characters are my favourite…. Do continue soon…. Excited for the story to begin and unfold….

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks buddy , I’ll update asap ..?

  3. Jasminerahul

    nice cs.happy to know that instead of affair nandini goes to Austria changing her name into naina n marries raghav.surprised to know that they have kids anika raghav soumya chutki are all are mehras.interesting.are there shivay n rudra?I guess aneri is opposite om maunal n devakshi too.I don’t have much idea about kuch rang’s tracks.but will read your ff n understand.are you not continue your other ffs?

  4. Astmasiddika

    I know you will definitely Read my FF Jasmine , I’ll update my other FF’s too

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