Part 56 10th Dec 2019

Shaurya’s POV

It was early morning, after my morning exercise I freshen up and  standing infront of the dressing table, applying my after shave lotion on my beard to my neck. Wearing only my trousers and my top body uncovered. Suddenly a pair of hand wrapped around my torso. I  know is no one else except for my Mehak. She was holding me by tightly and she leaned on my back, I can feel her face on me. Its one of the morning where she likes to hold on to me like this, which I never complained, I love this too. This work, running for meeting etc is driving me nuts. I miss my days with my Mehak at Amsterdam, where we just wrapped under the blanket most of the days in each other’s cuddles. My thoughts break when Mehak places a trail of kisses on my back. Unknowingly I let out a growl, as I swallowed my saliva with the sensation which tickles from the spine. All thanks to my wife. Its very rare she initiate anything intimate and this action of hers just made me feel like bubbles trying to come out from the champagne bottle. I slowly pull her to front , she was chewing her bottom lip which made my heart to beat wildly. Everything about her is like an unique art, a piece which I adore the most and proud to say that she is mine. My eyes trailed her features, she was wearing pastel green long anarkali with the matching dupatta. She pinned her hair at top leaving the rest fall on her shoulder. As usual just in her pink liptint and a big earring which brighten her face. My hands caressed her curves as I looked at her. She loop her arms around my neck as she pull me closer to her. I lean forward in anticipation, instead of a kiss my cheeky wife bit my cheek.

Shaurya: Ouch…. (he looked at his foxy wife with jolt)

Mehak: What you thinking early in the morning, your mind as usual in one track, always romance.

Shaurya: Arrey, first you stir the wild lion in me early morning, instead of helping me, you bite me and making of fun of me.You are becoming very naughty these days.

Mehak pulled him and made him to sit on the bed, she took the towel which is lying on the bed, he opened his leg wider so she can stand in the middle while she start to wipe his hair which is still wet. He was clinging to her waist as he nuzzle her waist to her tummy. Mehak’s knees shakes and almost give up for the sensual torture he creating in her. If not for his firm hold she already on the floor.

Mehak: Shaur…yaa what you doing? Why are you doing this, early morning you are going to be late. Stop it and sit properly let me wipe your hair, you leave the hair wet like this I am afraid you will get cold.

Shaurya: Hmmmm….. (he is not even bothered what she is saying but he was busy with his hands caressing her curves and squeezing her back which made her to let out a gasp. As she was still wiping his hair diligently, he stealthily move his mouth to the side of her waist and bite gently there made her to jump in shock)

Her eyes bulged out as her lips quivered and face contorted. She looked at Shaurya who is having a victorious smile across his face. He is contented as he finally taken his revenge for her action earlier. He smirked at her and pulled her wrist as she landed on his lap. She gulped her saliva as his deep penetrating gaze drill into her. His lips twitched lightly seeing her chest heaved up and down as his hand caressed her cheek with the back of his palm. He knows how she will be quite the moment he touches her.

Shaurya: So are you going to be shy like this all the time? We have been together for so long and you still react like you were during ISC?

Mehak rested her head on his chest as her finger tracing on his chest.

Mehak: Shaurya, you cant come with me is it?

Shaurya: (trying to look at her) Go out where sweet heart? (he forgot about her meeting with KK)

Mehak: Remember I told you about going to meet my friend today, can you come with me for a while.

Shaurya mentally face palmed at himself for forgetting about it all together.He tried to make a straight face not letting out his laughter.

Shaurya: No Mehak I need to go to visit some clients and after that got some work, why dont you go and visit your friend, next time I will come okay? Well who is this friend of yours, you havent told me about this yet.

Mehak:(pouting at him sadly) thats why I want you to come along with me so we can meet together, but you got something. Its okay you go for meeting, I will go and see and let you know. now put me down. I will go down and prepare breakfast.

Mehak straighten herself from his lap and adjusted her clothes and duppatta, as she turned to leave the room, Shaurya held her wrist and pull her back to him, she looked at him confusingly as her eyebrows raised up.

Shaurya: Help me to dress up. (saying in his husky tone)

She step closer to him as she takes the shirt from the bed and bring it over his arms and slide through his shoulders and buttoned up the shirt finally adjusting the collar. He admired her as if she is his most priceless treasure. He drunk her beauty with his eyes seeing her not looking at him as she worked on his neck tie.

Shaurya: I will never get enough of this Mehak. (in his deep voice)

Mehak : Uhmm.. what? I didnt get you. (She lift her eyes to meet his then went back to fixing the tie)

Shaurya: I mean this, you and your love and everything about you, just make me happy and contented. You entice me with all these simple move and makes me crazy about you. Do you know sometimes even during my meetings my thoughts just revolves around you. How you make those cute noises while we do things at night or even at day time. (he bend his head to her shoulder and plant a kiss on her shoulder skin)

Mehak’s eyes widen hearing him, she hit on his chest as her cheeks gets warmer.

Mehak: You are mad Shaurya, faster come down to eat breakfast, arent you late for office?

She left him there as his six foot frame shook with mirth looking at her running from the room. He had his breakfast and kissed her forehead and rushed for his morning meeting. After sometime, Mehak gets in the car and asked the driver to head to Spice Valley. She reached there and went inside to meet Sonal. Both friends exchanged pleasantries as usual.

Sonal: Mehak , how are you? Where is Shaurya? Did you tell him about your friend?

Mehak: Sonal, he is away for his meeting, yes I told him about my friend but he ask me to go and meet as he is busy. So that’s why I am here.

Since there were no much guests in the restaurant, they sat down in one of the seat and chit chatted animatedly. They didnt see when Shaurya walked inside the restaurant and headed to his room.

Mehak: Sonal I thought of bake a small cake for my friend, can I use your kitchen to bake the cake?

Sonal: Madamji, this entire restaurant belongs to you, you dont need to ask my permission, come lets go.

They headed to the kitchen and all the staff greeted Mehak as Sonal introduced her as Shaurya’s wife. One of the sous chef showed her the ingredients and Mehak started to work on the cake. Shaurya who watch this in his CCTV monitor intercom the kitchen to ask what’s happening there. One of the kitchen assistant inform him that, Mehak is there to bake a cake for her friend. He furrowed his eyebrows as he heard that. He hang up the call and decided to walk into the kitchen to surprise her. Stroding with his usual tempo, he walked toward the kitchen, Sonal who was near the front office, surprised to see him there, she walked to him and greeted him.

Sonal: Shaurya, when did you came here? I thought you were away for your meeting, that’s what Mehak said.

Shaurya: I just finished my meeting and thought of drop by this restaurant as well, where is Mehak?

Sonal:She is in the kitchen.

Before Sonal complete the sentence, Shaurya headed to the kitchen to check out what is she upto this time. He stands at the kitchen entrance and watched her as he folded his arms across his chest leaning against the entrance frame. His heart swell in happiness to see her in his restaurant’s kitchen but in the meantime he had a pang of jealousy that she is baking a cake for a random stranger who she never met before. He bite his inner cheek thinking how stupid he is because the stranger is none other than himself. She was measuring some ingredients and he walked toward the table where she was working. His team surprised to see him at the kitchen and they greeted and he nodded silently signing them to stay quiet. He stand right behind her watching her. Just as she turned with the bowl of flour, she bumped into him making the bowl of flour spill on him and she was shocked with the impact and almost collapse but she was held securely. Mehak couldnt think of whatever happened. She only knows that she is been held by someone and she opened her eyes slowly to see who was her saviour. Shock was understatement for her to see Shaurya was holding her and both were covered with flour as Mehak was looking at him in awe. She was surprised to see him there, though she wants to ask him what is he doing there but word didnt make its way out of her voice box. He made her to stand straight as he looked deep into her eyes. He can see what’s running in her mind without she saying a word.His lopsided grin made her to shiver. She came to her senses when she heard Sonal clearing her throat. She pull herself back from Shaurya and looked around seeing all their eyes on them.She looked at Shaurya and his suit was covered with fair amount of flour, her eyes bulged out at the mess she caused and quickly dust off the flour from his suit. She stuttered as she asked him. what you doing here? I thought you are busy today.

Shaurya: relax I finished my meeting and came here to check on this restaurant. Saw you here, so what are you doing here, arent you suppose to go and meet your friend?

Mehak: Yes I am meeting him here, Sonal said its better to come here and while waiting for him I thought of baking a cake for him too. Its good you are here as well so you can meet my friend  too.          

Shaurya: Okay I will be at my room, anything just call me okay.

Saying that he left to his room, suppressing his laughter.While in the kitchen Mehak manage to mix the batter and put the baking tin inside the oven to bake. She waited with Sonal till the oven ding once the cake done. All these been watched by Shaurya from his room. He smiled widely as how she carefully decorate the cake with strawberries and cream. She put aside and looked at her watch to check the time. Sonal asked her to go sit in her seat to wait for her friend. 10 minutes passed and there were no sign of Kareila King. She huffed at herself and mentally cursing herself why did she suggested to meet him. Later 30 minutes gone and Sonal came to sit next to her to see Mehak being restless.

Sonal:Mehak just message him and asked is he coming or not?

Mehak: Okay let me message him.

She quickly type a message.

MS: Hey there are you coming to the restaurant?

After 10minutes

SK: HI MS I  am sorry I am stuck in my meeting and cant make it. can we plan another day?

Mehak after reading his message told that he is not coming, Sonal asked her to go home and rest and if in future he sent any message is better to block him directly as these kind of guys are good in wasting others time. Mehak was quiet upset she nodded silently and left from there. She didnt inform Shaurya she is leaving as Sonal informed her that he is in conference call with client. She headed back home and remembered she suppose to dry some spices to make her own masalas for the cooking she took all the ingredients and went to the rooftop. She made herself busy as she mutter to herself how foolish is she even went ahead to meet some stranger just because he is talking nicely. Anyone can talk nicely but this does not define their character. Her long hair keep bothering her and she tie them up into a bun and continue her work. Shaurya finish his call and came out to see her but he didnt see her anywhere in the restaurant. He asked Sonal about her whereabout and Sonal said she went back home because her friend didnt make it. She was upset because he didnt come and she even baked a cake for him. Shaurya headed to the kitchen and asked them to pack the cake and with a smile he drove back home. He asked Awara where is Mehak and he told she is at the terrace doing some work. He climbed the stairs heading to terrace.Mehak busy as she keeps stirring the spices making them even on the mat. She didn’t notice Shaurya was standing behind her leaning on the door frame watching her silently. She was clearly disturbed as her online friend didn’t make it. She was hoping so much to meet him, then she consoled herself that maybe he is occupied and can’t make it and maybe they will plan another day. She sent him a message they shall meet another day on her way back earlier and after that there were no message came from KK. Just she was busy with her work, Sonal called her.

Sonal: Hey Mehak, are you okay?

Mehak: Hey Sonal, I am good, why suddenly asking?

Sonal: No saw you a bit upset because your friend didn’t turn up I thought you are upset.

Mehak: Well I was upset first but what to do, if he has something important and we can’t be upset right, that’s why I sent a message we shall plan another day. Its not a problem Sonal, maybe the right time has not come, that’s all I can assume.

Sonal: Okay meri jaan, take care of yourself. If next time he messages to meet you etc., don’t agree quickly give him some excuses let him know that we are not free here, okay?

Mehak: (letting out a chuckle) haann, next time I will not do anything without telling you first. Bye

She hangs up the call and gets up from the floor as she dusts off her hands unexpectantly a familiar arms came around her waist which startled her. She craned her neck side ways to see him with her unwavering beautiful smile.

Mehak: Hello Mr husband, you are very early today, morning you told me you will be busy?

Shaurya: What are you doing here, you said that you want to meet your friend? I finish my conference call and came out to see you, but Sonal said you left.

Mehak pouted at him as she turned to face him, resting her arms over his shoulder.

Mehak:He didnt come as he got meeting. So he said we can arrange another time. Thats why I came back home.

Shaurya: Hmmm, your friend is peculiar. After making appointment to meet up how come he can go for meeting. This is not right you know.

Mehak: Leave that Shaurya, now did you had your meals?

Shaurya: Well I have a plan, why dont we go out, watch a movie and have our meals outside?

Mehak’s face brighten up instantly and she nodded animatedly.Shaurya asked her to freshen up and they will leave in shortly. Mehak pecked Shaurya’s cheek and rush to her room to freshen up. Shaurya grin widely seeing he antics. Mehak freshen up and came downstairs and saw Shaurya near dining table, she walked there to see him along with the cake she baked earlier at the restaurant. He cut out a piece and feed himself. Mehak smiled at him as she completely forgot about the cake. His eyes widen as how sweet that morsel melt in his mouth. He knows Mehak is a wonderful cook but she is even talented baker. He quickly take another piece and shove it inside Mehak’s mouth. She slowly chewed them and took the fork from his hand and feed him another mouthful of the cake.

Shaurya: Not bad sweet heart, the cake is so yummy. Your friend is unlucky for not able to taste this, come its getting late, lets leave now.

He ushered her to the main door and gets into the car. Shaurya drove to the mall and after discussing they decided to watch Frozen 2. Mehak enjoyed the animation movie very much as she lean comfortably on Shaurya’s bicep. He slightly felt a pang of guilt for playing such mischievious game with Mehak. She was sincerely hoping to meet her online friend and she made a cake especially for him and waited anxiously. The moment he cant make it her countenance fell but she manage to conceal them well behind her beautiful smile.

Shaurya’s POV

The movie was filled with musical effect here and there. I never thought that I will be coming to watch animation movies or to be precise cartoon which is for more for kids, but it was good. Though my eyes fixed on the screen in front of me, but my mind was revolving about the beauty who is clinging to my arm now. She masked her disappointment well earlier but as the movie goes on, her feature only speaks one language, excitement, she is very excited to watch the movie. Even my guilt feeling evaporated from my heart after seeing her expression. I did plan to reveal to her after our marriage that her chat friend KK is none other than myself in a special way unfortunately that did not happen due to the situation was not pretty good. I asked Mehak to pick a restaurant and she wants to try Italian. We were seated in a nice cozy table and we ordered some starters, vegetarian pizzas and desserts. We enjoyed the food and my eyes only etched on the person sitting opposite me. She seems to be happy even with a little things I do for her. I hardly bring her out like this as I am always busy. Even today I rescheduled my meeting for another day wondering what happen to her as she didn’t meet KK. It was all worth after seeing her expression. She is truly a blessing in disguise for me. I asked her whtr she want to do some shopping, but she shakes her head animatedly and said want to walk around holding my hand slowly. So, I suggested to go to the nearest park. We reached the park and she wrap her arms around right arm and we walked under the shade of lush green trees. I realize, I miss this very much, this is how we used to be at Amsterdam. Holding to each other, oblivious to outer world, running after each other, lying on each other’s arms cuddling, snuggling together. This made me to realize how little time I spend with Mehak these days. No wonder she is very anxious for my attention. I planted a kiss on her hair and we walked as she talked random things pointing some things at the park. Then we found a nice bench and sat there, continued to chit chat. Now I need to think how to tell her that KK is not anyone but myself, how is she going to react? Well I started this game, so I need to find the solution too. Now let me relax and enjoy the moment with my beautiful wife. 


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    Thank you Farida for your feedback glad you like the chapter.will continue soon have a blessed day ahead

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