Part 39 17/06/2019

The next morning as usual, Shaurya was busy with his laptop in his room while Mehak was watching TV. She started feeling bored sitting in one place and doing nothing. She looked at the time and the stairs for sign of Shaurya coming down or not and there was no sign that he is coming down anytime soon. She thought of going for a stroll around her area or maybe to the grocery store to get something. She turned off the TV and took the jacket from the coat hanger and opens the door and left the house without telling anything to Shaurya.

Mehak’s POV

The weather was good today, not too cold, and not too warm and it’s the light breeze made me feel good. As I walked pass some of the people here greeted me and I smiled as I reply them hello. People here are very helpful and humble. I reached the grocery store and as usual Mr Srinivasan greeted me and I walked inside. It was not crowded and I walk through the aisle for sometimes and later get the things I want and walk back to my house. On my way I found an old couple walking with their dogs. The dogs were white in color and had thick silky and smooth furs. The dogs’ molten brown eyes and thick fur made me to cuddle them and caress them gently. I didn’t realize the time as I busy playing with the four legged baby. I started to walk towards home. I unlock the door and was about to open the door when the door was opened from inside. I gasped to see Shaurya wearing his jacket and worry written all over his face. I walked inside and remove the jacket as he kept looking at me. I can hear him inhale a deep breath.

Shaurya: Where the heck you went? Do you know how worried I was?

Mehak: I just went for a walk because you were busy in your room and I went to the grocery store to get something.

Shaurya: You could have told me and go instead just vanish like that. How if anything happens to you or you got lost somewhere in this new town? This is not your Paranthe Wali Gali Mehak.

Mehak: I am already home now Shaurya, nothing happens, don’t overreact by the way I am not a baby. Is just a grocery store down the lane and I know how to take care of myself.

Shaurya: Oh really? Next time if you want to go somewhere please let me know or put a note. I am just wondering how long you going to punish me giving me silent treatment as I see you talk to everyone around here except me. Do you know how difficult it is for me? Do you hate me that much Mehak?

Without saying anything Mehak runs to her room and locked her room door ignoring Shaurya.

Shaurya’s POV

I was in the room after breakfast as Vicky sent me some important files which required my attention. I didn’t realize the time as I was on conference call too. Once I am done with the calls I put my laptop away and gets up to stretch myself and looked out from my window. I looked at the time and its pass lunch hour, I quickly get out from my room and rush downstairs. It was unusually quiet. Mehak was watching TV earlier and I asked her to call me if she needs anything. So I walked down quietly and saw the TV was off and I thought she is sleeping on the couch. I saw the couch was empty and I walked to kitchen and later rush back to her room to see where she is. She was not there and panic rushed over me. This is new city and I don’t know if she walked somewhere on her own or did something happen to her. My thoughts were running in all direction. Without wasting any time I rushed to get my jacket and I opened the door when I see her standing outside. She walked in without saying anything and I turned to look at her when she went to kitchen as she drink a glass of water. Her annoying behavior tick me off. I looked at her and asked where she went? I can see that she flinches at my rough tone. I can’t control my temper and I let out whatever was on my mind. I understand she felt bored being at home doing nothing and she went for a stroll but she could have told me before leaving not just going out of the house without a word which made me worry to death. She just survived a horrible incident and now I bring her here so she can recover soon with a change of environment and if anything happens to her again I can’t face her family or even myself. She left to her room after got annoyed with my tone and left me there standing at the living area.

Mehak’s POV

I came inside the house and saw Shaurya was at the main door. I walked passed him and went to kitchen to drink some water. He asked where did I went. His tone was rough and I can sense it he is very angry at me for going out without telling him. I know it’s my fault for going out without informing but he was busy and I thought of walking to a store down the lane will not be an issue but he seems like really bothered about me going out. I flinched when he said do you hate me that much? How do I tell him what is going on in my mind? My mind went back to the night where I dressed up for him and how we danced and how excited I was to tell the things in my heart. I wished he heard my untold unheard words of my heart (Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki) I sobbed silently. My mind drifted to the night, I shake my head not letting the incident plays again in my mind. I manage not to think about it past few days, when I am with Diya and Janhvi I felt different and remembered sleeping well too. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep.

Shaurya’s POV

It was almost dinner time and Mehak didn’t come out from the room. Maybe I should have asked nicely to her but I was quite upset and didn’t know how to tone down. I prepared vegetarian pasta with spinach and topped with grated cheese. I walked over to her room and contemplated whtr to knock the door or just call her from here then I decided to open the door. I turned the knob slowly to see she slept at the couch near the window. I walked there slowly and took a blanket to cover her just then she woke up abruptly and rubbed her eyes slowly look out at the window and me and she said it’s already dark. I told her yes it’s almost dinner time and I came to call her for dinner. She nodded and I said will wait for her downstairs and left her room. I set the table and put the food on the plate and Mehak came to the dining table pulling a chair opposite me and settled herself. It was silent for some time except for the cutleries clicking sound till Mehak and I voiced at the same time, I am sorry. Our eyes looked into each other. The eyes I want to drown myself in, when her eyes light up my heart pounded like cliché people say fell in love in first sight, ours are not love at first sight, we fought terribly each day and we could have killed one and another too but fate played a different role in here, he made us to fall for each other and we are married but now we are living like strangers under the same roof. But her eyes says something. It’s puffed up a bit, I bet she cried at her room. I feel like a jerk for making her cry. That’s when she started to talk, I am sorry I am bothering you too much, I should have told you when I go out. I smiled lopsidedly and continue to fork the pasta into my mouth and said, its okay it’s also my mistake for ignoring you and busy with work. I shouldn’t have shouted at you. The rest of the dinner was quite as we cleared the dishes and Mehak said she is not sleepy and want to watch TV and I agreed to her. We sat at both end of the couch and started to watch some random movie playing. We watched for some time as it was action packed movie and I turned to see Mehak who is already fall asleep again. I turned off the TV and slowly carried her back to her room. While I carry her up, she snuggle up to my chest and mumble something in her sleep. I smiled widely at the sight and walked up carefully and laid her at her bed and cover her with the blanket and placing a kiss on her temple went away after seeing her for a moment.

It was almost midnight, I was still doing some work in my room in the couch and I dozed off a bit when suddenly I heard the creek sound of the door being opened and I lazily opened my eyes to see. Mehak was standing outside my door and I can see from her fear stricken face that she had another nightmare. I put my laptop away and wants to get off from the couch when she said, Shaurya can I sleep in your room tonight, I can’t sleep in mine. Hearing her I immediately forwarded my hand and she walked into my room slowly. She sat on the couch next to me and I asked her if she wants some water she nodded and I get up from my seat to get a glass of water from the table nearby. She gulped the water slowly and returned the glass to me. I told her she could sleep on the bed as I have some work to do and will sleep later, she said its okay and now she is not feeling sleepy and will sit on the couch too. She sat next to me while I take back the laptop and started to finish the work. Vicky did some slides for customers and he sent to me for checking before he present to them. I need to do corrections so here I am doing corrections. I was literally cursing him because the slides he prepared is like a standard of school going kids. I need to redo the entire presentation in proper business way and was almost complete and saving them when I saw Mehak again fell asleep , I email out the slides and turn off the laptop and stretch myself before I see Mehak moved cozily to my side and before I could do anything I let her snuggle into me. Looks like tonight I will be spending the rest of the night here with my love of my life sleeping on me. The thought itself made me happy and I also wrap my hand around her and fell asleep.

Mehak’s POV

I didn’t know how I came into my room as I remembered last we were watching a movie and it was so boring. I got up in the middle of the night when I feel a bit uneasy and I started to see flashes of the man with the mask. I shoot up from the bed and started to walk out of my room to Shaurya’s. I saw the lights are still on so I turned the knob and saw him on the couch busy with his work. I told him that I can’t sleep in my room and sat on the couch next to him and watch him do his work for a while till I fell asleep. I don’t know these days I am sleeping too much due to the timing difference and the weather. When I woke up in the morning I was sleeping on Shaurya’s arm. I dare not to move as I don’t want to disturb his sleep. He seems to be quite tired as he needs to take care of me, cooking and also whenever there is some business related stuffs he needed to attend to them too. I felt guilty for causing all the trouble that’s why I apologized to him during dinner. I don’t know if there is anyone in the world will be as patience as him to handle my tantrums but he is always calm. Never seen this calmness in him before. It’s like how we stayed in a cottage at Manali. I just roam around the garden and play in the old swing and he will do all the work. I must say he cooks better meals these days. Suddenly I remembered his question last night do you hate me that much? How do I tell him what I have for him inside me, I have nothing to give him. Brushing off my thoughts I slowly tried to take his hand off me so he can continue to sleep but alas he woke up with my slight movement and caused me little embarrassment. I pull myself from him and about to get off from the couch when he wished me morning, I wished him back and walked to my room. We went out for breakfast in the city as Shaurya wants to bring me to Keukenhof which located in Lisse. We took a bus to that botanical garden and he said its special place and must see in Netherlands. Upon reach the place, we walked in slowly in the world’s largest flower garden, which is approximately 32 hectares and as we walked in we saw varieties of flowers planted in the park. My breath hitched seeing the colorful beds of flowers. I cannot believe its real or just my imagination but this is such a breathtaking view. I turned to look at Shaurya who stands behind me with his hands inside the pockets. He smile at me and I asked whtr can I touch them and he nodded. I touch the flowers and they are real not fake ones. I walked slowly and the park smell amazing with fresh flower’s scent filled in the air, the entire scenic lifted my mood and I heard Shaurya said there are 7 million flowers planted annually in this park and this is the best time to see time. I can’t believe to see flowers with arrays of colors which is absolutely out of my mind. I have never seen some colors in flowers like them before. There was a small river in the garden too with a bridge, we soon walked over there to see from the bridge’s point. Everywhere is flowers with variety of hues and shapes. I am so mesmerized by this place as I admire the rolling fields of blooming while we wander along a maze of pathways lined with millions of vibrant tulips, daffodils, bluebells and hyacinths as we walk pass ponds , brooks , old well, green house and an old castle. I almost don’t want to leave this place but it gets crowded and we almost in here for the last 3hrs so we left the park and went to an Indian restaurant which recommended by Diya earlier to have our meal before returning to our place. We reach the usual park by evening and Janhvi came running to me. I kneel down to her height as she hugged me planted a kiss on my cheek before pulling them telling me she misses me so much. I get up and walked to Diya who is at the bench reading something she waved at us and I waved back at her too. I sat down next to her after exchange pleasantries and told her about the trip the Keukenhof. That’s when Janhvi asked for ice cream from the ice cream truck and Diya tried to shush her when Shaurya said he will get ice cream for all of us. He left to the truck to get us ice creams and Janhvi jumped in excitement and continued to play with her friends. Diya and me stay silent for a while and Diya said, your husband seems to be reserved person and I can see that he care about very much too. I nodded silently as smile a little. How long you two have been married? She asked and I said almost 2years. Are you two planning for a child? This is unexpected question from Diya and I went mum immediately and can’t reply her except for smiling like dumb to hide the embarrassment again. She continues, he seems like a responsible man and he would love to have a family because whenever I see you playing with Janhvi he smiled from his heart and I know he is happy for you. That made me even feel awkward, I didn’t know Shaurya has been smiling at me while I play with Janhvi. But why is he smiling? Is he really happy for me or is it something in him. I heard Diya saying, sorry to say Mehak seems like you two have some issues. All relationship will work with communicating each other. I bet yours too. From my opinion Shaurya seems like the most understanding man. You are young and I want you to give yourself a chance for a beautiful life ahead of you two. I turned to look at her as I smiled tenderly at her thoughts. Just then Shaurya came with the ice creams and we started to relish the cold dessert. Indeed ice cream here taste different too. I was clumsy as a kid and eating them with the others when Shaurya walked near me and took out his handkerchief and wiped my nose tip. Oh my how embarrassing is this? No wonder Janhvi keep laughing at me. I continued to eat mine ignoring her laughter’s and soon we parted ways. Before leaving Diya called me and said, please don’t think otherwise of what I said to you earlier, I look at you as my sister and advice you and nothing less than that. I smiled at her and said, she is not wrong indeed and thank her for being a sister and friend to me. We reached home, Shaurya and I slumped on the couch. He looked at the time and gets up from the couch saying to me he needs to prepare dinner and what I want to have. I looked at him as he opens the fridge and check for the vegetables. A sudden thought came in me and I said can I cook today? It was instantaneous respond from him when he closed the fridge door to see me. Are you sure he asked me and I smile as I nodded to him. I walked to the kitchen and asked him where is the dhal and flour, he didn’t move maybe he got a shock from my gesture. I waved at him to gain his attention then he moved to a cabinet as he showed me the dhal container and the flour too. I took it from his hand and walked to get a bowl and started to work. I can feel his gaze on me and I didn’t want to look into his eyes. I left the items on the counter as I walk back to the fridge and check for vegetables. After taking out what I needed I went back to the same spot I was earlier. I planned to make some rotis with dhal and vege. I know Shaurya still there watching me and that’s when I suddenly voiced are you going to stand there and watch me or going to help me here, I heard chuckle from him as he came next to me and started to knead the dough for rotis. I started to cut the vegetables and do the dhal and once the dough is done. I turned to look at Shaurya whose eyes is still fixed on her, I told him that I will serve the dinner shortly and he can go to finish his work if there is any. He left from there and I started to knead the rotis and toast them on the hot pan. Once done I put them on the plate, with the vegetable and dhal. Before I voice out to call Shaurya he walk down after changing to his nightwear. I said dinner is ready and he rubbed both his palms in excitement as he came to sit down at the dining table. He smiled ears to ears as he swallow the food as he let out a moan sound and said frankly speaking I miss your food terribly. No one makes dhal as good as yours and this vege gravy is awesome for this weather. I smile as I eat my food. I remembered what Diya said earlier, to give life a chance as we only live once. So shall I give myself a chance?

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