Parineeti 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: The goons kidnap Sanju and Neeti

Parineeti 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari says what happened Sanju? She is about to see his face. He opens his eyes. Neeti looks for her charger. The driver comes to her room. She says where’s the charger? He says how dare you to hit my friend? She says who did I hit? He takes out his knife. Neeti says who are you? He says do as I say. She says please don’t kill me. It’s my wedding today. He says don’t worry I will kill you both today. He takes Neeti outside and says don’t say anything. Sanju gets up. The goons come to that room too. They faint Rajiv. The goons say we will take our revenge. Pari says what are you doing. Please let him go. They say we’ve kidnapped Neeti too.

Vicky stops Neeti. He asks what happened? The waiter says I will kill you if you say anything. The waiter says we’re going to pick up her bag from outside. Neeti tries to give Vicky hints. She says you saved my brother from Rakesh’s goons. Vicky doesn’t get the hint. They take Neeti outside. The goons say we won’t let them get married. We’re their enemy. We won’t let them get married. Pari says don’t do this. They take him outside. Pari says please don’t do this. They lock her in the room. Neeti asks the goon where is Sanju? He says Sanju is at our shed. Neeti hits him on the head with coconut and runs.

Harman stops the goons and ask where are you taking Sanju? The goon says he’s drunk. Harman says let me take him to the room. Gurpreet says Sanju drinks? Harman says it’s okay. It’s a wedding. Pari is worried. She says what do they wanna do? I’ve to stop them. Harman takes Rajjiv to the room. He asks Gurpreet to make lemonade. He goes out. Gurpreet says Sanju that Neeti talks a lot but she’s a very good heart. She’s brave too. Rajiv falls. Gurpreet holds him. She asks are you okay? He says yes. Harman gives him lemonade. Harman says he was taking you to your room. Rajiv runs out looking for Neeti. Harman says what happened to him?

Scene 2
Rajiv looks for Neeti. The goons hit him in the head. Neeti screams for help. The goon grasps her. Vicky tries to get what Neeti was trying to say. He says was she scared? Is she in danger? He looks around for Neeti. He runs upstairs. The goon brings Neeti to the room. Neeti says Sanju. Open your eyes. She says what did you do to him? The main goon comes in. Neeti says what do you want? He says revenge. He takes off his beard. Neeti recognizes him. he says I am the same driver you hit. Neeti recalls everything. He says you gave me these scars. Neeti says stopping our marriage won’t help with your scar. Neeti says you harmed my friend. He says I didn’t do anything. you called the police as well. My life and kids left me too. I won’t let you both get married. I will ruin your faces too now. Neeti says to stay away from us. They come near Sanju. The goon says cutting his face. Neeti says don’t do this. The goon says no one will come to save you now.

The goon plans to take them outside. Neeti says you will get caught. Neeti says this isn’t right. My friend won’t leave you. You don’t know her. Let us go. Vicky asks Pari if he’s seen Neeti. She says I don’t know what’s happening. Someone kidnapped sanju. I was calling Rajiv but he wasn’t picking up. Vicky says I think they kidnapped Neeti too. Pari says how will we save them? please don’t do something. If we inform the police they can harm them. Vicky says I am sure they’re still in the house. Daler says you will not get married now. You might not live too. Neeti says Pari and Vicky will save us. They tie her mouth. Daler says no one can save you now.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti and Pari hit the goons together. They put a gun on Neeti. Rajiv and Vicky hit the goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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