Naagin Season 6 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: No Telecast

Naagin Season 6 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

No new episode tonight due to

IIFA Awards 2022.

Next episode of Naagin Season 6 will be on Sunday, 26th June.

In next episode: Reem goes to the locked door and opens it. Pratha fights with someone. Reem sees a guy there. Urvashi says a new story started. Pratha says she is coming to take revenge for her murdered baby. She walks in a glam avatar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. My fewret show

  2. Nicole ehizokhale

    Which means both siblings which is pratha and rishabh were betrayed by their own selfish siblings which are mahek and shakti which means it was shakti that was with mahek when they killed samaira and he betrayed her with her sister mahek and he married her which is very good shakti is rishabh twin brother and also mahek husband he is not rishabh but rishabh is the room that reem is going to open today reem and Rhea are pratha and mahek cousin so both rishabh and his twin brother shakti are reem and Rhea maternal brothers in law the mystery will be cleared today l can’t wait to watch the episode soon enough.

    1. Nicole ehizokhale

      which now it’s very obvious that mahek married rishabh younger twin brother and that pratha married rishabh the older twin which means both sisters married twin brothers and shakti and mahek betrayed his older twin brother and sister in law which is pratha and rishabh. so now its clear that rishabh didn’t betrayed pratha but instead it was his twin brother shakti who betrayed pratha along her sister mahek .and they are both going to pay for their betrayal against pratha soon enough.

  3. Why is nagin not coming on 26 plzz send my perents want to watch while you’re episodes are excellent 👍

  4. why can’t download voot webpage in our country , we are eagerly waiting every episode but cant download the voot web page. we are from Malaysia so please arrange for us to watch the full episode naagin 6.

    NOTE: allowed Malaysian ppl can watch full episode or allowing to download the voot app in our country . please humble request.

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