Parineeti 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev shops for Neeti

Parineeti 21st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti orders food and tells Pari to eat it. Pari says I could have cooked it. Neeti says I don’t want you to do anything in this condition. Let’s eat together. Neeti recalls how she promised Sanju that she will cook for him. She tells about it to Pari and asks if she can cook if he comes? Pari says sure and I won’t reject him because you like him. Neeti says then we have to shop for my marriage, we will go tomorrow.

Rajeev looks at Neeti’s photo and smiles. He calls her and asks when should he come to eat the food? Neeti says I am going shopping tomorrow for an engagement. Rajeev says then I can’t hold you back, he ends the call. Rajeev tells Monty that I should plan a surprise for Neeti. We can surprise her in the market tomorrow. Monty says I will go with you.

Neeti gets a call from the office and finds out that she has a flight tomorrow in the evening.

The next day, Neeti brings Pari to the market and says let’s find the perfect dress. Pari says this is a big market, I have never seen such a thing. Neeti says but we are in the city now. They start shopping.

Rajeev and Monty arrive at the market. He says I will surprise Neeti. Neeti and Pari are in the shop and looking for dresses. Rajeev enters the shop and starts looking for a gift for Neeti. He is about to see her but Monty takes him away and shows him his selected coats. He asks Rajeev to come with him to the first floor, Rajeev says I have to get a gift for Neeti first. Monty says I will go alone, and he leaves. The shopkeeper tells Rajeev that he will show him the dresses for his fiance. Neeti and Pari are looking at the collection. They argue about color so the shopkeeper stops Rajeev and asks him about the color, he tells her and leaves but Neeti-Pari don’t see his face. Pari and Neeti go to check on more dresses. Rajeev hears Pari’s voice but doesn’t see her face. Rajeev selects a dress for Neeti. Monty calls him and says I have selected some coats, come here. Rajeev asks the shopkeeper to pack the dress and leaves. Pari comes there and likes the dress. She tells Neeti to buy it. The shopkeeper says someone has already selected this so we can’t sell it to you. Neeti says I want this only. Pari tells Neeti to try another dress and I will try to get this one, Neeti leaves. Pari asks the shopkeeper to make her meet the person so she can convince him to let her buy it.

Vicky tells Mandeep that I am going to Chandigarh with Beeji and Gurpreet. She asks if Pari knows about it? He says no, don’t tell her.

Mandeep comes to Gurpreet’s room but doesn’t find her there. She says I can’t let them go there. Gurpreet comes there so Mandeep tells her to not go to Chandigarh alone. Gurpreet says Beeji and Vicky are going with me. Mandeep says I will come with you but I have promised to go to Dargah for some days so we will have to wait, I am praying for Pari in dargah. Gurpreet says then we can shift our trip. Beeji comes there and says no, we will go today only.

Pari is waiting to talk to the person who bought the dress. Otherside a girl cries near Rajeev so he tries to console her. The shopkeeper thinks he is not coming back for the dress and tells Pari to buy it as he is not coming back. Neeti comes there and says I like the other dress so Pari should buy this one. The shopkeeper says maybe fate wanted you to have this dress.
PRECAP – Rajeev comes to the shopkeeper and asks for his dress, she says I sold it to someone else. Rajeev says what? He tries to go and talk to the girl. It’s Pari on the other side of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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