Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram’s argument with Shubham and Shivi

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya saying I didn’t feel bad, its okay. Nandini says you handle all the situation maturely, but not everyone is like you, some shocks are so deep that we take years to cope up, don’t talk about the past when our time is good, why are we talking about the past. Ram says sorry, I will take you to room, you should rest. Maitri and Neeraj come. She says I think we have come at a wrong time, we will come later. Priya says yes, we will talk later. Ram says no, Maitri sit and talk, its your house also. Neeraj says bank manager had called and said you have to talk, it’s the bank account’s transaction history, you had requested to pay the private investigator, he was asking your dad’s transaction history as well, if you say, then I will get it.

Shubham asks what’s going on. Ram says I will tell you, have dinner. Shubham asks what’s going on, are we getting bankrupt. Ram says no, I didn’t doubt before, the private investigator highlighted few things about dad’s death. Shivi says you said he met with an accident. Ram says yes, I also felt so, we missed few things, that accident …. Shubham says tell me clearly, what is it. Nandini says it was a murder, so Ram wants to open that case and investigate, I got to know this today. Ram says don’t worry, I will handle everything, lets have dinner. Shivi says we are actually at peace after a long time, why are you doing this. Ram says we are talking about our dad, maybe he was killed, I want to know if this happened, relax, I will handle this. Shubham says you don’t care what we want. Ram asks don’t you want dad’s death truth to come out. Shivi asks what are you doing, why. Akki asks what are you saying. Shivi says my life is also a serious issue, its so depressing, I don’t want to know about dad. Shubham and Shivi argue. Ram says I didn’t ask thinking you will also want this. Shubham says you sidelined us, because we are stepsiblings. Priya asks Shubham what is he saying. Shubham says you provoke him now and make us fight, don’t talk in between, its about our dad. She says don’t hurt Ram’s heart. Shubham says no one asks us, outsiders know more than us. Shivi says yes, you don’t love us, you tell me, when we are alive, you should focus on us, why are you thinking of someone else. Ram says he was our dad. Shubham says we don’t even remember his face, what will you get, he is dead, who cares. Ram and Nandini shout. Shivi asks will dad come back, we all have to go, dad had died, why are you bothering. Ram raises hand and shouts Shivi. He stops. She cries. He says sorry. Shubham says we will always be your step siblings, do anything you want, we will go. Ram says I m sorry, I won’t do any investigations.

Shivi thanks him and hugs him. She says I m so excited for the rasam. Maitri says sorry, we should have not come today. Neeraj says Ram will take back the case now. He messages Mahender that work is done. Priya says they always taunt that they are step siblings, Ram loves them a lot and treat them like his kids, why did he reopen the case, for their safety but they have to just call Ram as stepbrother, I will go and talk to them. She gets Meera’s call. Meera asks is everything fine, tell me. Priya says Shubham and Shivi call Ram as their step brother always, Ram does a lot for them. Meera says you don’t scold them, explain them that they understand. Priya goes to Ram and thinks he would be upset. Ram asks her to see the room. She says I have spent much money to buy the new phone, I want a purse now, will you take me for shopping. Ram thinks I know you are saying this to make me happy. He smiles and says we will go. He says sorry, if I have hurt you. She says you can never hurt anyone. He says thanks for not going against my family, maybe this is right that I end this matter, good night. Priya thinks your dad was killed, I will not let anyone hurt your heart from tomorrow. Its morning, Ram comes from a bath. He sings. He asks suit again, am I a suit machine, its chuda rasam, I will wear sherwani. He gets Krish’s call. Priya says I will answer. She talks to Krish. Krish says I called you on your saying, tell me now. She says we won’t continue this case, don’t tell this if you get any proof, we have no choice. He asks are you going to meet me, I actually got something.

Ram and Shubham dance in the rasam. Priya refuses to do the rasam. She asks how can I do this rasam when you are Shivi’s step brother.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Metin

    Hide the Info about murder, kidnapping from the one, who is capable to solve and protect.
    Writers show Fl so stupid for bending the story.priya will not breath tomorrow, because she decreases Rams oxygen. Great.
    She loves him, but with no trust. Great.

  2. Ram’s family are actual villains of the show!..Damn!!..they are so disastrous and so bad!!..chi!.. anyways Yes now Priya will teach them a lesson!!..was waiting for this avtaar from long time back!!..all should know the value of Ram!.. waiting for tomorrow!!

  3. Thnx Amena for the written updates. I miss the episodes but these keep me updated on my fav show. Hugs

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