Parineeti 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Neeti asks Pari not to go out

Parineeti 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tai ji asks Rajiv where is he going. She says you should enjoy it. He says I have work. She says you should celebrate with us. Monty makes teams. Chandrika says let’s play antakshri. Chandrika says let’s start from M. Rajiv asks where is Tao Ji? She says he must be busy. Tai Ji tries to think of a song. Tao Ji comes in dancing. He dances with Tai Ji. Everyone joins them. Everyone wishes them. Tao Ji says I saved you. Parminder’s friends come. They say where is Pari? She’s arranged such a big event. Your DIL is so nice, you’re lucky. Our DILs don’t do anything. Parminder says they wear what they want.

Pari cooks sweets. Pari gets the decoration done. Her hand falls in mehndi.. Rajiv holds her. Their hand goes in mehndi together. Parminder’s friend says their couple is made in heaven. It’s such a good blessing. Tai Ji says she’s very shy. Pari cleans Rajiv’s hand. Rajiv says in his heart I am only made for Neeti. Neeti calls Pari. She goes out to the market. Pari says I’ve to give my best. She gives Neeti’s missed calls. She calls back. Neeti asks where are you? Neeti says stay home, don’t go out. She tells her Rakesh is here. He was outside your place. You know how he is. He’s following you. Pari says it’s Tai ji’s anniversary I have to do everything. Neeti says ask Rajiv, don’t go out. Don’t risk it. Pari asks how is sanju? She says he fought with me. I asked him to come to Amritsar with me. Pari recalls Rajiv said he wanted to go to Amritsar. Pari says that’s weird you and Rajiv’s boss made a plan at the same time and they both said no. Pari goes to the market.

Scene 2
Rakesh is angry. He thinks about what Neeti did. Rakesh shouts to stop the car! Shera gets scared. He runs.. Rakesh takes his gun out and says stop. He grabs his collar. Rakesh says go and find that Neeti. Teach her a lesson. Bring her here I will make her beg my pardon. Pari goes to the market. She thinks about Rakesh. She says but I have to get the things. Pari buys vases.

Chandrika gets mehndi done. The woman asks if should I write her husband’s name. She says, should I? It will ruin the design. You only fight with me. He says you fight. She says make me drink juice. He says but it will ruin your design. She says yes okay let me die. He makes her drink the juice and drinks from the same glass. Chandrika asks the girl to write A on her hand. Simi comes. Chandrika says I hope she also gets married. She says what do you want? You want me to leave the house. This is my house and I will live here. Chandrika says you have no one. You’re alone, that’s why you stay angry all the time. Find a guy or you will go mad. Simi says shut up and ruins her mehndi. Chandrika gets upset. She says sorry she gets angry like that.

Pari walks in the market. She feels like someone is following her. Someone touches her shoulder. Pari screams.

Episode ends

Precap: Pari is in market, Rakesh is around too.
Neeti walks into a room, looking for Sanju and sees Rakesh’s man laughing at her lying on the bed. Neeti asks what are you doing in my room.
Rajeev decides to apologise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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