Nima Denzongpa 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat sees flashbacks

Nima Denzongpa 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salman (Nima’s neighbor) takes Manav’s auto and asks him to wait outside the building. He says I forgot my wallet, my flat is 1001. Manav waits out. Nima thanks him. He says Varun is my brother. Manav waits outside. He looks at the building. Manav says why do I feel like I’ve been here. He says the guy isn’t coming. I should go to his flat. Manav rings the bell. He comes in. No one is there. He feels weird entering that house. He sees flashbacks all around. He hears Krish laughing. Manav feels weird. He holds his head. He says what’s wrong with me. Why do I feel like I have been here? He comes to his room. He sees everything.

Nima is in the room in a saree. She says recognized me. Magic.. Manav faints. Nima says oh God are you okay? She rushes him to the hospital. Sunita says Sujata shouldn’t know. Sujata and her mom wait for Manav. She says Manav comes back around 8. Tushar comes in. She says you came early. He says give me food. He says it’s 9:30. Sujata is worried where is Manav. Nima takes Manav to the hospital. His phone rings. Nima turns it off. The doctor comes.

Sujata is worried for Manav. She says his phone is off too. Tushar says what if he’s on a date with another girl? She hits him with a glass. Sarita asks her to calm down. She says don’t worry. But you argued with him last night over Nima. Manav said how can you misbehave so much. Sujata says I have to look for him. She asks Tushar to come with her. The doctor says Nima he’s fine. He got very emotional or got a shock. Nima says can you ask his family to take him? I can’t. He says I thought you were his wife.

Scene 2
Tushar and Sujata are looking for Manav. He says where will we find him? She says he’s your brother-in-law. He says you found him on the road. The doctor calls Sujata and says Manav is in our hospital. You can take him. Sujata rushes to the hospital. Nima calls Sunita and says I will leave before they come. Sujata comes in. Her back is against Nima. They rush in. Sujata says to Manav where were you? She cries and says I was so worried. The doctor says he’s fine. He fainted due to stress. A woman brought him here. Sujata says which woman is he talking about? Manav says I don’t remember anything. The doctor says she’s here. Nima runs. Sujata runs after her. She holds Nima and says who are you? Shoe m your face.. Nima shoves her and runs.

Scene 3
Nima tells Sunita Sujata is crazy. She was running after me. He fainted. He couldn’t recall anything. I didn’t think about him. Sunita says you could tell the police. You are doing this to make him remember everything. He’s our Virat, we will get him out. I know it’s not easy for you. Everything will be fine. Nima says I forgot to lock his home. I’ve to go. Sunita says I will come with you. Nima says no no.

Sujata says to Manav there are many women around you. He says the auto is in Bandra. She says we can’t leave it there. We have to go today. He says okay let’s go then. They go to Bandra. Sujata pays them. They don’t have change. Manav asks the watchman do you have the change? He says Sethi sir? Madam went upstairs. Manav says what are you saying? Sujata walks towards him. Nima sees him as well.

Episode ends

Precap: Sujata asks Nima what is she doing there. Nima says I work in Sethi family. Sujata asks her how many people. Nima names everyone. Manav says why do these name sound so familiar. Sujata finds Nima very suspicious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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