Parineeti 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Neeti sees Rakesh

Parineeti 13th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajiv says Neeti wants to go to Amritsar. Monty says Amritsar? Rajiv says yes. Pari comes and says Amritsar? Who is asking you to go to Amritsar? He says, my boss. He wanted me to go with him for darshan. He’s asking to go tomorrow. Pari says now can you go tomorrow. It’s Tai Ji’s function. Say no to her. Rajiv says I will try. Chandrika takes them inside. Chandrika starts the dance. Everyone laughs and gets happy. Chandrika joins Mishika and so do Rajiv and Monty. They bring everyone on the floor Tai Ji dances too. Rajiv sneaks out.

Scene 2
Rajiv meets Neeti and says how can you be so immature? Did you book tickets without asking me? She says I prayed for both of us. This is my priority. He says what about my work? She says am I not your priority? He says you always leave for your flights. She says I want to go that’s it. He says this so childish you wanted everything your way. Always fighting, always mad. You are not the Neeti I loved who was understanding and my friend. If you keep doing this it will all end. Neeti says what do you mean? What are you trying to say? He says to stop being so childish. Neeti says what’s wrong with him. Rajiv says in his heart sorry Neeti. I can’t go, it’s Tai Ji’s anniversary. Neeti says Rajiv has changed. She recalls when they used to spend time together. She said I am so tired. He said because you will have to cook for me? He said I will cook, I will teach you. She said you can cook. He said we will cook together. They cooked together. Rajiv taught her how to knead. He kissed his face. Neeti says stop being so romantic. He said give me a kiss. She said okay you will cook then I will kiss.

Neeti walks on the road crying. She recalls what Sanju said. A car drives past her. Neeti says why is he doing this? I can’t doubt him. She sees a car coming. Neeti sees Rakesh in it. She says what is Rakesh doing here? Neeti gets a cab and follows him.

Scene 3
Pari applies mehndi on Tai Ji’s hand. She says you must be so pretty in youth. Tai Ji says I was so pretty I had 15 proposals. Chandrika says you chose Tao Ji? Tai Ji says this is why a girl like you had to do a love marriage no family would propose to a girl who talks so much. Monty should also get married now. Amit says let him live in peace, look at us. Simi says let me read the book. Pari says it’s a wedding in the house. Simi says I have no interest in all this, I don’t know why people get married. Simi leaves in anger. Pari goes to the market.

Rakesh and his men look around for Pari. Neeti calls Pari but she doesn’t pick up. Pari forgets her phone in the car. She goes back in. Sheru comes outside their house and says this is where I saw Pari last time. He says we should go inside then. Neeti comes there. Rakesh says oh my sister-in-law is here. Go and tell sister her to be husband is here. Neeti says don’t take Pari’s name. Forget about her. I will break your hands. He says so mad. She twists her arm. Rakesh says get yourself free then I will see what you can do. Neeti tries to release herself. She fights with them.

Pari looks for her phone. She says I forgot my phone. Tai Ji says get mehndi first. Monty says let’s play antakshari. Chandrika says please. Monty says please. Pari agrees. Rajiv is leaving. Monty stops her. Tai ji says you wanted this event to happen and now you want to leave? Neeti calls journalist Ajay. She says I have some news for you. Rakesh says cut the call. She says to say sorry first. He says sorry. Neeti says louder. He says sorry. She grabs his collar and says don’t dare to even look at Pari or I will give all the news to the media and ruin your political career. Get lost now.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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