Sirf Tum 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer punishes Suhani

Sirf Tum 13th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer scolding the driver that he had clearly said him that his sleep should not break as he gets only one hour sleep in a day and then attend the patients in the night time. He continues that the driver has to face the punishment for his mistake. The driver shouts No, Please forgive me sir. Ranveer looks at him angrily. Suhani interrupts in between and tells that he said that he did it by mistake, please don’t overreact. Ranveer walks out of the car and goes to the seat where the driver is sitting, and pulls him out of the car. Suhani comes out of the car to save the driver. She asks what is this madness? and asks him to stop it. Ranveer shouts back that she should stop it. Suhani looks on worried. Ranveer asks her to stay out of it. He turns to the driver and raises his hand to beat him., but he stops as Suhani comes in between. This turns out to be her dream and she wakes up shouting. The driver asks her not to shout as if Ranveer wakes up then his game will be finished. Ranveer is sleeping. Suhani looks at him and sees honeybee on his neck. She asks driver to stop the car and blows on it. The honey bee goes and returns back. She makes it go using a cloth, but the cloth gets stuck under his neck, she tries to get it back and he wakes up. He asks what is she doing and recalls Honey’s words. Suhani tells him that there was insect on his neck. Ranveer asks what kind of games, is she playing and gets down the car. He makes her get down and then sits in the car, asking driver to drive. Driver asks what about Madam ji. Ranveer shouts at him. The driver walks on. Suhani finds the place isolated and thinks whenever she thinks Ranveer will not stoop low, he always stoops low. She thinks she will go to hospital by walk. Just then a car comes and stops.

Ranveer comes to hospital and looks at Suhani’s sketch. He says you prove me wrong everytime. I thought you will never hurt me, but I was wrong. He says you knows to give pain from all sides, but not anymore. He tears the sketch and throws it. He says you will know what is pain, when you walk on the street alone. His innerself says you didn’t hear her once, and punished her. Ranveer says I caught her red handed while she was killing me like Honey had said. His innerself claps and says this is foolishness, as you are blinded by misunderstanding. He says how will you forgive yourself, if something happens to her. Ranveer says I don’t care. His inner self asks what about your rules, that not to insult woman or harm them. He wipes blood on his hand and says if anything happens to Suhani, then the blood stains will be on your hand. Ranveer shouts calling ward boy Mukesh and asks him to call back driver. Suhani sees someone getting down and tries to take out something from her hand bag, but she drops the bag in vain. The guy turns out to be Aditya. He says Suhani, I am Adi. Ranveer checks the patients and gives instructions to Nurse. The patient’s attendant asks if they can give home food. Ranveer scolds the attendant. He asks ward boy to ask if driver picked up Suhani.

Aditya asks Suhani why she is walking on the road. Suhani doesn’t say anything. Ranveer comes out of the hospital and asks security guy to give his bike keys. He gives the keys. Ranveer takes it. Just then he sees Suhani coming out of the car and thanking Aditya, holding his hand. They laugh. Ranveer gets upset and goes. Suhani asks Aditya to go. Aditya asks Nisha to go and says I can’t go, as Ranveer left you on the road. Suhani says nothing has happened. Aditya says let me stay. Nisha asks them to take care and goes in the car. Suhani tells Adi that she don’t want to give any chance to Ranveer to scold her and goes inside. Ranveer tells Ward boy that she wants Vinayak Singh’s reports. Suhani brings his reports and says he needs the surgery. Ranveer says I am senior doctor here and I will decide when surgery will happen. He says your work is to follow the instructions and says most important, if you have to come late, then you can complete your internship in some other hospital. Suhani says she will not be late. Aditya comes there and tells that a patient is critical and can’t come to hospital, as he is 10 kms away. He says he was attending this patient under Dr. Shekhar’s supervision. Ranveer asks him to go and attend the patient. Aditya tells that he needs expertise. Ranveer says he will ask Dr. Shekhar to go there. Suhani says I will come with you. Ranveer asks if the patient is really critical and says he will come. They come out. Ranveer shouts calling driver. Aditya says he was hungry so I sent him to have food. He says he will drive and asks Suhani to sit in the front seat and let senior doctor sit in the back seat and rest. Suhani says ok. Ranveer sits in the front seat and says if you sleep while driving then. Aditya drives off.

Precap: Aditya makes Ranveer gets down from the car and drives off. Suhani asks Aditya, what did he do, says you don’t know Dr. Ranveer. Aditya laughs. Ranveer gets angry on Aditya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. This joker thinks he is very cool..i wish he gets serious punishment

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