Parineeti 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv gets mad at Neeti

Parineeti 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari is asleep. Someone comes to her room. She gets scared. Pari says you.. It’s Rajiv. He says yes I came home. She says I thought you were not coming. He says I am your husband and I came for you. When I don’t come you doubt me. She says you had a meeting. He says I told my boss my wife is waiting. She says don’t make your boss angry. He says I can find another boss but not another wife. She says you care so much about me. He says both work and wife are important. She gives his shirt to him. Pari says he cares so much for me. Rajiv says in heart I have to keep lying to this Pari. She gets fooled so easily. Rajiv asks why are you smiling? He says I am very tired. She says should I massage your feet? Rajiv says no no you sleep. Pari falls asleep. Neeti calls Rajiv. She says hi.. do you miss me? he says yes I do. She says say I love you. He says I. He says I will say in the morning. She says no I won’t cut the call. Rajiv goes out. Pari wonders who is he talking to. He says I love you. Rajiv says I will call you tomorrow. He goes back in. Pari is up. Pari asks what happened. He says it was my boss. He was a bit mad. Neeti calls Pari. Pari goes out to talk to her. Rajiv wonders who is she talking to.

Pari asks Neeti what happened. Neeti says I feel very weird. Sanju wasn’t even saying I love you to me. I had to leave for emergency duty. but he was alone why can’t he say I love you? He was sounding scared too. She says to go home and check home. Neeti says it’s my flight time. Pari says I will go and check. Neeti says my flight is taking off. Pari sees Rajiv is asleep. She sneaks out and goes to Neeti’s place. Pari goes inside the house. Pari looks around. she sees someone sleeping under a blanket. Pari calls Neeti and says Sanju is alone and asleep. Neeti says thank God. Neeti says check once again. It could be pillows too. Pari goes near the blanket, and he moves. Pari goes home. It’s Rajiv under the blanket. He heard Pari and Neeti talking. Rajiv says thank God.

Pari comes home. Rajiv isn’t there. Pari says where did Rajiv go? What is the problem? When Rajiv is there Sanju isn’t. When Sanju isn’t there Rajiv is. what’s this problem? They’re never together. Are they linked or am I thinking too much? She comes to the kitchen. Rajiv is there. He says I was hungry. Where did you go? She says I was walking in the garden. Pari says I was overthinking again but I need to keep my eyes open. Rajiv brings a cake and says surprise. He says happy anniversary. She says what? He says monthly anniversary. He says to make a wish. They cut the cake. Pari says but it’s not even the same date. He says we shouldn’t wait for a date to celebrate. He says I have to leave for breakfast early tomorrow.

Scene 2
Neeti checks Sanju’s phone. she says there’s nothing doubtful. Sanju says did you find it? She says find what? He says you doubt me. you’re checking my phone. I never hid anything from you. You keep asking me questions. Your suspicion will ruin our relationship. Neeti says don’t get angry. He says please I don’t want to talk to you. You doubt me. I love you but you keep doubting me. Your friend Pari makes you think all this. You can find me a girl for an affair. Neeti says I am sorry. Neeti says I will never doubt you again. Sorry. Rajiv says in heart it’s all happening because of Pari. I’ve to handle her first.

Episode ends

Precap: Neeti calls Sanju and says we are having so many problems because my mannat to go Amritsar didn’t happen and so we have to go. Rajiv tells Monty that he is going Amritsar for Neeti’s mannat. Pari is behind Rajiv.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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