Nima Denzongpa 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Nima shifts near Sujata’s house

Nima Denzongpa 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Manav says Sujata I am hungry. She says the food isn’t ready. He says if those momos are left give me those. She says yes good idea. She puts the extra spice in that chutney and says now you will cry recalling this chutney. She gives it to Manav. Manav coughs. He says Sujata give me water. She says you were appreciating it right? Now cry, only then I will bring water. Manav asks for water. Someone gives him water. He says thank you aai. It’s Sunita. Sunita says did you recognize me? He says sorry I thought it was my mother-in-law. Do i know you? Sujata asks who are you? Sunita says he reminded me of my son. We just shifted in the house right in front. Sujata says thank God you shifted there. She says welcome. Sunita asks if they know Marathi. Sujata answers and says yes we know. Sunita asks Manav don’t you know? He says I.. Sujata says Manav check the kitchen, food is burning. Sunita says I will leave. Sujata says I reaally like you. We will meet again.

Sunita says he called me aai. He looks exactly like Virat but his name is Manav. But he can’t even speak Marathi. Nima says exactly.. something is wrong. I feel the same with him as I do with my Virat. I need to find out what’s happening. Sujata doesn’t let anyone talk to him. Sunita says yes she’s very clever. Nima says I’ve to talk to him in person. Sunita asks how. Nima says I have an idea.

Sujata asks Manav to kiss her before leaving. He gets awkward. She says you have changed a lot. He says there are many people outside. He leaves. Nima looks at them. She follows Manav. Nima asks him if he can drop her at the station. He says sure. Sujata tries calling Manav but he doesn’t pick up. Nima asks Manav if he’s from Mumbai. He says yes. She asks about his family. He says I have no family. Nima says I am from Sikin. He says it’s very beautiful. Nima says have you been there? He says no I felt like I’ve seen that place. Sujata breaks her phone in anger. Nima asks how long has he been married? He says 10.. 12.. She says you don’t know the years? She asks how did you meet Sujata? He says I don’t remember anything. Sujata says where is this Manav. I will go and find him. Manav says I am sorry Nima ji. I shouldn’t have said that. I met an accident 4 weeks ago and I lost my memory. Sujata keeps reminding me of things but I get frustrated. Nima says I lost contact from Virat 4 weeks ago too. Nima says my destination is here. He doesn’t take fare from her. He says you can pay next time Mastereni. Nima realizes it’s Virat.

Scene 2
Sunita says no one knows about this family here. Nima says I know something is wrong for sure. He’s my Virat. He’s with another woman who claims to be his wife. My heart says he’s my husband. I’ve to find out if they are ever married. I will have to see their wedding photos. Sunita asks how.

Manav calls Sujata and says don’t get angry. I was driving. She says driving for 2 hours? She says send me a photo that you’re in the rickshaw. He sends her the photo. Sunita comes outside. She asks if Sujata is there? Sujata’s mom fights with Sunita. Sunita says I am Sujata’s friend. Sujata welcomes her in. Sujata says welcome in. Sunita says let’s go out. Let me show you around. We will go to the park. She takes both of them out. Nima enters the house.

Episode ends

Precap: Nima is inside Sujata’s house and says why is there no photo here. Sujata says to Aai, I am not liking keeping door open, I should have locked the door.
Nima slips and Manav catches her, Sujata sees them together and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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