Parichay 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 7th March 2013 Written Update

Kunal comes home n finds everyone awake n staring at him! He tries to move to his bedroom bt Siddhi stops him and tells him they are awake for him as they want to say something to him!

He has taken his decision and they have decided that they dont want anything frm his money! She tells him to do what he feels like & they will do what they feel like

Rak asks Kunal he will support wrong deeds or his family ?? Kunal asks him he dont have that much trust on him

Veena asks raj why is he talking to Kunal , who is not listening to them

Kunal tells them they can say anything bt he will fight this case at any cost as its very important for him

Raj stops him & asks more important than his family!

Kunal tells them he has taken his decision!

Veena tells them she is leaving the house

Siddhi informs abt it to Kunal… Kunal tries to stop Veena btshe doesnt listens to him!

Kunal tells her its her house & she will have to live here only bt veena denies n tells him its his house & she doesnt wants to become burden on him and for him money is more important that family

Kunal holds veena’s hand bt her leg gets stuck somewhere n she falls down n have a fracture in her leg

Veena asks them to take her to Govt. Hospital.. She will die bt will never take any help of Kunal & tells raj n Gaurav to tell kunal nt to come in front of her

Kunal overhears there convo n moves away frm there

Siddhi goes to Kunal & tells him he doesnt need to take tension for veena as they are there to take care of her and tells him nt to go in frnt of her, not even by mistake

A.K.’s manager comes to meet kunal and gives him a bouquet of flowers & asks for forgiveness on behalf of A.K.

Manager asks kunal to meet A.K. bt kunal denies n tells him he has to take his mom to hospital as she had a fracture in her leg last night

Siddhi tells him he can go to meet A.K.

Manager wishes to meet Veena n Kunal takes him to veena! Manager asks veena shall he ask A.K. to arrange for Dr. n all

Raj, gaurav n siddhi bring back veena home frm hospital… Seema enquires frm Siddhi abt Veena as Dr. had told them to hospitalise her for 2-3 days as she needs complete bed rest…

Siddhi tells her Veena denied n told them she wants to help them in the business

A.K. tells Kunal his manager told him that his(Kunal’s family) is against him bt this is only till the case ends!

Once he wins this case he will have money, name , fame

Kunal goes to Veena & Raj’s room and touches veena’s feet

Update Credit to: Nidz

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