Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th March 2013 Written Update

Beera stares at MNA pic in the conference room and recalls the events and concludes that Addu is Navika’s brother. He feels that he has seen Addu somewhere. He wants to talj to Mohan but Mohan says he is busy. Beera recalls Mohan’s role in the entire story and realises that he is the Sautela baap. He also recalls Navika tearing the employement information. He says I understand who Navika accused of being a step father and why. And you are doing Project Talaash only to find Addu. I can understand your pain. Mohan walks away from there.

Navika comes back home and starts crying recalling the days events. And then she remembers Mohan slapping Addu. She goes to the window and looks at Mohan’s window and says that it was important for you to know what happend to us after you left, how hurt we were. I never wanted you back in our lives. Dont want you back in our lives. She imagines Mohan standing at his balcony calling her Aye Chavanni. She closes the windows. Megha comes looking for her. Navika wipes her tears then.

Mohan comes back home. RJ notices Mohan’s bruised hand. She is angry that he didnt make it to her show. She asks who is more important than me. You also forgot about the Bhopal plan. Mohan reassures that nobody’s more important. Guru gets water for Mohan. Mohan is forlorn. Guru asks what happend.

Here Megha is about to ask Navika about what happend. Navika just hugs Mohan. Jiji comes and notices this. Navika says nothing happend. Just feeling so much lighter today. Please let me remain this way…hugging you. I want to forget what happend today. She wants to move on in her life.

RJ massages Mohan’s hair. Mohan remembers Chavanni massaging his hair. Then he remembers Navika’s words of how she kept waiting for him and that he never returned. Mohan blurts out ‘I am sorry, I could not come, could not fulfil my promise!’, RJ says its ok Papu…and that they will stay back in Indore and will not go back to Bhopal. Mohan is happy hearing this. She says I cannot find a better dance teacher in Bhopal. Mohan says this is a correct decision.

Munna is shown drawing a bulb. He is teaching somewhere. He demonstrate them how electricity is lights up a bulb. He also demonstrates how the bulb can be broken when the wires are wrongly connected. He asks a kid to repeat what he did to light a bulb. The bulb lights. He tells the kid that power is in your hands which when used properly used can make you rule the world if not you will end up being a slave.

Daddaji at his place telling how Beera is being a fool by believing Navika again. His men are instigating Daddaji against Beera. They say Beera is not right by going against him. Him staying with Mohan is very dangerous. Ragini calls up Munna after hearing this. She tells him everything that happend. Munna says I know that. Munna says just tell me the name. Ragini says his name is Mohan Bhatnagar. He says tell Daddaji that his enemy is my enemy. Then he calls Mohan. He says your stars are not in your favour. Stop meddling in other’s affairs and stop project Talaash. Mohan says you are wrong. Your stars are not favouring you. Thats why you all are scared the moment I came to Indore. Munna says when you’ll get to know who I am you will repent. I can defeat you in your own game.

Precap: Navika wakes up after a nightmare and screams Spiderman! Renu introduces the new tenant Beera to Navika…they are both shocked to see each other.

Update Credit to: sumiswap

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