Parichay 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 4th March 2013 Written Update

Chopra House:

Chopras discuss if Kunal will fight this case. Seema is about to put Halwa in the fridge, but Kunal comes and eats the Halwa. Veena asks him if he will fight Aman Kumar’s (AK) case who has killed an innocent boy? Kunal doesn’t answer them as he receives a phone call.

As Chopras are discussing about the case, their old maid from Bandra comes to visit them. She tells Kunal that the boy AK killed that night was her son Mahesh. She pleads Kunal not to fight this case in favor of AK as he has killed her son. She constantly begs Kunal to get justice for her son.

Kunal seems tensed and leaves to meet Mr. Roy. Veena wonders how Kunal could fight this case after knowing the truth. Raj tells Veena not to take Kunal’s silence as his agreement to fight the case.


Kumar’s House:

AK and KC familiarize themselves on more person level. Once they are comfortable with each-other, Kunal asks AK to tell him complete truth about AK himself. KC says he doesn’t want any surprises in the court so he wants to know the whole truth from AK and not what was written in the news paper. He says it’s more important for him to win this case than AK. AK agrees and KC and AK shake hands.

Chopra House:

Chopras again discuss if and why Kunal is fighting Aman Kumar’s case. Siddhi tells them that Kunal is fighting this case for money (Really?) Veena also agrees with her (Really?). Eventually all Chopras agree on this and decide to stop Kunal from fighting this case and say they will solve all family problems together.

Tisca’s Office:

Tisca compliments Kunal for getting acquaint with AK so easily and she tells him that after this case, she will help him get more case as KC has helped her company to get more cases.

Chopra House:

Kunal comes home and Chopra ladies offer Kunal his favorite food. Then Gaurav asks KC if he is fighting the case for AK? All Chopra again say to each-other out loud that Kunal will never fight this case as Ajju Tai son was killed so KC can hear it.

KC says he isn’t doing anything wrong by fighting this case. He will just fight the case and judge will give the verdict. KC says that he feels bad that Ajju Tai’s son got killed, but why should he care for someone who is already dead. He then tells everyone not to interfere.

SiNal Room:

Siddhi goes to Kunal and lectures him that she can’t believe that he is fighting this case for money. She tells him that she after knowing Ajju Bai’s son’s truth, he will back off, but he is still going ahead with this for money (Come on lady, have some faith in your husband that he will never do anything wrong for money).

AK House:

Mr. Roy tells AK that Kunal hasn’t cleared his check for 50 lacks. AK wonders if Kunal needed the money so badly, why hasn’t he cleared such a huge amt check yet?

SiNal Room:

Siddhi continues with her lecture that he doesn’t have time for the family. She reminds him that he can’t bring happiness in the family with money, that his parents and she is proud to be Gold Medalist Kunal Chopra’s wife.

AK House:

Mr. Roy tells AK and Tisca that he did back ground check of KC and found out that he is very dignified man who never compromises with his principals. He tells them that once upon a time he used to live in a huge Bungalow in Banda with his family. He further says that KC fought many cases, but never for money, but only for his principals.

SiNal Room:

Siddhi continues that she wants and loves old principled and dignified Kunal back. She tells himthat his family is happy the way he is.

AK House:

Tisca tells AK that Kunal wants his old house, business everything back hence needs the money and will fight the case. AK says middle class people value their principals more than money (AK seems to know KC better than his loved ones). Tisca assures AK that middle class people go to any limit to earn money for their children. AK tells Roy to keep an eye on Kunal as he fears Kunal might flip.

Chopra House:

Siddhi tells RaNa that Kunal will not back off from this case and wants to win it at any cost.

Precap: Kunal Spots Ajju Tai outside of the court and asks what she is doing there? Ajju Tai says since he didn’t answer her yesterday, she came to know what will he do? She again pleads KC not to fight this case.

Update Credit to: Rani

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