Junoon 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 4th March 2013 Written Update

The show continues from where it freezes,Ptrithvi asking Meera who’s disheartened by Prithvi behaviour and words to leave.He tells her to take care of her new relationship with aakash as he does not need the love of both the family and someone else he’s used to be alone.
Meera leaves and Aakash asks what happened and she tells her she’s really not able to understand Prithvi behaviour as some few moments before he was happy and now…aakash says all changed because he got jealous when he heard them talking about marriage plan.Aakash tells Meera she must continue with the plan but Meera is worried about the family,what will happen when they will get to know about their plan…Aakash says to change Prithvi and to make him accept the family she needs to continue with the plan and all is possible only after Prithvi marries Meera.
Prithvi is in the hall and he takes the remote control and puts on the tv but is not so able to change the channels.Meera with Aakash arrive and they decide to continue with their plan..
Meera goes and sit near Prithvi she asks for the remote to change the channel but Prithvi refuses and Meera remains quiet,Prithvi thinks to himself why is Meera not acting stubborn.
Aakash arrives and asks Meera what is she watching as they need to watch a romantic movie and he excuses himself with Prithvi and sits in between Meera and Prithvi and he changes the channel.Prithvi thinks oh!! this is the way to change the channel…

Prithvi is feeling he goes in the kitchen and searches for some food but he cannot get it and he decides to cook something himself and thinks about Kitchree.
Meera and Aakash also move in the kichen and Meera says to leave it she’ll cook it as Prithvi turns to look at her she makes as if she’s talking with Aakash.The latter wants to help Meera as he’s to be hubby of meera but Meera wants to cook and impress their granny who’s coming back home.
aakash asks Prithvi what’s he cooking he says Kitchree,Meera has flashback of Prithvi cooking and smiles Prithvi gives her a look.
Aakash says he’ll also eat kitchree today…Meera says Prithvi will take time to cook so to give her the veg and whatever Prithvi is talking Aakash and Meera take it from him.
Prithvi says to Meera to cook and he’s going and Meera fakes to feel pain in her foot as Aakash runs to help her asking what happened?she says she feels a sudden twisting of her foot.Aakash and Meera leave and aakash tells Prithvi to cook the food himself.
As they reach near aakash room they see Aayan applying the glue on Aakash windows to stick some pictures,Aakash tells him to go to his room and they enter the room Aakash and Meera begin to talk loudly acting as if Meera is really in pain…Prithvi who’s passing in the corridor hears them and he decide to check if everything is going on smoothly.aakash applies some ointment on Meera foot and she immediately stands up.Meera praises aakash and they hug,Prithvi thinks why is he feeling bad when they are hugging as they are supposed to get married…
Prithvi tries to leave but his hand is stuck in the glue applied by Ayaan.He makes noise while trying to unstick his hand Meera comes out and asks him what is he doing here? he gives her a stern look and Meera tells Ayaan he’s glue is magical.Ayan laughs…
Meera asks Prithvi he was eavesdropping now to stay where he’s…Meera begins to leave and he tells her he was going in his room and his hand gets stuck..Meera offers to help and gets the nail polish remover.Firstly Pithvi refuses and Meera is stubborn she begins to apply the acetone and Prithvi keeps appreciating her then he comes to the reality and pushes her away … He tries to remove his hand by himself and takes the window glass with him eaving both Meera and aakash in a surprise mode.

At the nightfall everyone is waiting for the grandma to comeback in the hall,she enters meet everyone and gives them their gifts.She blesses Meera as she’s the would be DIL of the house.Rajeev seems tense and she goes to him as he’s going to talk she tells him to be quiet and tells him she brings back kiran for him…She calls her and Kiran enters Prithvi feels a bit uneasy and the lady continues to talk with Rajeev asking why he did so why was he so unfair with the mother and her son,Kiran thinks she’s talking about her and aakash and is shocked when the grandma says why he did not bring Prithvi with him and laft him in the village?Meera gives a look at Prithvi who’s not expecting the old lady was talking about him and his mom…The scene freezes on Prithvi.

Prithvi is somewhere outside and he’s putting a bag in his SUV and someone sent a message in a crumble paper threatening him to be a villager and he can’t stay in the city…
Prithvi takes the crumble paper and searches everywhere???’

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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