Parichay 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 1st March 2013 Written Update

Kunal meets the superstar, Aman Kumar and is a little shocked to see him. Aman Kumar tells Kunal to win this case and he shall give him everything he wants and would appoint him as his legal advisor. Kunal is thoughtful. Aman asks him to enjoy the party.

Raj wants to eat Halwa but Veena is persistent that its for Kunal and only he’ll eat first. Siddhi tries to coax Veena but she’s adamant.

At the party, they are talking of how efficient Kunal is and Aman is impressed. Aman Kumar asks Kunal to get him out of the mess and he asks Kunal but Kunal is in his thoughts. Kunal assures Aman that they’ll win this case.

Eevryone at home is waiting up for Kunal but Siddhi asks them to go sleep as he might be late. They all disperse to their rooms except Siddhi.

Aman gives Kunal a cheque of 50 lakhs and Kunal is stunned but takes the cheque.

Its morning and Siddhi has slept on the couch waiting for Kunal who comes home at around 6 in the morning. Siddhi opens the door and Veena comes there and tries to talk but he walks away to his room. He doesn’t speak to anyone and Siddhi sees the 50 lacs cheque and gets worried. Veena is miffed at Kunal but Raj says he might be busy as he opens his newspaper. And is surprised to see the last night party pics of Kunal with Aman Kumar. Everyone is happy but Siddhi is not pleased. Veena notices something amiss and asks Siddhi but she makes up an alibi.

Kunal is receiving calls from the journolists asking if he’s fighting this case. The journos reach their house too to confirm with Kunal but Kunal refuses to give any bytes. The journos let the case out in front of the whole family. Chopras are shocked to know that Aman had been involved in an accident where he had ramped his car into 5 people, killing one. Reporters says that this time he’s fighting a wrong case. Kunal is mum and the family is stunned.

The girls are very excited but Seema is now sceptical and says now she knows why was Kunal so tensed. Kunal dodges the reporters. Kunal is upset with the reporters coming to Chopra house. Kunal is leaving somewhere and Siddhi asks him about the case. When Kunal doesn’t answer, Siddhi gives him the cheque to deposit.

Some female comes to Kunal who’s an old acquaintance and she holds his feet. She tells him that the guy who was killed in the accident was her son. Kunal and everyone else is shocked.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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