Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st March 2013 Written Update

Outside Awaaz India office and Nanhi and her bike fall over and she hurts herself badly and Beera rushes to help her out but she doesnt tak ethe offer and then MB steps in to help and she still refuses despite being in pain and having bruised her arm badly but MB reprimands her and cleans the wound and bandages it with his clean hanky and Navika watches him do so and then MB tellls her to go to the doc first thing and then Navi leaves and Beera offers her helmet to wear as well

-Seeing her go MB rmbers Nanhi and wonders how she wud be

-Megha redoes Nanhi;s bandage and looks at the hanky and asks Navi to return it to the owner and Navi says will do but what is ours when will that thing/person return

-Rimz practicing and MB c’s her and they exchange flying kisses and Megha too asks nanhi to b there at the Annual function but she says she has work so cant

-Next day MM getting ready at their resp places and MB wondering whether to keep jacket buttons open or not

-Navi and Tommy doing the sting and Beera too arrives spoiling the fun …and says to Navi knew u were upto something

-Annual Function and Megha telling the other teachers to let her know when Rimz ke Pappa arrives and there the guests of honors are being announced and M Bhatnagar is mentioned

Mohan walking to his place in the auditorium with full spot light (total Salman Khan style hai Monu ka ) and he seats himself and so does Guru and Megha backstage tries to peep and have a look but someone comes calling asking her to sort out some stuff

-Beera-Navika at the station and Beera troubling her and Navi going bonkers and then Beera gets a call from Dadaji and he tells Dadaji that he is trying to fig th eright and the wrong and will always go for the right while Dadaji accuses him of giving his secrets to the opponent and Beera cuts the call and Navi overhears the convo and Navi-Beera eyelock

-Navi-Beera suspicious about the sweeper in the waiting area and then Tommy calls and Beera takes the call and then calls Navi over as well leaving the infant unattended

-Annual Day event on (Maha bore ) and guru identifies with my thot but Mohan disagrees

-Navi -Beera back after the call and find the infant missing and Navi cracks as to how its the sweepers doing and says lets get going while Beera chooses to call MB and spills the beans

-Precap- Voiceover with clips of the yashoda Kanha act and MB and Navi trying to save each other where Navi calls out to MB as Spiderman ..

Update Credit to: RD

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