Parichay 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 12th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Seema, Ishani, Anokhi & Sidhhi are packing lunch orders & Ishani says she has packed (peas & cottage cheese-mutter paneer & Roti-bread) when will the biryani get ready? Sidhhi replies yes its almost done but she need to garnish it with coriander leaves.

Ishani says that when Anand & Andy will return & see our new family business how happy both will be.

Veena comments that not family business but they’ll see how our family has separated in two & what great work their father Kunal has done.

Raj-daddy chopra asks Veena not to start again with Kunal’s topic.

Veena asks if what she is saying is wrong as she is very worried about her grandchildren that when they will get to see a bad example set by their father Kunal they will also walk on his footsteps.

Daddy chopra argues that is Kunal only the who will teach his kids when their mother,grandparents,uncle, aunt & cousins they all will set better example as how to work hard & earn money & respect in outside world & also teach that honesty helps a person to be successful in life & asks Sidhhi if he is right.

Sidhhi agrees with daddy chopra & she assures Veena that whaever lately happened they won’t let it affect both Anand & Andy & they’ll make them understand.

Sidhhi sees Anokhi spilling all the curd-raitha out of the packing & asks her to be careful & Anokhi asks for an apology & Ishani says how will she concentrate as her concentration is on her mobile phone.

Ishani whispers in Anokhi’s ears that can she tell everyone about her boyfriend Anokhi asks her to shut her mouth.

Seema asks both sisters what are they whispering about & scolds both to work without chitter-chattering & asks Anokhi to keep her phone aside.

Sidhhi gets a phone call & she gets shocked & cuts the call when daddy chopra asks who called? & Sidhhi tells him that mukherjee dada called & he said that Kunal has taken Archu tai to meet A.K- actor at his house.

Raj gets shocked & Veena also wonder why Kunal has taken Archu tai???

Sidhhi tells that mukherjee dada did not tell her the reason & she is feeling something is wrong & that she should help Archu tai.

Veena says “yes Sidhhi u are right you should definitely go as Archu tai must be all alone she’ll need it what Kunal is up to they cannot guess”.

Sidhhi says that’s fine but about this lunch packing so Seema says not to worry & go as Anokhi & Ishani will help pack & they will deliver it don’t get tensed & asks Sidhhi to take along daddy chopra with her.

Daddy chopra also agrees to go with Sidhhi & asks her to make a move quickly.

Sidhhi refuses & asks daddy chopra to stay back as she will manage on her own & leave.

Daddy chopra asks her to make phone call if she has any trouble.

Scene 2

Archu tai asks Kunal where has he brought her & who the house belongs to & then she sees A.K’s pics on the wall & says this house is…

A.K comes downstairs & greets “namaste! how are you?” but Archu tai but looks away with disgust & anger.

Kunal stands like feeling less stone & A.K says that he knows that she wants him to go through toughest punishment but the problem is that what a person wishes for & what the person can get is two different things & especially for the poor & some poor people have started a business to put allegations against the rich people & get money from them.

Archu tai gives an angry look to both A.K & Kunal.

A.K says but he has no problem as he appreciate all kinds of business ideas & whatever way it is money should flow in.

Kunal looks down with little shame but doesn’t say anything.

A.K says that anyway she is standing in his house coz his friend Kunal brought her here to meet me & that’s why he wanted to talk to her & say somethings that actually by nature he does a lot of charity but today he’ll do charity without camera & media coverage coz your son was young he can give 10 lacs.

Archu tai looks expressionlessly & A.K says he can give her 10 lacs & think if his son was alive & was working like say forever he could not have earned so much money & asks Kunal that it is a decent amount right?

Kunal doesn’t say a word, A.K says in return he needs a small favor that a small case that is going on against him she will be quiet & just do only what my brother Kunal asks her to do & asks Kunal to make her state in the court that her son died of an illness & not an accident & that doctor bills & other evidence related Mr.Roy (tall assistant)will handle & asks Kunal to make her understand that she just needs to be quiet.

Scene 3

Sidhhi is standing near a footpath & calling an autorikshaw & trying to call but is not able to.

Scene 4

Archu tai shouts at Kunal that so is this help he wanted to give her & brought her to A.K to put a pricetag on my dead son & she trusted him but he gave her such a big betrayal but if she had wanted money long back she would have come here & she would not have to him begging for justice for her son, she thought he also lost his younger brother Anand so he will understand her pain of loss & that he still values & respect the upbringing parents gave him till today but no he is that kind of a person who takes advantage of others helpless state & he is very selfish & self-centered.

Kunal says “Archu tai” but she asks Kunal not to address her by her name & she made a big mistake by trusting him.

Mr.Roy says to Archu tai that they are talking about her profit & gain asks to settle the case by accepting some compensation amount.

Archu tai says no one can put a price tag on my son & that he is incapable of paying her & even if he sell himself he won’t be able to compensate for her dead son.

A.K stands up & offers 50 lacs & asks if that is what can change her mind but Archu tai openly refuses that never any amount can change her mind & then he offers 1 crore.

Suddenly Sidhhi’s voice echoes that “save this money Aman”.

Kunal turns back & is shocked to see Sidhhi. Sidhhi says “when after he loses this case & his career will be ruined then he will need all this money”.

A.K asks Sidhhi who is she & how can she barge in like this? Sidhhi says you remembered to call my client here but forgot to call her lawyer & declares that yes she is Archu tai’s lawyer & hereafter whatever he wishes to speak is to Archu tai’s lawyer or else she can put charges against him that he tried to influence the witness & add more years of jail residency. lolzzz

Mr.Roy inform A.K that she is Sidhhi chopra who is Kunal chopra’s wife & a lawyer too.

A.K asks Kunal what is happening that his wife is against him & she is insulting me & you are standing quiet & asks Kunal how does his wife know about all this.

Kunal asks Sidhhi what she is doing & if she was coming why didn’t she inform him & Sidhhi replies what difference does it makes coz he brought her client so she has all rights to come here as she wants to help Archu tai.

Kunal asks Sidhhi to go but Sidhhi says she will go but not without taking away Archu tai with her & tells them not to think that Archu tai is alone coz now she is with her & she will fight the case for Archu tai.

Kunal says what!?? it means u will fight against me?

Sidhhi says not against you but against the lies & even if its anyone.

Kunal reminds Sidhhi that that anyone is her own husband she is talking about but Sidhhi says but why didn’t you go against your family to fight this case & this is not a personal fight but a fight of principles & that he may fight the way he wants he can fight his case & she will fight the way she wants & she will take sides of truth & he will take sides of lies & right now i am not answerable to him here & will see him directly in the court room.

Mr.Roy informs A.K that there is media outside his house & asks what will they do now.

Sidhhi comes near Archu tai & consoles her.

Scene 5

Seema asks Veena what could be happening in A.K’s house in her worry & even Veena is holding her head down & Seema says that Sidhhi has not even give call so Veena tells Seema to make a call herself.

Daddy chopra, Anokhi & Ishani come back after delivering the lunch boxes & Seema asks daddy chopra that did Sidhhi call him.

daddy chopra says no but quickly asks to switch on the television.

Seema asks why??

Ishani says just a minute & switches the television.

news flashes a that sometime back A.K had appointed Kunal as his lawyer & shocked everyone but today in a dramatic way Kunal chopra’s wife Sidhhi chopra has claimed to be fighting case against A.K & this case is becoming as interesting like A.K’s movies now it will be interesting to see how a wife will fight against her own husband.
news ends…

Seema says it means Sidhhi will fight case against Kunal & daddy chopra says not against Kunal but A.K & Veena says but then she has to defeat her own husband to win this should have happened before & she is very proud of Sidhhi.

Scene 6

Veena consoles Archu tai & tells not to cry as nothing wrong will happen to her & everything will be alright & Sidhhi will help her but what does she say about Kunal who could not be with his own family but she is confident as Sidhhi will fight to get her case & get justice for her son.

Archu tai says she is happy that Sidhhi is fighting her case but is sad that she has to go against her own husband.

Raj asks her not to think like that coz Sidhhi is doing is against lies & our family has to been taught that always go against falsehood & no one has bow down to it.

Veena asks Seema to get some water for Archu tai.

Sidhhi says that as they know opposition tries to manipulate witnesses & till these kinds of cases so till this case gets over Archu tai tells will stay with them as she doesn’t want to take any risk as we all know how A.K is as a person.

Daddy chopra says yes this A.K can do anything with the help of money & Veena also agrees.

Archu tai refuses as she doesn’t wish to be an extra baggage on them.

Seema says she is not an extra baggage & she will stay at her daughters (Anokhi-Ishami’s room.

Scene 7

Seema asks Sidhhi is she feeling sad & asks her to feel sad for how much time she needs but in coming days she needs to be strong because she has taken a very big decision but it would have been nice if this wouldn’t have happened but don’t worry as we all support you & says she has told her to feel sad but she wont be able to stay unhappy as 25 lunch orders have come.

Sidhhi smiles & asks is it true & Seema replies yes 15+25 is 40 & soon they’ll reach 100 & then they’ll party.

Sidhhi says but she needs to prepare for the case so Seema says she will take over Dubba services so she can take all her time to prepare for the case.

Scene 8

Kunal tells to A.K that he thinks he’ll need to shift in his old juhu area bungalow.

A.K asks the reason so Kunal says now that everyone knows about this case as it has become a hype so when the media will come to know that he (defense lawyer) & prosecution lawyer (Sidhhi) stay under one roof it will be bad for you & he needs him to trust him as a lawyer & he doesn’t want him to mistrust that he might be sharing case secrets with his wife so he needs to stay in his old juhu bungalow & he is really touched by Kunal that inspite of his family pressure he is thinking about him.

Kunal says “no A.K you have misunderstood me i am not thinking about you but only thinking about my win & don’t need anyone to come between me & my winning but it will be difficult to leave my family behind but he is doing it for the love of his family & my mother is ill too so everything will be alright once i win this case”.

A.K says he salute his winning & undying spirit that he is so determined to win but he is sorry as he cannot stay in his old juhu bungalow.

Kunal asks why? so A.K says coz you will stay in this very house with him & asks to prepare the guest room for his brother Kunal & Roy says yes & A.K tells Kunal if he needs anything asks Roy to get it.

Kunal says he needs nothing & what he needs he has it Kunal & what he doesn’t have it will come.

A.K asks Kunal how good a lawyer Sidhhi is & how many cases has she won?.

Kunal says its his wife so she must be something special but that is a different thing that for past 10 years she hasn’t fought any case & till she will read & understand the case they will have won the case & A.K laughs.

Scene 9

Sidhhi packs Kunal’s stuff & gives it to mukherjee dada & tells him that she has packed all his things but if Kunal doesn’t find anything he needs ask him to call her.

mukherjee dada says he is not feeling anything good about all this & asks Veena an apology for asking Kunal to fight A.K’s case.

Veena says why is he asking for an apology as he has not done any mistake you also wanted Kunal to know A.K’s truth & decide but if Kunal has no shame then why should anyone else feel ashamed & asks him to take away his stuff & tell him that not to think about coming back to this house ever again.

Raj asks what is she saying? so Veena says she saying what is right what has happened after this we cannot live under one roof ever & everyone is tensed & especially Sidhhi.

Sidhhi accidentally drops some photographs from a courier envelope & Gaurav is shocked to see the obscene pics of Anokhi & a stranger & he picks it up & looks at Anokhi & Seema also looks shocked.

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