2612 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 12th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 12th March 2013 Written Update

Randeep wonders what shana has told rashmi so that she has left, kido asks why he is in police and tells him he wants to join the force too. Randeep asks him to start training immediately and tells him to go and be guard at the door and watch for anyone.
Rashmi pleads shahana to let them go, but shahana wants her cell that she has given to her. Rashmi lies, but shana catches it by showing signals on the PC screen and dialing the no.. Finally rashmi has to give the cells. Shahana tells her not to act smart and she knows it’s randeep’s brain behind it. She also tells that rashmi is in touch with randeep and is speaking with him. Rashmi still pleads,shahna replies she has kind heart and thus giving rashmi last chance. Shahana asks rashmi to call randeep and tells him to that shahana is desperate to see him and when he comes to see her he needs to bring her thing to her. Rashmi calls but shahana snatches the cell and tells randeep if he loves rashmi and wants her to get released with family then he needs to return her thnig to her. randeep agrees but tells her to let rashmi comes back as she is the only one who can bring him to shahana

Mr Swami comes to meet randeep and kiduu guard stops him yelling that enemy at the door. Swami tries to tell he is friend, right then randeep comes pointing gun towards him. Mr Swami tries to convince randeep to go back with him, surrender and join the hand and help force to find shahana. randeep denies saying he does not trust any one but himself. Before leaving swami returns his cell that they have taken at the time of arrest.

Rashmi is in auto, apologizes to randeep that she is not aware how shahana knows about their meeting,randeep calms her down and says it is high time to scare and shake shahna with her thing, he asks her if she can arrange a camera for him.

Nikhil gets call from karuna who asks him when is he leaving for Delhi and if going alone. he replies he is taking reporter shahana Malik with him. he also tells her that he is very much looking to meet karuna. After their conversation karuna talk to her self that he does not know rashmi will be coming as shana whom she has sent.

Mr Swami goes to his superior to tell he knows where randeep is but not to arrest him, boss disagree as he is fugitive. Swami tells if there will be arrest then it would be only due to his order.

Randeep as blind man and rashmi goes at place where a man tell him he has enough the job is risky and can not do any more, Randeep asks him to get the parcel. rashmi wonders what is in parcel, randeep tells it is shahana’s stuff. The man brings a guy on chair, randeep takes his picture with news paper on the guy in such a way that the today’s date is visible. he tells rashmi to go and show it to shahana and see how now she will lose her grounds.

Tomorrow: one picture is in shahana’s hand and she is shocked ( at least that is how I felt ad only wide eyes were shown)

Update Credit to: md410

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