Parichay 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 11th February 2013 Written Update

At Chopra House:
Everyone is eating breakfast made by Kunal. Kunal asks them to eat it all at once so he can see their expressions together. They all eat the breakfast and make funny faces as it didn’t taste good. Raj has tears in his eyes. Kunal asks if it’s very spicy. Raj makes excuse they are tears of joy as his son made the breakfast. Kunal feels proud and says he can take care of the house and kitchen as well. Kunal decides to taste the food himself. He takes a bite and realizes it was very spicy and asks everyone why they didn’t mention it to him. They say that since he made it with so much love, they didn’t want to disappoint him.

While they are eating, Kunal receives a phone call from his office and he is asked to report to work immediately. Seema offers to make the breakfast all over again for everyone and Kunal says Huh and leaves.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal come to his office and is introduced to Mr. Arora (the owner of the company). Mr. Arora tells Kunal that it’s very important for their firm to win this case hence they want Kunal to handle this case as he is the best lawyers. They provide him the case file and Kunal is shocked to see the file as it’s the case against his brother Gaurav.

Chopra House:
Everyone is hanging out in the living room; taking care of Siddhi giving her meds etc. raj complains that he also needs meds for stomach ache. Veena taunts that he shouldn’t have eaten such a spicy egg bhurji lat night. Siddhi offers to give him home remedy and Raj is happy. Kids put on Siddhi’s home coming video and say Kunal is blushing like a groom.

Kunal comes home at the same time and asks Gaurav If he has paid his company the money he owed? Gaurav says he has paid the money and tries to leave. Kunal asks him again if he has really paid the money because he has found out that Gaurav hasn’t paid the money. Gaurav finally admits the truth and Kunal asks for the reason for not paying back the money. Gaurav tells him that he used that money to pay Siddhi’s hospital bill as the bill was for 20 lacks and not for 8 lacks. Kunal asks him why he didn’t inform him. Gaurav says he did and Kunal told him to take care of the priority so he paid the bill instead of giving it back to his company.

Kunal says that Gaurav should have told him about the hospital bill being 20 lacks anyway because he would have taken care of it some other way, by taking advance from his company or talking to the hospital. Gaurav says Kunal was already so tensed so he didn’t want to burden him further.

Kunal informs Gaurav that his company has filed a case against him and Kunal has been appointed to fight the case. All are shocked to hear it. RaNa ask Kunal to refuse this case even if he has to quit his job for this. Kunal says if he doesn’t fight then someone else will fight against Gaurav as a case has already been filed against him. He further says that they not only want the money back, but also want Gaurav to go to prison. Veena tries to emotionally blackmail Kunal to leave the case, but Kunal says he will have to fight this case.

Kunal’s Office:
Kunal is talking to Mukherjee babu (MB) and saying that Gaurav shouldn’t have hidden this from him. Had he told him the truth, he would have found some other way to arrange the money at least they wouldn’t have filed this case against Gaurav. MB asks Kunal if he will fight against his brother or if will quit his job. He says he knows whatever Gaurav did was for his family, but it has put Kunal in soup for sure. Kunal asks MB to find out all the details about Gaurav’s company and MB agrees to do it immediately.

Chopra House:
Kunal and Gaurav are fighting and putting the blame on each-other. Kunal calls Gaurav stupid and Gaurav calls Kunal selfish as he used that money for Siddhi and yet he is yelling at him. Kunal says he would have taken care of his wife and Gaurav didn’t have to act Mahan. Gaurav says he was just fulfilling his duty. Kunal says that Gaurav is trying to hide his mistakes in the name of family’s welfare and Kunal is capable of taking care of his family. Gaurav says he is the one who has been taking care of this family and asks Kunal to butt out.

This was actually Veena’s dream and she is worried that the 2 brothers might go their separate ways due to this issue. Raj assures her that nothing like will happen and all will be fine. He says they just need to stay together and their family will never separate.

SiNal Room:
Siddhi is recalling Kunal’s word that he will fight this case against Gaurav and decides to talk to Kunal, but Veena comes in and tells her that Kunal won’t talk to her right now. Veena says that he might be trying to figure out how to get Gaurav out of this situation. Siddhi says that she is the root cause of all this chaos as Gaurav used his money for her hospital bills. Veena tells her not to blame herself for this as she has always wished well for this family. Siddhi says she is afraid that she is bad luck for this house. Veena tells her not to think like this as they don’t consider her bad luck and all will be fine.

SeeRav Room:
Seema says that Kunal had made it clear that even he cannot save Gaurav this time so now Gaurav will have to go to Prison. Gaurav says she is right, no one can save him for going to prison now. Gaurav says he thought that he was helping his family, but he put them in deeper trouble.

Kunal’s Office:
MB provides Kunal the details of rival company’s client list and finances and Kunal notices that the 3 people are indeed their client who forced Gaurav to do this fraud. MB says that these 3 people have made a lot of money for Gaurav’s company by making so many deals. Kunal says he knows how do they make so much profit for their company. Kunal says he is pretty sure about the case with these details, but he will still have to consult with more experienced lawyer. Epi ends.

Precap: Gaurav says it’s very important for Kunal to have this job after he goes to prison. Raj gets angry and is about to slap Gaurav. Seema and Veena are crying. Siddhi is watching and seems shocked.

Update Credit to: Rani

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