Phir Subah Hogi 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 11th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Vickram running after Chulbuli/Sugni asking her to stop. She keeps running from him, to a precipice and is abut to fall off when he catches her, pulling her back, they stare at each other as O re piya is playing in the back ground. Slyly Chulbuli takes the keys to the jeep out of Vickrams pocket and runs away from him, to the jeep. Vickram looks at her and suddenly begins to smile as she starts the Jeep and drives off.
Vickram is laughing to himself thinking, that she is his Sugni only , as he was the one who thought her to fly and now she is running away from him. He gets flashbacks of her learning to drive , of the close call she had almost hitting his car, of him hiring her.

He looks back at the cliff opens his arms ans shouts Sugni…then he shouts Chulbuli, he sits at the edge and says that the earth and the world knows her as Sugni not Chubuli… he begins to wonder how did Sugni become Chulbuli and says he will have to find out what happened to her. He says he will not come in front of her until he dose but will be around her watching her, and she will always feel him. He says when he finds out what happened only then will he take his Sugni from there with him for ever and ever.

Suman is on the bed surrounded by Hukum, Naganiya ,Reva and a doctor. She is complaining about her head splitting and that no one is helping her. The doctor says she is insulting him , and decides to give her an injection. Suman gets nervouse, and hukum asks if she is afraid. REva chips in and says Suman is afraid of nothing and can take 10 injections. After getting the injection, Reva says she will make “Kara” for reva , who is looking like she is disgusted by the dish. Naginya and Reva leave to make it.

Sugni goes arrives back at the Khota , in relief, she hears Amma, scolding every one for not being able to find her, how can they all let i mad man take her away. Bunty spots Chulbuli walking in and calls her name, but Amma turns on him and says don’t you dear blame her. Divakar to sees her and says her name, Amma tells him don’t he dear, as he did nothing to protect her. she said she is ashamed that she made such a poor choice in suitors for cChulbuli Chubuli hugs Amma , and they have a tearful feunin of her asking if she is alright , did the man hurt her. Chubuli stops her and says she is fine and that she outsmarted him and took his Jeep! AAma is shocked hearing this.

Divakar starts questioning Chulbuli as to where she was, what happened and why she did not even try to stop the man form taking her. Amma cuts him off and tells him he has no right to question her because he stood by and let it happen. The only one with rights to question Chulbuli is the one who can protect her , which Divakar failed to do.

Upstairs chulbuli is in the bathroom, where she gets flash backs of Vickram fighting the men, kidnapping her. She begins to wonder who he is and what dose he want. She thinks he did all of that and kidnapped her and if he wanted to he could have done anything to her yet he did not. She wonders why she can not ignore him when he is in front of her. She is interrupted by Bunty’s voice bringing her tea.

In her Room, she she continues to wonder about Vickram, She gets the flashback of his smiling face as she drove away and says why was he laughing. He went through all that trouble , yet let her go with a smile??
She decides to give the Keys to Divakar and picks it up, then wonders how did she learn to drive as she has no memory of any one teaching her to. Vickram is walking the street again, thinking he has to get to the bottom of how Sugni became Chulbuli, he again resolves not to go in front of her until he dose.

PRECAP: Aama is saying she needs to do something about this. Sugni is in her room sleeping.

Update Credit to: Vinnie

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