Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina saying I won’t come in your hands, you can’t catch me. Raghav says I will see. He runs after her. Jab tak….plays………. They look at each other. Sudha says love is complicated emotion, it has many shades, Veer and Sanjana are coming again to rock the stage to show the new shade of love. Naina and Raghav come running on the stage. Lights focus on them. Dadi smiles and says three cheers for Naina and Raghav, its Veer’s sangeet, so they can perform.

Raghav and Naina dance passionately on Lahu muh lag gaya…… Raghav holds her close. Dadi smiles seeing them. Raghav lifts Naina in arms. She gets down and tries to go. Raghav holds her. They get lost in each other. Everyone look on. Lights come. Everyone clap for them. Dadi comes to them and says my eyes were not getting off you two, you both danced so well, you looked lovely, bless you. She asks Raghav to come with her. They go.

Videographer comes. Naina thanks him for coming. He says its Lala ji’s house and I had to come, but its strange that I came here after that day, when Lala ji’s accident happened, I remember it was Raghav’s birthday, Lala ji called me and asked me to make video, where all family members wish him, Lala ji wanted to gift that video to Raghav, but his accident happened, it was shocking for all of us, Lala’s last memories were with me, none knew I m recording, I had no courage to share footage with Mehra family. She asks do you have that footage with you even today. He says yes. She asks can you give it to me. He says surely.

Raghav rests in Dadi’s lap. Dadi says I understand your emotions, you did not do right with Naina, she planned surprise, she wanted to see you happy, life is short, don’t lose it. He asks how, I can never forgive myself, I can’t pretend like nothing happened, sometimes I can’t breath thinking of my mistake, I snatched Dada ji from you. She says will you curse yourself, after I die, what will happen of you, thinking this I get unwell, promise me, you will stop cursing yourself.

Raghav says sorry, I have to repent for this, I can’t agree to you, my life has nothing good happening, because a good man died because of me, Dada ji gave me a new life, and I snatched him from you, I have to repent Dadi. He goes.

Naina comes to Raghav. She holds his hand and asks him to come. He says leave me. She gets him to room. She says I m freeing you from guilt, its time you face the devils of your past, you think your Dada ji died because of you, but… He says enough, think and talk, what do you know about me and my life, just let it be. She says I know you, since you know truth, you will lie with guilt. He says what truth, let it be. She says please listen to me, give me once chance.

She makes him sit and shows the video footage of Dada ji greeting him and wishing him happy birthday. Raghav thanks Dada ji for the skateboards and hugs him. He shouts stop it, I can’t see this. Naina shouts you have to see this, you have right to know it was not your mistake, sit. Dada ji says when you see this video, you will like this, have these memories in heart. He says stop torturing me, stop it. She says listen to me, I know what you are going through, you are getting hurt, trust me, it was not your mistake, just see video once on my saying. She wipes his tears and resumes video.

Raghav shows his skateboards to Dadi and asks Dadi not to scold Dada ji. Shaurya fights for skateboard. Dada ji asks videographer to take his video while he goes downstairs. He goes. Raghav and Shaurya fight. Raghav kicks skateboard. Dada ji goes towards stairs. His walking stick breaks and he falls downstairs, while skateboard goes other side. Raghav gets shocked. Naina says see Raghav, Dada ji did not fall because of your skateboard, he fell because of his stick, you were not at fault. He cries and hugs her. She says promise me, you will not feel guilty. Tere naam….plays……….. She wipes his tears. She asks him to promise other thing. He asks what. She goes and gets a small cake.

She says you promised you will not destroy cake, cut this, its birthday cake. He smiles. He blows off candle and cuts cake. He feeds the cake to her. She wishes him happy birthday and feeds him the cake. He thanks her and says this is the best birthday gift I ever had, after many years, I will sleep with peace, this cake is very tasty, you also have it, don’t be shy, you got this. She says yes, but this ordered cake does not have the taste which is made by hand for someone really special. He asks for whom. She says I meant special cake is one which is handmade, I bake good cakes, how will you know, you fed cake to wall, sheets and your kurta, its okay, have it when I make it next time. He smiles.

She keeps the plate in kitchen and thinks his face got smile, its enough. She turns and sees him. She asks is it not enough that he scared her in morning. He says no, its beginning, see what happens next, Naina, I want to tell you something, I…. She says I forgot something and goes. He says these women also say this when there is something imp.

Naina goes to Dadi and gives her food. She tells Dadi that its Dada ji’s Shraddh today, so I made this food, when everyone was busy in sangeet. Dadi says you did this for me, its all Dada ji’s fav dishes, how did you know his like. Naina says Raghav always talk of Dada ji. Dadi says how to thank you, I m glad that someone is there in this house who will take values and traditions ahead after I leave. Naina says if I say this, I won’t talk. Dadi blesses her. Dadi does puja and keeps food for crow. She feels unwell. Naina gets worried.

Raghav apologizes to Naina and says I wanted to do something special for you. Naina says this was very bad way to say sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think the wrong medication is taking affect on dadi. Hope naina realises something’s not right with medication.

  2. really… the episode was fab….. really…. it was much of romance …owww…love this jodi… but the best jodi is ritik and shivanya of naagin season 1…

  3. Honeypriya

    Dey r soo cute together……

  4. I also hope naina finds out abt the medications. good epi over all.

  5. Friends can anyone tell what is the trp of this show

    1. Trp is 1.9

  6. Niceeee episode eee

  7. Love rains chemistry

  8. Nice episode Naina and Raghavs…hope Dadi’s health comes to normal…looking forward for Naina and Raghavs love story to begin:.

  9. wow….awe episode
    luv raina day by day…hope soon dadi gets fine

  10. Chithu

    Superb episode I am happy that Raina are getting closer. After all these years Raghav is at peace that he didn’t create the accident. Sudha and pam must be caught for changing dadi’s pills. All others are so greedy in Mehra house. Raina scenes were lovely

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