KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 10)

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Episode starts
Saiyam : ( mixex something in the juice and thinks ) .. all work done… now its tym to see ur ruin..suhani birla. I closed ur karate classes now its time for ur shack
Krishna comes with saiyam’s phone.. she sees saiyam’s phones cover photo.. it was saiyam’s dog-tiger..
Saiyam : what?? why r u looking at tiger like that
Krishna : no I was just..ah I just don’t like dogs..
Saiyam : ok then let’s change this pic..
He pulls her closer and takes their the pic Saiyam is looking at the camera while krishna is looking at him
Krishna : saiyam what r u….
Saiyam : here this pic is right for my cover pic.. u look so cute in it..
Krishna blushes…
Krishna : saiyam u r mad..
They laugh..

Krishna lifts a glass of juice to drink… Saiyam gets scared ..
Saiyam : ( stops her) krishna!!!
Krishna : what happened saiyam…??
Saiyam : ah.. this juice is for guest. Why r u having it.. what if it is finished…
Krishna : u think I will drink so much…. I am just a bit thirsty
Saiyam : no I just.. ok heee have some water if u r thirsty. ?
He gives herr water..
Krishna takes the water and drinks it.. suhani calls her and she goes..
Saiyam sighs with relief and cleans his sweat..
He thinks ..o god I got scared..what if she would have drunk it.. thank god she didn’t.. aftersome time he thinks but why was I concerned about her.. even if she would have drunk the juice what harm would it cause me.. why did I.. no im not feeling anything. ?its just that she is my pawn In this game and her well being is important for me.. that’s it.. nothing else.. but the fact ia that he really cares for her..

In the hall, many guests have arrived..they cut the cake and give gifts to yuvaan. the waiter serves them juice all guests drink the juice….they feel like vomiting. ?. Some even faint. Al are confused while saiyam smiles.
Suhani : yuvaan call the ambulance… yuvaan calls the ambulance nd guests are taken to hospital
After sometime, police arrives and blame suhani as the food served was of suhani’s shack…finally she was forced to close the shack..yuvani nd krishna are crying..
Police leaves..
Dadi : r u happy now suhani? This is the outcome of keeping such trash in ur home…(she says this by pointing at krishna)..she was given the responsibility of food.
All get shocked, krishna cries.. saiyam gets angry and holds his fist.
Suhani : dadi plz don’t blame krishna
Dadi : whatever u think I don’t care.. what if somebody from us would have eaten the food,. We would have been in hospital right now..
Krishna : no dadi trust me I didn’t
Dadi…: ( shouts ) I don’t trust u understand? ?
Saiyam : enough! !dadi, how can u blame krishna for that u knw how much she luvs her suhani aunty..nd was with her in the kitchen and she didn’t fo anything wrong there….
Dadi: u don’t need to interfere in this.. u don’t even know this girl..
Saiyam : I know her very well but im suprisedu don’t even after so many years.
Yuvani : yes dadi krishna can’t do this
Dadi : ok all of u just believe in these outsiders. She goes and was followed by rags..suhani also goes and pratima and yuvan follow her..
Saiyam thinks how can dadi be so mean to krishna..I was right ome who is not birla is not cared in tuis house..that is why my mother also threw me in the orphanage..

Krishna, s room
Krishna is crying while yuvani is consoling her..saiyam comes
Yuvani : (thinks ) I think I should leave them alone (aloud ) ah saiyam u sit with her I will just see mama
Saiyam sits beside her on the bed… he was actually feeling bad for her and truly consoling her not pretending
Saiyam : ok now I know how ur feeling. But just let it go krishna…..u see one day dadi will really realize ur worth..ok now plz donnt cry…
He keeps his hand on her shoulder and wipes her tears. Just think about the positive things in ur life
Krishna : saiyam I always take dadi as my family then why she sees me as an blood relation the only thing for her..?
Saiyam : leave it krishna…. people’s thinking vary.. look at me.. my own mother left me to die then how can u except dadi to be good with u
Krishna : ur right ….I should think only about the positives like suhani aunty.. she is always there for me.. she loves everyone and doesn’t jujde on the basis blood
Saiyam gets angry..
Saiyam : ok now leave it,(he stands up). I will bring something to eat..
Krishna : not hungry. ,( makes him sit again) just ait here and talk with me.. (she holds his hands)..
They talk..
Yuvani looks on and thinks thay are made for each other…
Its late at night..
Krishna lying in her bed.. thinking about saiyam and smiling…she looks at her pic..
Suddenly someone comes from behind and holds her mouth…
She gets scared was saiyam. ?
Saiyam : shh.. slowly..or someone will wake up ( he remove his hand)
Krishna : (softly ) saiyam?? u here?? At such late..itx 1.15am ..what happened why u came here???

Precap : saiyam and krishna sit on the floor .
Saiyam : r u sure u would give me what I want??
Krishna : ya sure,. U just ask for it..

How is it going…plz comment and let me know how is the storyline. ? Plz

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  1. The storyline is great ?

  2. Rockstr tired of praising u i cant help it..cos u r too good…love it…kriyyam rocks…nd ur ff super rocks..

  3. Aarti32

    Hate dis Dadi.. Irritating creature ??
    N I’m vry eager to know wat Saiyyam will ask for??

  4. Loving ur ff. Its so nice and interesting. Keep updating :)., I am a silent reader but couldn’t wait without appreciating you. Great writing

  5. Fanficwriter518

    Just read episode 7 8 9 and 10. Really loved it all and i am so glad you are updating regularly! X

  6. What is he asking for?aww god I’m so excited❤#hightides?

  7. Nnnya

    Hi everyone. Im new to telly updates. This is my first comment. I come here a lot and ive been asilent reader of different written updates of different shows and fan fics too. I recently became a kriyyam fan and ive read a couple of fan fics i have to say though i quite like this one. You’re doing a great job darling. keep it up. Waiting patiently for more

  8. Shaani

    I love ur story….keep updating…u r a great writer…ur story is ver interesting…i read all episodes today only…nice concept..keep writing..god bless u ..

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