Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha and radha wrestle.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying our cow will become the queen cow. Radha says no, our ratna will only become the queen cow. Damodar says you both wont take a step back, at least someone try to understand. Balram says otherwise we will do a competition, lets see whose milk is more stronger, vrindavan’s or barsana. Radha says yes brother. Radha calls kesari, a wrestler from barsana. Radha says see kanha, this is kesari kaka, he is the strongest wrestler in barsana. Kesari comes and says what happened radha? Radha says kesari kaka, there will be a match, but before the wrestling match you have to drink all the milk of our cow ratna. Kesari says wow, that is good. Kesari drinks all milk.
Kanha calls bajrangi kaka form vrindavan and says bajrangi kaka is the strongest wrestler in vrindavan, he will fight kesari kaka. Bajrangi kaka drinks all the milk of the vrindavan cow and then bajrangi and kesari both stand in the pit for the wrestling match. Balram says start. Bajrangi and kesari start doing kushti and wrestling and then hold each others hand and do malyudh. Kanha and his friends cheer bajrangi kaka and radha and her friends cheer kesari kaka. Kesari then throws bajrangi down on his back. Radha and her friends cheer and say see kanha, I told you kesari kaka is the strongest. Kanha says radha, shut up, the game has not ended yet if you don’t know the rules. Bajrangi and kesari start doing wrestling again and balram scolds bajrangi kaka for playing the wrong way. Kanha says come on bajrangi kaka, you can do it. Bajrangi falls down again and kesari wins. Kanha says I will not let kesari kaka win, I will fight him in wrestling. Kanha comes down in the pit and says come on fight me. kanha and kesari kaka fight. radha says kanha you cannot win against kesari kaka, he is very strong.
There sudhama and his parents go back home. Both sudhama’s parents sit and his mother says please forgive me, because of me our son cannot get education today, we are very lower caste Brahmins. Sudhama’s father says yes dear wife, I asked in all the ashrams but no one is accepting sudhama as their student, they just say that he doesn’t deserve an education because of my lower caste, forgive me as you had to marry me, because of us our son cannot get education. Sudhama’s mother says don’t ask for forgiveness, it is because of both of us not only because of you. Sudhama’s parents say what will we do now? Our child will always be ridiculed in the society. Sudhama comes and says father and mother, please don’t cry for me, I don’t want education from those people who think a person requires a standard for education. Sudhama says my parents have been insulted by everyone and I don’t want education from such people because they have till now just taken all fake knowledge which has not taught them to respect others and to love everyone. Sudhama says mother and father, my prabhu is my teacher, I will find him one day and my friend, my govinda, he will teach me everything.
Kanha comes and does wrestling with keshari kaka and he defeats kesari. Radha enters the pit and says gore, this is not fair, the match was between kesari kaka and bajrangi kaka and bajrangi kaka has lost, you cannot come in and fight again. It has been proved that barsana’s milk has more strength than the milk of vrindavan. Kanha says no, how can you decide that? I defeated kesari kaka, vrindavan has won and our cow will be the queen cow. Radha says no, you have to fight me then, defeat me only then you can make your cow the queen. Kanha says you will fight me radha? You will be defeated, don’t take this step. Radha says you don’t know that kanha. Kanha and radha wrestle. Damodar says what are you both doing? Stop this kanha! How can you fight radha? Balram says kanha just leave it. Kanha says no brother and damu kaka, this gopi is too arrogant, this year our cow will be the queen cow, every time we cant listen to her.
Narad muni says mata, what is happening? How can kanha and radha fight? laxmi looks at lord Vishnu and both smile. All gods and tridev watch.
Kanha says radha till now you have only seen my love, you will see my anger now. Radha says even you have only seen my good side, you will now see my anger as well. All gods, goddesses and tridev watch.

Precap: kanha and radha wrestle as everyone tries to stop them. Kansa sends a new demon to vrindavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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