Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: The female forms of gods kill the demon soldiers.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi kaushaki telling all the devi’s to go and save the innocent people around the universe and kill all demons. The female forms of all the gods and tridev go around the world and they start killing the evil demon soldiers of shumbh. the soldiers try to attack the devi’s but the devi’s are too powerful and they use spells and their powers to kill the soldiers, the heads and bodies of the soldiers are cut and thrown back to the battlefield where shumbh stands in shock. Devi kaushaki says hear the death screams of your soldiers shumbh, you insult women, now women are only killing your evil soldiers.
Shumbh is shocked and worried.
All the goddesses start throwing the dead bodies and cut body parts of the demon soldiers on shumbh. Shumbh looks in despair as he sees all his soldiers dead. The entire universe is saved and the goddesses come back and go back into the gods and tridev. Devi kaushaki says see what has happened to your soldiers, this is what happens when you chose to do adharma and hurt the innocent. Shumbh gets angry and says woman, you haven’t seen my powers yet, I will kill you and all the women you have been hiding, you are very egoistic of your powers. Shumbh uses his stambhan power on devi kaushaki and attacks it on kaushaki. Kaushaki smiles and she takes all the power inside her. Shumbh is shocked and says what is happening to my power? Why isn’t it working? Shumbh tries and attacks again but fails, he says why aren’t my power working? Devi kaushaki says shumbh, these powers that you have are also mine, the entire universe lives because of my powers and everyone has powers only because of me, you prayed to brahmadev but my power is what he has given you because even his powers are mine. Devi kaushaki says I made this world and I give powers only so that they are used for the good in the universe but demons like you use it for adharma, from now your powers wont work because of your evil deeds. Devi kaushaki says now you will know the stambhan powers effect, devi kaushaki attacks the stambhan power on shumbh and shumbh is turned to a statue, blood starts coming out of his nose. Indra dev and vayu dev see and devraj says now this demon will know how it felt, he will feel the pain that he had given to us.
Shumbh is in pain and mata kali and mata chandmari walk around him. devi kaushaki looks at the pain of shumbh and grants him back his life and removes him from the stambh power. Shumb falls down in pain and he gets up and says devi kaushaki, you made me stambh from the same powers I had before, I felt the pain I had given others, I realize what wrong I have done and I know what right I have to do now. Shumbh then says did you think I would say all of this? You granted me my life and you want me to believe that you have done a great deed by saving my life? I will not bend before a cheap woman, I have done years of prayers and then I got my powers from brahma dev, I will kill you. Devi kaushaki gets angry.

Precap: kaushaki fights shumbh in combat and she cuts his body but shumbh is resurrected. Shumbh says you cannot kill me and he laughs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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