Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Krishna makes jalbharat understand life’s truth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra god asking gurudev you said jalbharat is becoming smart but why is he going to have food so guru explains that jalbharat will learn from this & see prabhu’s image with his own eyes.
Some villagers are paying for statue of pondrik while he comes telling them it’s enough as i am blessed with you so I will give you my Prasad & take this drink & forget all your sadness & enjoy happily while all are watching then pondrik is telling them to come forward & take this drink of pondrik so one of them comes forward & takes but tastes bitter so he spits asking him what is this then pondrik tells them this is liquor & they are shocked so he explains them that this is enjoyment so to take this as all your evils will wash out then they say we won’t take this as all our good deeds will wash out then he forces them to have this or i’ll punish you all so they take it forcibly while pondrik thinks till Krishna comes I will convert all these people into evils.
Jalbharat comes asking one of them I heard food was provided of bhandara then he says it is finished so he pleads him to give me something then he again tells him nothing is there so to go away & jalbharat gets depressed. A guard comes asking him to come with us then he asks him will you give me food so he says yes but you have to do some work for us then he says I can’t as my friend is waiting for me then they tell him this is order of maharaj & take him forcibly inspite he pleading.
Gurudev explains gods see how jalbharat was changing his mind-set towards understanding what is evil & good.
Jalbharat pleads maharaja to not to force me as they were forcing him to lift palkhi with maharaj sitting in it & he lifts it thinking krishna was telling truth that If I have to save myself then I have to do this.
Krishna is searching jalbharat & one person tells him where he has gone taken by maharaj forcibily & that person thinks I feel him like shrikrishna as he leaves to search jalbharat.
Jalbharat is lifting it very painfully but it falls down from his hands & maharaj gets angry so orders to kill him as I was about to die & jalbharat tells him that I was trying to save these little flies but they curse him & as they try to kill him then suddenly Krishna comes stopping them.
Jalbharat says thank god my friend you came as i knew you will come so he tells him I had promised you that I will stay with you till the end but maharaj asks him who are you guale & stopping to kill him against my orders so Krishna tells him I was trying to justify & he explains him that he did good for you to save from going to hell or if these flies would had died then you would have gone to hell & explains what flies soul has like our soul too. Maharaj asks him how should we believe in you then he tells him to meditate & concentrate seeing towards him & maharaj sees his image in jalbharat & maharaj praise Krishna bending & praying that now I have understood washing all my anger because of you & I accept you as my guru so Krishna blesses him.
Maharaj’s guards ask him what we should do then he tells them that I have selected my path of life so you all are also independent to select your life’s path.
Jalbharat prays Krishna saying I feel you are not a simple person so Krishna tells him I know I am not simple person because I am your friend then he says I now know that you are my shrikrishna who never leaves his devotee so please show me yourself & Krishna says that your are right as I am your shrikrishna & your search of so many years is finished & he shows himself while jalbharat prays Krishna happily & tells him to please convince my father too coming with me to him so that he can also meditate for you purely. Krishna praises jalbharat saying now you are my ultimate devotee now so to your father & whole of this world you itself will give knowledge to all & make believe in me & he accepts krishna’s advice as Krishna leaves.
Pondrik is laughing saying now everything is changed here & only one thing is left to change name of dwarika as brahman’s are doing yagna for this while Rukmini comes shouting pondrik telling him to stop this as still you have time then he also jokes with her telling her why you can’t stop then as I know you can’t because I am doing this for people of dwarika but she tells him you are doing evil & you are saying good for people then he tells her evil was happening before because they had no independence to do anything so I am making them happy giving everything but she again tells him this is your dream & you can’t squeeze prabhu krishna’s place & change the name of dwarika so he says who will stop me then Krishna comes telling him I will stop you pondrik & Rukmini gets happy seeing prabhu while pondrik is shocked seeing Krishna.
Jalbharat comes to his father while he tells him I knew you will come empty handed then he tells him I have returned but not empty handed so he says let me see what have you found making you so serious so he tells him I have found god so he asks where is he so he explains him he is everywhere eg. In you, in this hut, in this tree etc. so he is seeing everywhere but tells him I can’t see anywhere so he explains him to think in your thoughts purely thinking of him so he says I’ll try this too & as he meditates & opens eyes then he sees Krishna everywhere & he prays taking his name saying I did yagna for so many years for him but now I can see him & he pleads his son telling I am sorry as I always called you as jadbuddhi but I am thanks to you for showing me this path & he too prays his father for showing him the way.
Pondrik asks Krishna that you will stop me & how so he tells him like I did in childhood so he says that was childhood but now we are grown-up & you do not know the truth so he tells him that’s why I wish to make you know the truth as if dwarika won’t be there then on whom you’ll rule then he says again trick as I know you are a trickster so he tells him to shout & prove yourself so he shouts taking name of “Pondrik Puri” saying your god is calling you so answer but a storm erupts from sky shaking the land & he is shocked asking what is this happening so Krishna explains him dwarka name itself is her existence & if you try changing the name then dwarka won’t be exist. Krishna tells him I have a solution for this to you so he asks what then Krishna tells him I will give you my seat but do not change the name of dwarka then he asks why you will do this & what will benefit you then he tells him I do not wish to rule on dwarka but to make it safe & for this I can sacrifice my seat to you then he says I accept your proposal as you want what you wish & I am getting what I wish & after this I will become dwarkadhish.

Precap: Rukmini asks Krishna instead killing pondrik you made him ruler of this dwarka. Pondrik is declaring to all that whoever prays me I will give him lot of wealth & as he gives then one of them say the wealth has become mud how come? As Krishna plays trick.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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