Bepanah Pyaar 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Harshit kidnaps Pragati

Bepanah Pyaar 6th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati follows Raghbir upstairs. Please listen to me once. I had no idea about it. Raghbir locks himself in his room. Pragati sits near the pool and cries. Why does this happen to me every time? I don’t even get a chance to explain things! Harshit looks at her from behind the bushes. He is holding a flower pot in his hand. He hides hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. Raghbir asks Pragati why she is sitting alone here. She asks him if he cares. Why do you bother? He asks her if this is what she thinks. She asks him why he does not listen to her. He says you don’t care about my likes or wishes. You would have thrown the necklace away if you had cared for me! He (Sahas) always comes between us! She replies that Sahas is her friend whereas he says no friend comes between husband and wife. What kind of a friend is he? She says I know him since college but he counters that he knows Sahas since childhood. He isn’t what he appears to be. They both continue to argue. Pragati walks away upset. Raghbir senses something strange and looks behind the bushes but Harshit hides in another spot just in time. Raghbir leaves. Harshit thinks he would have kidnapped her if Raghbir wasn’t here. I would have to kidnap her when neither Raghbir nor Sahas is around. I will kidnap her at any cost!

Sahas drives Pragati to office. He asks for a smile as rent. She happily complies. Go now. I will take taxi for home. He agrees. He smiles as she heads inside. You are amazing. It is all mine now!

Pragati steps inside office. It is completely empty. Someone is following her. She looks back but doesn’t see anyone. She heads to her cabin when she hears a whistle. She asks aloud if someone is there and notices a smiley on the door. She mistakes it to be Sahas. She calls out his name when she hears the printer buzzing. A bulk of smiley’s are getting printed automatically. She gets afraid. She picks her hone and is headed back to the door when she hears the sound of whistle again. She runs downstairs frantically. The hoodie guy is following her. She takes stairs instead of lift. She boards a cab and asks the driver to start. Harshit says you used to add something before the word Bhaiya. He removes his hoodie. She is shocked to see him. She realises that he was the hoodie guy who has been responsible for all the incidents till date. You tried to kill me? He nods. I tried many times but you escaped. Will you be able to survive today? He throws her phone aside when she tries to call Raghbir. He aims gun at her. she tells him he cannot do this. He says this is what I have been hearing till date but today I will do whatever I please. She cries. He hits her on the head thereby making her unconscious.

Raghbir is in his room. He cannot stop thinking of last night’s incident. His phone finally beeps and he receives photos from Happy Singh (from the dhaba). He thinks of that time and smiles. Maybe I am overreacting. Sahas might not be right but Pragati is genuine. I will speak to her. We will sort it out. He goes to Pragati’s room but she isn’t there. It does not take so long to pick a file. He calls her number but it is unreachable. He calls at office landline but gets no response. He meets Sahas on his way out. Where is your best friend? Sahas says I don’t know. I dropped her to office. She said she will take cab on her way home. Isn’t she home yet? Raghbir says it is unreachable. He tells him to call at office number. Raghbir says I tried that already. Sahas says let me try. Raghbir asks him if there is some special connection in his phone. Sahas jokes. Raghbir checks with the servant but he also has no clue about Pragati. Raghbir decides to go to office himself.

Sahas walks inside Kunti’s room and asks about Pragati. She says I have no idea where she is. He says her phone is switched off. Hope you dint do anything to her. kunti says I promise you she will be yours. I don’t break my promises. Sahas asks her why Pragati isn’t home yet. Kunti advises him to wait. Sahas says it will be better if she is home safely. He goes. Kunti smiles. He is panicking is as if Pragati got kidnapped! She suddenly realises something and gets tensed.

Pragati wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. Harshit comes there with a bunch of goons. Baani aka Pragati! she asks about his leg. How can you walk around easily? You use a stick in front of us! He says I used to use it as a support for gaining emotional support from everyone. You snatched everything from me. My mother slapped me and insulted me in front of everyone just because of you! It crossed limit when my younger brother slapped me and threw me out of the house! Are you scared of death? I wont give you and easy death just like you and Raghbir have given me so much pain. She tells him he will be in pain once Raghbir finds out about this. He challenges her. let’s see if Raghbir will find you before you die!

Precap: Raghbir is speaking to Harshit on phone (Harshit is using a voice changer app). He tells Raghbir that his wife has been kidnapped. He asks for 300 crores as ransom money from Raghbir.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thrilling episode ?? Waiting to see how raghbir will save his love now and this Sahas is too much. Getting very annoyed by him, hopefully tomorrow’s episode will be good, excited for it ?

    1. Yeah u r right khushi..

  2. Not soo good….they will stretch it too long …

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