Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kamdhenu rains milk over vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha going to vrindavan to mata kamdhenu’s idol that they made. Kanha says radha, now we have only one option, we have to take the help of mata kamdhenu to save all people of vrindavan. Radha says yes kanha, we should pray to mata kamdhenu. Radha and kanha starts praying to mata kamdhenu.
In Mathura, kansa calls bhadraksh. Bhadraksh appears laughing and says yes bhagwan, what work can I do for you? kansa says bhadraksh, dhenukasura has been killed by that Vishnu again, but his powers are still working on the people and they are heading towards Mathura, you go and check if that kanha or his brother balram try to stop the people. Bhadraksh goes.
There all people are saying bhagwan kansa ki jai! They head towards Mathura. As they walk, balram comes with a rope and he puts it around all people together and then ties them to a tree. people struggle to get out of the ties and say leave us! Our bhagwan is calling us. Balram is angry and says I hope kanha does something quickly, everyone has turned into demons. Bhadraksh appears and says bal ke dham balram, how dare you tie the disciples of bhagwan kansa? Nand and all people get happy and say yes bhadraksh, kill him, kill balram. Balram is angry and says you demon, have you forgotten your past beatings? You want to die? Bhadraksh uses his power and ties balram to the tree with a spell. Balram screams in anger and says bhadraksh you evil demon, I will kill you with my mudgal. Bhadraksh laughs.
There kanha and radha pray and kanha says mata kamdhenu, today my mother, father, damu kaka and all people of vrindavan have gotten into trouble because of dhenukasura, please help me mata kamdhenu and save the people from dhenukasura’s mayavi powers. Mata kemdhenu appears and says prabhu you have called me for your help, I will be honored to help you as you want. Mata kamdhenu blesses over vrindavan. Suddenly holy milk of mata kamdhenu starts raining all over vrindavan. Kanha and radha open their eyes and radha says milk is raining, mata kamdhenu heard our prayers. Kanha says yes, it is the holy milk of mata kamdhenu, it will cleanse all evil in vrindavan.
There the milk falls on bhadraksh and he screams in pain and says I have to go from here before this milk kills me. Bhadraksh goes. All people become normal. Kanha and radha come and kanha frees all people from the ties. Yashoda hugs kanha and nand says what had happened here? kanha says dhenukasura had turned all of you evil and you were going to Mathura to take blessing of kansa but mata kamdhenu’s milk cleaned all evil from vrindavan. Balram says finally everyone is back. kanha says brother you are strong, you can easily break your tie. Balram says oh yes kanha, balram breaks the ties with his strength and frees himself. they all go back to vrindavan.
Bhadraksh goes to kansa and says bhagwan please kill me, I don’t want to be a disciple who can in no way help his bhagwan, again that Vishnu hurt me and from somewhere that milk rained, I had to come back. kansa says I will not kill you bhadraksh, you shall stay alive till I want you to be alive. Bhadraksh says then bhagwan, I have a suggestion, you have sent many powerful demons to kill that vishnu’s avatar but this time send such a demon who puts your name, bhagwan kansa! As a god in the minds of all people of vrindavan. Kansa laughs and says that is nice, that is good!

Precap: sudhama’s mother says to him, son these people wont believe you until you are educated, you don’t have any education and you are saying this child is Narayana! You first learn and become a great Brahmin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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