Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi kaushaki kills nishumbh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nishumbh attacking an arrow using his powers on devi kaushaki. Devi kaushaki attacks her arrow and it destroys nishumbh’s arrow and then aims towards nishumbh. Nishumbh dodges and the arrow goes behind and goes out in the space. Kartikeya says how can mother’s target be wrong? Mahadev says don’t worry kartikeya, your mother’s aim is never wrong, her arrow wont go a waste. As the arrow goes in space, it turns into an eagle.
Shumbh says to nishumbh, what are you doing brother? How can you not defeat a cheap woman? Why aren’t your powers working? Nishumbh says I don’t understand, this cheap woman cannot defeat me, a woman can never defeat me. Nishumbh sends his demon soldiers to kill devi kaushaki and attacks bolts on devi kaushaki. Kaushaki kills the demon soldiers using different arrows and then destroys the bolts of nishumbh. Shumbh says I am angry on you nishumbh, what are you doing? A stupid woman is destroying your attacks, how can you be so weak? I am ashamed of you nishumbh. Nishumbh says I will myself kill this woman. Nishumbh removes his axe and heads towards mata kaushaki. Kaushaki attacks a small red arrow on nishumbh. Nishumbh says her cheap arrows can do nothing to me. The arrow rotates around nishumbh as he looks around for it, the arrow then goes in different directions and then hits nishumbh’s stomach. Nishumbh gets hurt and his entire body starts turning black. Nishumbh then remembers the time when he and shumbh had prayed to brahmadev and asked for a wish that other than a woman, no one should be able to kill them and brahmdev blessed them with this wish. Nishumbh falls down with his body turned black. Shumbh screams and says no brother shumbh!
Shumbh starts remember all memories he had with his brother and how they were inseparable, and how nishumbh loved shumbh so much that he would fight anyone for him. shumbh says no! and is sad. Nishumbh dies.
Sugreeva comes running to shumbh and says maharaj shumbh, I forgot to tell you in all this mess before that devi kaushaki had divya powers and she is very powerful, she killed dhumralochan, chund and mand, raktbeej and now your brother nishumbh too! More than half of our army is dead, we should go from here maharaj. Shumbh is angry.
Kartikeya says I hope this demon listens to his soldier.
Shumbh makes sugreeva stambh and cuts his head and says I know, I should have killed this filth and traitor long before. Kaushaki says demon, you killed that person who was trying to tell you the right thing to do, how cheap are you and from your thoughts I can know to what degraded extent you can go, you will be punished. Shumbh says enough woman, you have the mind of a woman and you women will always be cheap and stupid, did you think I am a fool and will be defeated by you easily? You cannot kill me. Before I came here, I had thought of all the worse situations and already made plans for that, now I will target at your weakest point where you will have to beg before me, you will fall at my feet as that is the right place for you to be. Shumbh commands his army and his army flies away from the battlefield.
Indra dev says I think the soldiers have run away and have left shumbh. Suryadev says yes devraj. Kartikeya says no, I don’t think so, shumbh has sent them somewhere because if the soldiers had left shumbh alone, he would have looked scared. Mahadev says you are right, shumbh has made a plan.
Suddenly all around the world, the soldiers go and start destroying houses and hurting and killing innocent people. Kartikeya says I know what this demon has done, he has sent the demons to hurt and kill innocent people, ganesh says yes brother this way mother cannot be at 2 places to protect her children, either she has to be here and fight shumbh or be in other places to protect innocent beings. Kartikeya says I have to help mother and kill those soldiers. Mahadev stops kartikeya and says no kartikeya, your mother is enough to protect and fight this demon at the same time, she can do anything, it is her leela. Kartikeya stops.
Mata kaushaki gets angry. Shumbh says woman, all beings in this universe are your children right? Now go and protect them as they call for your help. Shumbh laughs.

Precap: devi kaushaki tells the tridev to summon her forms using their powers. Devi kaushaki summons new forms to protect the people around the world so that she can fight shumbh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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