Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Hidimba comes to vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa coming and kunti says kansa, how dare you imprison my brother? I am hastinapura’s daughter and if I wish, I would call my father and his entire army against you and your stupid soldiers. Kunti says I will take my brother and devki from here, kunti says get aside. Kansa gets aside and then as kunti is going with devki and vasudev. kansa does acting and has tears, he says okay sister devki you can go and even vasudev you go, but what will happen if you go with kunti to hastinapura and live there peacefully but your son comes here? finding you? then what do I tell him? he will come here to take you both back but you both wont be here, then I will have to send him back and he will be so sad to see that you are not there. Vasudev and devki get sad and then kunti

says don’t listen to him brother, he is fooling you both. Kunti says lets go, devki and vasudev don’t come and kunti says what are you both doing? Vasudev says no sister, kansa is right, our son will come one day to kill this evil kansa, he will make him suffer for the sins but till then we will live here and wait for him because only our son will free us from here. kunti understands and says okay brother, you stay here but kansa, you wont escape my anger ever. Kansa smiles and says okay sister kunti, give my pranam to raja dritarashtra! Kunti goes.
There pandavas are in the house with kanha and balram and after eating butter, kanha says we will meet all the people of vrindavan and they will welcome you with love. There hidimba says I feel worried for bheem and all people as I sense a demon may come in vrindavan soon, I will go there. Hidimba gos to vrindavan.
There bhadraksh says to kansa, bhagwan kunti scared me so much and I tried to face her alone even after she killed my soldiers, but that kunti prayed to someone to give me mukti and if I got mukti then how will I serve you bhagwan? That is why I ran away but I don’t understand why did you leave her alive? Why? kansa says I am not scared of kunti of hastinapura’s army, I can kill them easily but I don’t need them and I knew my plan could work on making devki and vasudev stop.kansa says but vrindavan is our target now, kansa removes a bow and arrow and shoot in the sky and says mushtika appear now! mushtika a demon appears and kansa says go to vrindavan and kill all people mushtika, I want them dead as soon and I want to see their bodies. Mushtika laughs and says bhagwan kansa, good you called me, I will kill all those people with my powers and you will see them dead. Mushtika goes.
There hidimba comes and all people run away scared to kanha saying a demoness, a demoness! Save us kanha, save us. Hidimba comes to kanha’s house and kanha and all pandavas make everyone calm down. Kanha says don’t worry, she is not harmful but she is our friend hidimba. Yashoda says hidimba! Kanha says yes mother, she is our friend because she saved the pandavas many times through their journey and she is harmless. People say a demon is harmless? Till today we haven’t seen any demon who is a friend of the humans. Kanha says yes there are, raja bali! And even bhakt prahlad they were all demons but good men. A man says but it was in treta yug and now there are no good demons. Hidimba says I understand and I will go from here as I don’t want to scare you all. Bheem says but no! kanha says okay hidimba, until we convince the people you go. bheem says but she saved us kanha, she is our friend. Kanha says it is better hidimba goes now, she will come here at the right time. Kunti comes and says kanha is right bheem.

Precap: mushtika puts poison in the food of all people and everyone panic as people eat the food.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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