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Annika is folding clothes in her room. Shivaay just came back from his office to take a file. He sees Annika

Shivaay: Annika, can you get me Mishra’s file?? (Annika keeps the clothes and goes to a cupboard. She takes out a file and keeps it on the table. She returns back to fold clothes. Shivaay takes the file and goes to Annika.) Annika…. (Annika turns to go but he holds her hand.) How long more, Annika?? For how long you are going to stay away from me like this?? It’s been a year. Please, Annika. I can’t bear this separation anymore. Please talk to me. (Annika shoves off his hand and about to leave but Shivaay being Shivaay blocks her from leaving.) What I did that you are doing like this to me?? Am I the reason for whatever happened here??

Annika: (shouts) Yes!!! You are the reason!!! (Shivaay looks at her in shock while Annika stares at him.) You are the reason, Shivaay.

Shivaay: What?? What did I do??

Annika: (smiles sarcastically) What did you do?? You are asking me what did you do?? Don’t you know what you did?? You did nothing, Shivaay!! That’s the reason for everything. If you have stopped Om that day, these problems won’t have happened. Your silence was the reason for everything. If you have opposed Om’s act that day, these won’t have happened!! But you supported him. You supported his every act till it has separated our Prinku from us.

Shivaay: Annika, you know right how was Om on that time?? How you can expect me to stop him??

Annika: You definitely can stop him, Shivaay. He respects you a lot. He must have listened to you!! But, you……. Don’t make me to speak more, Shivaay. You can’t bear it. Just leave from here. (Shivaay is about to touch her shoulder but stops himself and leaves from there. Annika throws the clothes on the bed and burst into tears.)

Annika’s POV

It’s been a year I have stopped talking with my husband, Shivaay Singh Oberoi inside this room. We are husband and wife for our family and this outside world. But inside this four walls, we are strangers only. My family is not like before anymore. We have lived happily till 1 ½ years before but everything gone after the death of my sister, Gauri. Gauri was everything for me after our parents died few years ago. Luckily, we both are matured enough to take care of our lives. Gauri was still studying that time. I was working at an event planning agency. And that is how I met Shivaay, the owner of Oberoi Industries. After few fights, we fell in love and get married. Gauri and Omkara met for the first time during our marriage and they both get attracted towards each other. After that, they started to go out together and one day Omkara proposed her which she agreed happily. We are very happy and they get engaged on the same week. I was very happy that my sister too is getting married in the same family. But that happiness didn’t last for long when I heard the news that she has met with accident. I thought she will be fine but no. She has left me just like our parents. I was completely shattered as well as Om. Om was not being himself and always like to be alone. One day, he came here bringing a girl and by seeing their state I understood that they are married. I was shocked at first thinking how Om can marry another when he loves Gauri. I only know she is the one did Gauri’s accident when Shivaay questioned Om. I was really angry seeing the girl who has caused my sister’s death. I was confused why Omkara has married his fiancée’s murderer but his answer again shocked me. He wants to take revenge on her for causing Gauri’s death. Somehow I could understand Om is still in the grief of losing his love and I felt that girl deserved it. She has changed the humble Omkara into a beast. Om never has behaved rudely with any girls. He is the man that respect woman a lot but today he is manhandling a girl. She is the reason!! She cried badly seeking for forgiveness and fell on his feet but he didn’t bother. He humiliated her in front of the media saying her as a mistress and kissed her forcibly. That time my heart felt a pain for her but I just ignored it. Entire family supported Om’s action except RuMyaPri. Rudra the one who always on his brothers side, for the first time he stood against his brothers. This has shocked me but Shivaay told him that he is not matured enough to understand Om’s pain. I felt Shivaay was right. That girl need to be punished for her deed. She need to suffer. I just kept quiet and watch everything silently. She stayed with us in our house. None of us liked her presence at our house. She always reminds me of Gauri’s death. So, I will just ignore and move away from the place whenever she came. But, RuMyaPri took a good care of her. They have become closer. I don’t know what Omkara did to torture her but I could see fear in her eyes whenever she sees Omkara. She will hide behind Rudra while SouPri will calm her. RuMyaPri already told us that they are helping her because of humanity but still they didn’t forgive her for causing Gauri’s death. Rudra won’t address her as bhabhi. He will purposely mention the word to irritate our family. But one day, he and Prinku were addressing her as bhabhi when they were chatting casually. Soumya too called her as ‘di’. I was confused with their behaviour. It looked like they have forgiven and forgotten whatever she has done before. Omkara too noticed their closeness. Then, one day she was not well. The doctor checked her and said that she is pregnant. All of us are shocked including her. She said that she didn’t know how she get pregnant. Jhanvi aunty and Pinky aunty started to badmouth her character. Again Rudra stood for her but no one care for it. Omkara came and accept that she is pregnant with his child. Rudra can’t stand anymore and directly asked did he rape her. Much to my surprise, that girl stood for Om saying he never stooped too low towards her. I was confused why she is defending him, the man who has made her life hell. Omkara’s answer has angered me. He said that he did artificial insemination towards her. I was so shocked. How he could do like that to her?? He used her motherhood for his revenge. I thought to lash on him that time but Rudra spoke my words. That time I was very proud of Rudra. He asked her to abort the baby but she refused and that is another shock for me. A girl who is not willing to kill an unborn, how she can cause someone’s death?? That question was running in my mind. Maybe that is what called an accident which happens without our realisation. She agreed to deliver the baby and leave from there. I really felt bad for her that time and wanted to console her but something was stopping me. I recalled whatever happened since she came here. We have humiliated her, tortured her, avoided her but she accepted everything silently. Her only happiness was with RuMyaPri. Her smile can be seen during that time only. After she got pregnant, her smile can be seen everyday. She loves the baby a lot. Again the smile get vanished when she lost her baby. I remembered she came to kitchen to make something for herself. I couldn’t face her because of guilt for avoiding her. So, I left from there and that was the biggest mistake I did. If I didn’t leave that time, that incident won’t have happened. She must never went to upstairs and she won’t have fell from there. She lost her baby not because of her but because of me and my family. As RuMyaPri said our negligence towards her caused her abortion. But this family still blamed her for the abortion. She still accepted it silently. Poor girl, how much she will bear?? RuMyaPri never left her side at any cost. Their support towards her manage to make her to overcome the incident. I never thought RuMyaPri who are younger than us are very much matured than us. I felt ashamed of myself that time. She has back to her normal state. She started to smile again but that to never last for long. One night, when we came back from a function, we got to know that Om has stooped more low that time. He has tried to molest her in his drunken state. I can’t believe it. We were looking at him waiting for him to say something but he remained silent. That girl was shivering badly thinking about his act. Soumya was consoling her. Shivaay slapped Rudra for blaming Om. And that was the first time I saw Priyanka opened her mouth against her family. She confronted everyone including me. I couldn’t answer her. I have seen hatred in her eyes that time which I never saw before that. She left the house with her. Rudra has distanced himself from his family especially ShivOm. Not only him, I too has distanced myself from them. I already distanced from Om after learning how he made her pregnant. After she left……


1 year ago

Rudra left to his room after giving a disgusting look to his family taking Soumya with him. TejVi feeling sad that their daughter has left their family.

Shivaay: Mom, papa, take bade ma and bade papa to their room. (ShaNky agreed and took them from there. Kalyani too leaves from there. He goes to Omkara.) Om, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I will bring back our Prinku to our house. Ok?? (Omkara just stood in silent.) I’m with you, Om. No matter what happens, I will be always with you. (They hear a clapping sound and turn to see Annika who is clapping her hands with a sarcastic look.)

Annika: What a brother?? I’m really proud with you, Shivaay. You are always on your brother’s side even though he did mistake or sin. Wow!! No one can get this kind of brother. He has married a girl forcibly, you were on his side. He humiliated his wife saying her as his mistress in front of the media, you were on his side. He kissed her forcibly, you were on his side. He tortured her, you were on his side. He made her pregnant without her knowing, still you were on his side. Now, he tried to misbehave with her, again you are with him. (Laughs sarcastically) Don’t you feel ashamed to say like this, Shivaay??

Shivaay: What are you saying, Annika?? That girl has killed your sister. Have you forgotten that??

Annika: Enough, Shivaay!!! How long you are going to tell the same?? My ears are aching a lot hearing this statement. I agreed that she has committed a mistake by causing Gauri’s death. But that doesn’t mean whatever we did to her are correct. She didn’t do the accident intentionally. It was an accident which no one has expected. But what we has done to her is worst than that. She just commit a mistake but we all have committed a sin for torturing her like that!! (Pointing at Omkara.) He has played with her motherhood and now he almost…. (Looks at Shivaay) Will you still stay on his side if he has raped her too??

Shivaay: (shouts) Annika!!!

Annika: Why are you shouting, Shivaay?? Nothing wrong in my question. You must have stayed on his side if that has happened too just like you supported him when he made her pregnant. What is the different between these both?? You know something, the mistake she has committed is nothing compare to what he did to her. We has changed her life to hell, Shivaay!! Why you are not realising?? (Looks at Omkara.) You are not satisfied with your revenge, right?? She has left the house. How are you going to take revenge on her now?? (Omkara still keep quiet.) I’m really ashamed of you, Om. I never thought that you will stoop this low for your revenge. Rudra whom we all thought as immature has proved that he is more mature than all of us here. Your sister, Priyanka who is much more younger than you too can think maturely. Why not you?? She never has raised her voice against her family. Just think, how much wrong are we to do like that to that girl?? We all should be ashamed for not thinking like them. (Looks at Shivaay and back to Omkara.) I wished Shivaay has done this before. (She gritted her teeth and gives a tight slap on Omkara’s cheek making Shivaay shocked.) If he has done this when you have married her forcibly, these all would never happened. From now, I won’t talk to you ever. (Leaves from there. Shivaay about to touch Omkara’s cheek but Omkara stops him. Omkara leaves from there while Shivaay runs behind Annika.)

Shivaay: Annika!!

Annika: (stops him) I forgot to tell you, Shivaay. Whatever I said to him applicable for you too. From now, there is nothing between us. We are husband and wife for our family and this outside world. But, we are just strangers inside our room. (Shivaay is shocked listening to her.) This is the punishment for you and myself. We made her suffer these months. It’s our turn now, Shivaay. If you are having respect on me, you have to accept this decision. (She leaves from there.)


This is how our life is going now. I didn’t talk with Shivaay very much. He will try to talk to me but I will end up scolding him. No one in our family aware of our problem. Soumya will talk whenever it’s needed. Rudra mostly will chat with Soumya most of the time. What I will hear from his mouth is Ishana bhabhi, Ishana bhabhi only. I could understand how much he is missing her. I tried to talk with him plenty of times but he will just ignore me and left from there. I never felt upset with him because this is what I deserved for keeping quiet when she suffered. I wish that I can meet her again and apologise to her for her every sufferings. But, is a small apology enough for whatever she faced?? Where are you, Ishana?? I want to see you.

End of POV

Annika wipes her tears which are drenching her cheeks and continues folding the clothes.

IshRuPriVeer are on the way to Oberoi Mansion in a car. Mishti is in Ishana’s arms sleeping peacefully.

Rudra: Bhabhi, whatever I am going to say after I reached there, you have to agree. Please don’t give any shock reaction. Ok??

Ishu: (confused) What are you going to say??

Rudra: You will know it soon. I’m doing that with Avni di’s permission only.

Ishu: Avni’s permission?? (Looks at Priyanka who shrugs her shoulder.)

Rudra: Don’t worry, bhabhi. It’s just a small matter. (Ishana nods.)

Prinku: Have you informed to Soumya about our arrival??

Rudra: Not yet. I said that I’m having a surprise for her. I want to see her reaction after seeing you both. Must be very cute. (He says smiling to himself while IshPri look at each other.)

IshPri: Cute!!?? (Gives high five to each other.)

Prinku: (whispers) I told you na, bhabhi. There is something between them.

Ishu: (whispers) Yeah. We are going to stay there only, right. We will know what is going on between them.

Rudra: What you both are whispering and laughing??

Ishu: Nothing. We too want to see Soumya’s reaction after seeing us. After all we are going to meet after long time. I’m missing her very much.

Prinku: Me too.

Rudra: Yes, I’m also….. (stops realising what he is saying.)

IshPri: (teasingly) You also…..???

Rudra: (stammers) Nothing. We are going to reach in a while. (Continues focussing on his driving. Ranveer who is keeping quiet just smiles seeing the trio.)


Soumya is pacing at living room looking at her mobile.

Soumya: Why Rudra didn’t call yet?? What surprise he was talking about?? He said that he only wants me to receive him at the entrance. Why he asked me to prepare ‘aarti’?? (The senior Oberois who are sitting on the sofa are confused seeing Soumya looking at the entrance.)

Kalyani: Why she is looking at the entrance?? Is anyone coming today??

Jhanvi: I don’t know, mummy ji. She was like this since morning.

Pinky: She prepared ‘aarti’ too.

Kalyani: ‘Aarti’?? For what??

Jhanvi: I asked her, mummy ji but she said that she said that she has been asked to prepare it.

Kalyani: Who is coming here that she prepared ‘aarti’?? (JhaNky shrug their shoulders.)

The door bell rings. Soumya runs and opens the door. She sees Rudra and smiles happily.

Soumya: Finally, you came. Do you know how long I was waiting for you?? Why are you late?? I was worried about you.

Rudra: Chill chill. Take a breath, Soumya. We stucked in traffic just now. That’s why late. Sorry. (Holds his ears making a puppy face.)

Soumya: (takes his hands from his ears) It’s ok. You are fine, right??

Rudra: I am absolutely fine.

Soumya: Ok, come inside. (About to pull his hands but stops thinking something.) What did you say?? We?? And what is the surprise??

Rudra: (nods) I will tell. First, close your eyes. (Soumya looks at him confusingly.) I said close your eyes. Faster close. Soumya closes her eyes. Rudra smiles.) Open your eyes now. (Soumya opens her eyes and sees Priyanka who is standing in front of her eyes with a smile on her face.) Priyanka!!! (Soumya smiles in tears and hugs her tightly. Priyanka stumbles a bit and she too hugs her back. Hearing Priyanka’s name, the senior Oberois run towards the door. They are happy to see their Priyanka has returned. SouPri break the hug after a while.)

Soumya: I miss you a lot, Priyanka. How are you?? You have become so thin. (Priyanka chuckles in tears.)

Prinku: I’m very fine, Soumya. And I too missed you very much. You are wrong, Soumya. I have gained weight a lot. (Soumya smiles and hugs her again.)

Jhanvi: Priyanka!! You are back finally. Mummy ji, our Prinku is back. Thanks to maata rani. (She is about to hug Priyanka but Priyanka steps back. Jhanvi is stunned with her behaviour.) Prinku…..

Prinku: Soumya, I’m here as Priyanka only, not as Priyanka Singh Oberoi. And I won’t stay here for long. I will leave after my work is finish. Tell them to not to take any rights on me. (Jhanvi is about to say something but Pinky stops her.)

Rudra: Soumya, you are having another surprise too. (Soumya looks at him curiously. He moves aside and Soumya sees Ishana behind him. The Oberois are shocked to see her. Soumya’s eyes are welled with tears seeing Ishana.)

Soumya: Ishana di!! (She hugs Ishana tightly.) You are back, di. You know how much I missed you?? (Ishana hugs her back and caresses her hair.)

Ishu: I missed you too, my cutie pie. (Kisses her head. They break the hug.) What happened to you?? You have loss a lot of weight. You are not eating properly?? Where are your chubby cheeks?? (Pulling her cute cheeks.)

Soumya: Don’t lie, di. I didn’t loss any weight. You and Priyanka only have become more thinner than before. I think I can lift you both with my both hands. Do you want to see?? (IshPri laugh and hug her again.)

Rudra: Haww!!! You have forgotten me. Too bad. (Pretends to sulk.)

Ishu: Haww!! No one has forgotten you. Come. (Pulls him into their group hug.)

Soumya: I will bring the ‘aarti’ plate. (Turns to go.)

Jhanvi: Wait, Soumya. Rudra, it’s good that you brought our Prinku here. But, why did you bring this girl?? She has no rights to enter this house.

Rudra: She is having every rights to enter this house. She is your daughter in law, your eldest son Omkara Singh Oberoi’s wife. Have you forgotten that he has married her, made her pregnant and so on….?? She is having full rights to come here.

Prinku: Besides that, my bhabhi having more rights to stay here than all of us. (JhaNkyKal look at her confusingly.) I and Rudra bhaiya have transferred our shares of Oberoi Mansion on her name. So, she is the one having more rights to stay here.

Pinky: Oh my maata!!! How you could do like that?? This girl is such a….

RuMyaPri: Not a word more against her!!!

Rudra: Soumya, you don’t bother about them. Go and bring ‘aarti’ plate. My bhabhi and sister has returned after a long time. (Soumya nods and runs inside. She returns with a plate filled with red vermilion. She is about to take ‘aarti’ for IshPri.) Wait a minute. (He turns towards Ranveer who is holdings Mishti.) Ranveer, come here. (Ranveer goes towards them. Rudra lifts Mishti from Ranveer.) Soumya, you need to take ‘aarti’ for this angel too.

Soumya: Sure. But, who is this cute angel?? (Pulls Mishti’s cheek.)

Rudra: She is Ishana bhabhi’s baby, Mishti. (Everyone are shocked including IshPriVeer. IshPriVeer look at him questioningly but he just blinks his eyes at them.)

All: (except IshPriVeer) What??

Rudra: Yes. She is Ishana bhabhi and Omkara Singh Oberoi’s daughter. That means she is the heiress for the Oberoi family.

Jhanvi: What?? How this baby can be Oberois heiress?? This girl didn’t stay here almost one year. So, it’s impossible for her to have Om’s baby.

Rudra: What are you saying, Mrs Oberoi?? She has left one year before. Now, this baby is three months old. A mother will carry her baby in her womb for nine months. Now, she is three months. So, the possibilities is there right?? Try to calculate and see.

Jhanvi: It’s impossible. Om won’t do like that.

Prinku: (laughs sarcastically) What?? Are you serious, Mrs Oberoi?? Just now only Rudra bhaiya remembered you about your eldest son’s act towards our bhabhi. Who knows, he might have done it before that too. (She says casually.) Correct, bhaiya??

Rudra: Absolutely correct, Prinku. (The elders are dumbstruck and they couldn’t find a word to reply them back.) Soumya, faster take ‘aarti’. My niece is very tired because of traveling. She needs to take rest. (He caresses Mishti’s cheek and hand over to Ishana who is still shock with Rudra’s statement just now. She composed herself and lifts Mishti from him. Soumya takes ‘aarti’ for IshPriMi and they enter inside Oberoi Mansion.)

To be continued…..

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