Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha gets the jaitra chariot.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanha makes a plan and he distracts the snakes, using his powers kanha creates a shield around the jaitra chariot to keep kansa away. Kanha kills the snakes using his powers. Kansa tries to take the chariot but fails due to the protective shield. Kanha uses his powers and throws away kansa, he says you said you wouldn’t take the chariot and you wont because it belongs to me. Kanha takes the chariot and goes.
Kanha meets bhavak and balram comes. Balram looks at the jaitra chariot and says it look so divine and huge kanha. Kanha says yes brother, it is the jaitra chariot. Balram says but kanha, how will you ride the chariot without horses? Bhavak says in this world, there are only 4 such horses who can pull the jaitra chariot. They are shevya, sugreeva, megpushpa and balahar! These 4 horses are the symbols of strength, bravery and victory. Kanha says bhavak, where will I get these 4 horses? Bhavak says prabhu, these 4 horses are very divine and if you have to convince them and use them for your chariot, you have to go to ashva lok. Balram says another lok? Kanha I am not coming anywhere, because I am very hungry I am going to go eat food. Kanha says I have to bring the 4 horses out of ashva lok in any case otherwise jaitra chariot shall be of no use.
Narad muni says prabhu, now kanha will go with balram to ashva lok, but when will this journey end prabhu? Lord Vishnu says soon aknha will cross his path and cross all difficulties, but I shall tell you soon kanha will grow up, his journey to growing up will be quick. Narad muni says right now, I can see little kanha taking tough decisions. Vishnu says kanha has to present himself in front of radha, when he shall grow up and even radha will have to face many difficulties. Lord Vishnu says whatever will happen shall happen as destiny does.
Kansa tells bhadraksh that look here bhadraksh, this ocean and river is waiting to destroy the lives of people and also radha and kanha. Soon my nephew kanha will have to commit suicide in these waters for radha. Kansa summons the king of the ocean, Ratnakar. Ratnakar doesn’t answer and kansa gets angry. He removes a bow and arrow and aims at the ocean and says ratnakar, it is bhagwan kansa. If you don’t come out before I release the string, this arrow ill soak all the water of your oceans. There is thundering and lightning and clouds appear, Ratnakar appears and stops kansa. He says what happened asur raj? Kansa tells ratnakar to mix the salty ocean waters with the rivers, so that radha is forced to save the Yamuna river. Once she jumps in the river, use your powers and drown her inside. All the rivers and all water shall get salty and all people of brij mandal wont get any clean water to drink, they will die of thirst. Kansa smiles and ratnakar does as told.
Kanha and balram go to the ashva lok to find the 4 horses for the golden jaitra chariot.

Precap: Radha jumps in the Yamuna river but is caught in a whirlpool.kanha and balram notice the ashva raj doing adharma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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