Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav thinks Vaidehi is insecure of Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangram asking Madhav to kick Vaidehi out else she will kill everyone. Vaidehi says I am innocent and says this is done by other Vaidehi. Chitra smiles and says this is the result to snatch my rights. Vaidehi says why will I do this? Bhabhi is like my sister. Anuradha gains consciousness and tells Sangram that she was eating almond and it got stuck in her neck. Vaidehi didn’t do anything. Sangram asks why is she lying? Madhav says I trust Vaidehi fully and it is my responsibility to protect her. He says I don’t want to hear anything. Vaidehi brings water and gives to Anuradha. Chitra says why you support Vaidehi and is with her even now, why madhav.

Rani tells Sangram and Jaichand why Anuradha lied. Sangram says we have no value in this house. Rani says Madhav has forgotten Chitra now. Jaichand says Chitra’s ghost will be here always, we shall pack our bags. Chitra makes the door open by itself. Rani and Jaichand get scared. Sangram says it opened due to wind. Door gets closed. Sangram also gets scared. Jaichand, Rani and Sangram hide. They shout.

Madhav is in his room. Vaidehi is walking in the room. Madhav acts to have headache and asks her to massage his head. Vaidehi massages his head. She says you are doing this to divert my attention. Madhav says you are stressed though and asks her to be happy. Vaidehi says whatever is happening is beyond my understanding.

Chitra is standing infront of Vaidehi. He asks what happened? Vaidehi says nothing and goes. Chitra asks why you are bending down towards Vaidehi, you just love me. Madhav calls someone and books the table in the restaurant for them. Chitra gets upset. Jaichand comes to room. Flower vase breaks. Madhav asks what happened? Jaichand gets scared and runs. Anuradha talks to Pandit ji and tells that someone was suffocating her. Vaidehi comes and gives her soup. She tells that other Vaidehi was suffocating you and then vanished when everyone came. Anuradha tells her about Pandit ji’s sayings. She says she wants to tell this to Madhav. Vaidehi asks her to wait and says she will call Madhav. Chitra hears them. She comes to room and asks Madhav to cancel the candle light dinner. Madhav thinks how does she know, I didn’t tell her anything. Anuradha thinks where is Vaidehi and comes out to check her. Sangram stops Anuradha.

Vaidehi is hidden there by Chitra. Sangram asks why did you lie and says I have seen Vaidehi suffocating you. Madhav says but…Chitra says I want to tell one thing clearly, I did a mistake by marrying you. Madhav is shocked. Vaidehi says I can’t take Chitra’s place in your life, you both are made for each other, I know you can’t forget her and she is only suitable for you and not me. She takes the dustbin and says it is no use to burn the pics. Madhav is in shock. He gets a call. Sangram argues with Anuradha. Chitra hears them and comes out. She makes Vaidehi unconscious who was gaining her senses. Madhav comes out and happens to see Vaidehi kept in a small place. Anuradha and Madhav take her to room. Sangram says one more drama. Chitra gets upset. Madhav thinks what happened to her, she was in the room, when did she go out? Vaidehi gains consciousness and says my head is paining. Anuradha says I will bring something for her to eat.

Anuradha is in kitchen and cutting the apple. Narayan comes there and stops her from cutting her finger. He asks what happened? Anuradha tells that she is worried for Vaidehi. Narayan says they shall get the grah shanti puja done. Anuradha says we have to search some other solution for this. Madhav is on call. Vaidehi gains consciousness and asks him to go to factory. She says she don’t want him to waste his time. Madhav asks why she asked him to cancel the candle light dinner plan. Vaidehi says when did I say? Madhav asks her to stop behaving like Chitra and says you have different place in my life. He asks her not to feel insecure because of Chitra.

Precap: Chitra asks Vaidehi to leave from the house. Vaidehi asks why you want me to leave, this is my house. Chitra says if you don’t go then will die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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