Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna brings devi trikuta to dwarka

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with satrajit is instigating all villagers against Krishna while villagers are telling him this is wrong so he says then why he has still not come with my jewel while akroor is telling to his person that this satrajit is trying to do wrong & I won’t allow this to happen but his person calms akroor.
The giant jamwant is telling krishna that devi trikuta is meditatiing for you since long years & krishna goes to devi while she is happy meeting Krishna & he praises her meditation.
Laxmi mata asks Vishnu who is devi trikuta.
Jamwant is asking Krishna are you in trouble so he tells him how will we cross this sea I am thinking while devi trikuta comes telling her to have food & he says first my sena should have food so she tells him a

i have already given them so he praises her again & he tells her what you wish tell me so she tells him to make me your wife so he tells her that I have already married so she tells him I wish to be on your feet so he tells her I will accept you as my devotional devi near me for next two centuries so she is happy while he tells jamwant that it is your responsibility to take care of this devi for next two centurties.
Vishnu tells laxmi mata this was the reason of devi trikuta as krishna’s devotee.
Krishna tells devi I accept you as my devotee & she will be known as jamwanti as jamwant has taken care of her for two centuries & jamawant asks what i have to do so he tells him I will take you into myself & he blesses him & tells devi I will take you along now.
Satrajit is waiting in dwarka saying I had kept wrong faith in him while Krishna comes telling satrajit that I am thankful to you to allow me to prove my faith & he shows the jewel & he asks krishna that where can be my brother so krishna tells him your punishment is faced by your brother & he is crying telling I have done wrong by cursing you so to please punish me & krishna tells him that you have already got the punishment by losing your brother but go & use this jewel for good purpose only. He takes leave.
Krishna’s devi is welcoming trikuta & she is saying I have got a very good sister in your form while trikuta is also happy with her welcome.
Vidur comes to meet Krishna & he is telling that wrong things are happening in hastinapur so Krishna says why now wrong is happening as yudhishtir is appointed raja now so he is explaining him about dhrishtra is trying to send kunti & pandavs, which is evilly planned by shakuni, to send them in jungles so krishna says not to worry as if I have to go to jungles to help them then I will go but I will need your help too so vidur tells him I will definitely help you.
All people are praising kunti & yudhishtir in warnavat while dooryodhan is planning something wrong to happen. They are talking & welcoming kunti happily. All are praising while ketki women comes telling all to allow them to take rest & yudhishtir tells her not to worry as we are here to meet you all itself so dooryodhan interrupts saying she only wishes to be careful for you. They all disburse & dooryodhan warns ketki to take very good care as our plans should succeed & she tells his army people hiding in jungle to be alert & surround the palace of pandav’s as informed by dooryodhan. In that Krishna was there in disguise of dooryodhan’s army.
Krishna explains that wherever evil is happening then I am always there to support good people.

Precap : Shakuni is talking with dooryadhan that all pandav sons & their mother will get killed in this fire plan. The palace in warnavat gets engulfed in fire & all pandav’s & kunti find themselves in trouble in the palace seeing fire around them so kunti prays god. Krishan immerges.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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