Bepanah Pyaar 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir tells Pragati about Baani

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Bepanah Pyaar 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati chooses a shirt for Raghbir. Get used to doing your work on his own. Who will do it when I am gone? He gets serious as Baani had said the exact same words to him once. Pragati notices him lost and asks him what happened. He says nothing. Baani used to do something similar. Did you feel bad that I mentioned Baani’s name again? She denies. He asks her how she makes so many sacrifices. You married me against your wish. You knew about Baani from Day 1 but never said anything to me! You too must have dreamt of marrying a guy who will spend his life with you. Have you never thought of fulfilling your dreams? She replies that her dreams are fulfilled. I want your dreams to come true too. He feels bad as he hasn’t done anything for her till date. I know you understand everything. You gave me a

new life which I don’t want to live in pieces. Earlier there was Baani and now it’s you! I want to live it with you completely. To do that, I must forget my past. I wont be yours completely till the time I forget my past completely. Night must pass so the day can come. Similarly, I must forget Baani to move on. I want to be yours! I don’t want to give you an incomplete life or be an incomplete person for you. I cannot do anything wrong with you. Will you meet my Baani? She looks at him in surprise / shock. He brings a box filled with Baani’s stuff. She sits down next to him. He says I shared a very beautiful life with Baani. I cannot bring back those moments but this treasure holds many such memories with Baani. He shows her the restaurant bill where they had gone out for food for the first time. I lied to her that it is a business meeting. She wouldn’t have come with me hearing that it is a date. We went for a drive next time where she lost her earring in the car. I did find it but I dint return it. You also lost your earring in my car the other day. It felt so similar. He shows a balloon and shares that it was from her birthday celebration. Baani used to forget her nail paint everywhere. I used to pick it up always. She used to play with nail paint whenever she was free. She was silly! He shows chocolate wrapper as well. I had gifted it to her on our first meeting. I also have the tissue on which she had wiped her lipstick. He shows it to her as well.

Raghav is drawing but his attention is diverted the moment Shefali enters in the room. He admires her attire and choice of cloth. If everyone will start believing in these things so rigorously then we wont need to hold such rallies at all! She ends up mumbling that she would not be able to meet him if they end the rally. She covers up for her words. I will bring the changes following your tips. He shares that he does not sleep on bed as he believes in saving plants. Bed is made after cutting plants. She asks him where he sleeps then. He shares that he sleeps on the floor. I sleep well. Plus, the spinal cord isn’t affected in a wrong way too. Why don’t you lead me in the rally today? She readily agrees. She thinks that she is ready to lead him in his life too only if he will give her a chance.

Raghbir picks up the vermilion box. Baani used to apply it every morning. Pragati gets emotional. He shows her other belongings too (bindi, diary). I was afraid as she used to note down my every stupid thing! She could any day use it against me. He shows the flower which Baani had kept. I took it later on. It has dried but it still has a lot of life inside it. He shows the pencil which Baani had chewed on and the movie ticket stub where she had turned up late. I tore it out of anger. We were going out for the first time. She used to make Rangoli on Diwali. She loved all festivals especially Diwali. I kept her alive with these things only. Tell me how I should forget it? Everything inside this small box is Baani, her soul and love. These are our memories. Pragati is teary eyed.

Dev helps Priya fly a kite. She feels it is difficult seeing their opponents. He tells her not to look at their failures always. We always get another chance. She asks him what if they lose the second chance as well. He guides her to be positive. She manages to balance the kite this time. He kneels down on his feet and pulls out the ring. She does not look back as she is so busy flying a kite. I told you I wont be able to do this. Why are you sitting on your knees? He cooks a story and keeps the ring in his pocket. They go to eat something.

Raghbir says it was my Baani who loved me immensely and vice versa. She was my happiness. I wanted to spend every moment of my life with her but sometimes someone casts an evil eye on people when they become too happy. I lost my Baani! I still kept living with her memories. I thought I wont be able to live now. I was living like a small kid who does not want to touch another toy once his favourite toy is broken but I found someone else. It is you, Pragati! You are a reason for which I want to live. I get hurt and it is you who start crying. I wont be able to take Baani out of my heart forever. She will always remain there but this heart will love only you after today. This heart will beat only for you! This Raghbir will only live for you from today onwards. My every breath is yours! Our new story will start from today. Maahi Ve plays. He wipes her tears. Pragati hugs him tight. Raghbir is also crying silently. She looks at him and then hugs him again. How to tell you that I am Baani?

Precap: Pragati says you are distancing yourself from Baani for me but you are actually getting closer to Baani only. Pragati receives a saree from Raghbir. She gets ready in that saree and decides to tell him the truth today itself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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