Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mandhrachal lands in vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with karmabai crying. Kanha says stop it brahman dev. The rishi says nand lal, this woman has broken the rules of bhakti and bhog towards our prabhu and for that she has to be punished. Kanha says no brahman dev, karmabai was just praying with all her heart and love towards prabhu Vishnu. Rishi says nand lal, karmabai has done a sin and given wrong bhog for lord Vishnu. Kanha says I know what she has done, karmabai has given uncooked raw rice as bhog for lord Vishnu and she comes anytime to pray to him and serves the bhog at anytime to him but that is her pure love for her prabhu, I know that through texts there has to be a proper bhog for god but god seeks love more than he seeks the right bhog, he sees what each of his true disciple can do for him and karmabai has just don’t what she can! She does everything she can for her prabhu. Another rishi says kanha, we listen to you only because you are the son of nand baba, karmabai has broken the rules of bhog and bhakti and she has to be punished. Brahman says kanha, people follow the rituals and texts. Kanha says I know that texts and rituals are what inspire people to become disciples of god, it was what makes them pray to the great lord but a disciple does what he can and karmabai has shown her love towards lord Vishnu by doing everything she could with love.
The rishi says but prabhu disapproves of it and for that only punishment has to be given.
Mandhrachal flies towards vrindavan and sees the village, he says so this is vrindavan where Vishnu lives as the avatar of Krishna. mandhrachal lands near the village with a loud bang such that the ground tremors and an earthquake occurs. Everywhere rocks fall and people in the village run as everything starts falling down, everyone hold onto something until the tremors stop. Yashoda says what was that? nand says yashoda it felt like an earthquake. Yashoda says I don’t feel something is right. Suddenly a man comes and says nand baba come with us, you have to see this. All villagers go and see the huge mandhrachal mountain. Nand says this mountain looks beautiful but how did the huge mountain come here? all people say yes, it seems like a demon is coming. Yashoda says I don’t feel right about this. Nand says no, I have heard that during floods mountains change their course, maybe it is because of that. damodar says no nand baba, the mountain has come and landed on the way from where demons used to come to vrindavan, it seems like someone has put the mountain there to save us vrindavan people from demons. Nand sees properly and then sees the huge sign of lord vishnu’s sudarshan chakra on the mountain. Nand says damodar you are right, prabhu Vishnu has placed this mountain here, look there it is his sign of sudarshan chakra. All people say you are right nand baba and they do pranam. yashoda says but why would the mountain come down so loudly that everything would tremor in vrindavan? Nand says it is a mountain yashoda! Nand and all people say we should go back to the village and starts praying to this mountain, we shall come back here to do its Pooja. Balram stops and says maybe something is wrong, this mountain landed as if it was a demon and it created an earthquake, and if lord Vishnu had placed it there then for sure kanha and radha would have been here. balram says this mountain is not placed by prabhu Vishnu here because whenever kanha and radha are not present, there is a huge problem!
Kanha says brahman dev, we shall decide with a test. The rishi’s say what do you mean? Kanha says lets see if our prabhu Vishnu accepts one of your bhogs, let karmabai serve her bhog with whatever she can bring and with her love and you all rishi’s serve the bhog to lord Vishnu with your karma and rules! Lets see which bhog lord Vishnu takes and the one’s whose bhog shall be accepted by prabhu, it shall be proved what really matters to our prabhu. Brahman dev says okay come on rishi’s, prepare the 56 food items for prabhu vishnu’s bhog. Everyone go. karmabai bends before kanha and cries and says thank you kanha, you have saved me it looks like I saw lord Vishnu in you today. Kanha hugs karmabai.
Radha is in vrindavan and she waits with kirti and brij bhanu to welcome her brother jaidev! Jaidev comes with his mudgal and radha welcomes him and does his Pooja. Radha thinks my brother has come now I will teach kanha a lesson. Kirti says you both come in and rest. Radha says no I am going with brother jaidev to vrindavan. Kanha says brother jaidev, a boy has made your sister cry. Jaidev says what? I will teach that boy a lesson, lets go. jaidev and radha head towards vrindavan. A man comes and tells brij bhanu about the mountain in vrindavan and says it has been kept by lord Vishnu so come for the Pooja. Brij bhanu says yes we will be a part of it.
Rishi shokracharya tells kansa, I told you these people would believe the mountain has been kept by Vishnu if they saw the sign of sudarshan chakra on it. kansa says now I wait for madhrachal to kill kurma avatar. Shokracharya says I have a plan for that as well, to summon kurma avatar, this plan if worked can trap both Krishna and kurma avatar.

Precap: Kanha takes kurma avatar. Kanha shows his divine avatar to karmabai. Karmabai cries and says finally prabhu, you have given darshan to your disciple, I am holy now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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