Chandragupta Maurya 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand’s Special Gift To Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta defeats monster wrestler Desmond. Dhananand rejoices, and people chant his name. He announces that his friend Seleucus will speak a few words for him. Seleucus reads a long letter praising Dhananand and accepts his defeat. Dhananand hugs him. Chandragupta chants Samrat Dhananand ki jai ho.. Stulbhadra praises Chanakya for making guiding Chandragupta and making him win wrestling match and asks what is his next plan. Chanakya says it is time to start next level of training to make Chandragupta become united Bharath’s king.

Chandragupta walks to Dhananand’s courtyard. Dhananand says he wanted to punish him for stealing diamond, but is very happy now instead after he defeated Desmond and made Seleucus know his place. Chandragupta says he had to win as it was a question of samrat Dhananand’s dignity. Dhananand says rewards him with a band with which he can meet anytime and says someone, pointing at Mahamartya, told Chandragupta would die fighting. Chandragupta requests if he can take some days’s leave as he has important task to finish. Dhananand orders soldiers to catch him and asks if he wants to take his place. Chandragupta says how can he, Dhananand is Magadh’s god and nobody can replace god. Dhananand gets more impressed and says he can dream about taking his place, but should. He grants leave. Chandragupta thanks him and walks away.

Chandragupta draws tiger’s face via grains. Stulbhadra and others praise him. Chandragupta enters. Chanakya spoils art. Everyone are shocked and Chandragupta shouts he has gone mad to spoil his whole night’s hard work. Chanakya says sometimes one has to destroy unnecessary things to clear their thinking, just like Chandragupta wants to go to Piplivan to find about his mother. Chandragupta is shocked and asks how does he know. Chanakya says Peepivan’s badge in his neck is revealing everything, but is very difficult to reach there. Chandragupta requests him to help him reach Peeplivan. Chanakya says he will, but Chandragupta has to steal again for him.

Mura looking at her husband’s belongings says their son won his first battle against foreigner Seleucus, soon he will defeat cruel king Dhananand.

Chanakya Niti: People travel in group for safety, but this group takes away their identity as they follow someone else, they should walk alone to create their own identity.

Precap: Chanakya orders Chandragupta to steal map if he wants to go to Peeplivan. Dhananand finds out map is stolen and asks Mahamartya who wants to go to Peeplivan.

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  1. अरुण

    Dhananand aware that Chandra has talent to become king, one day he’ll prove this, but till Chandra shouldn’t disclose his motive. Once again Chandra may fall in trouble as the theft of map has made Dhananand to doubt on cgm.

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