Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shridhar sees the truth.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pralapt bringing kansa and janur and some soldiers come with them. Kansa sees all dead soldiers and is confused. He then sees soldiers of maheshmati and laughs and says soldiers of maheshmati came here, but how? Kansa is shocked and says vasudev and devki? Where are they? He quickly runs in the jail and sees vasudev and devki. Kansa says vasudev and devki you both are here? so you gave away a chance to rescue yourselves. Kansa says but who got them inside here? how did they find the under pass? Kansa looks at akrur and says akrur! Then he says pralapt are you thinking what I am? Pralapt says bhagwan I saw akrur killing soldiers of maheshmati, he is trustworthy. Kansa says no pralapt, that is what we see on the outside but there is something in the inside. Akrur says maharaj we shouldn’t trust anyone. Kansa says okay, then he says you will find for me who was the one who planned this, kansa says and akrur you forgot to tell vasudev about the mal yudh we will have. Kansa says vasudev ready yourself to have mal yudh with me and I will find who found this underpass. They go.
There yashoda brings the food for brahma shri. Shridhar says give me the food in my hands as I don’t use banana leaf. Yashoda gives the food in shridhar’s hand. Shridhar now eats the food and closes his eyes. He sees in the past that yashoda gave birth to a child. Shridhar waits and sees that the child was a girl, he comes back and thinks I was right, yashoda gave birth to a girl and not a son, only I know this truth. Kanha says brahma dev you smile as if after eating the food you got your god. Shridhar says nand rani I have got what I needed and this much food is enough for me. Kanha says brahma dev do not hesitate if you want more food because my mother makes very good food which will fill anyone’s stomach. Kanha says eat as much you like, kanha laughs with his friends. Shridhar thinks boastful kanha, I will know what is your truth. Kanha says brahma dev wait as in gokul, no one goes without eating butter after food. Kanha says I will bring butter. Kanha runs to bring butter.
Kanha takes the pot of butter and is running back but radha stops him. radha says wait kanha. Kanha says what happened? Radha says I am radha and my father has 1 lakh cows, kanha says yes I know and no one tells anything to you but you tell everyone. Radha says yes boy, you know radha better now. radha says you have done a crime. Kanha says crime and thinks. He remembers the shringaar he did and says I did not do any crime, I did your shringaar. Radha says but you spoilt it which means you have to ask for forgiveness now. kanha says did I do your shringaar because you were radha or did you become radha after I did your shringaar? Radha says I never thought about that. kanha says then think about that till I come back from giving butter to brahma dev. Kanha goes. Radha says but I was radha since I was born, kanha fooled me. Radha says cheater kanha.
Kanha goes and says brahma dev I brought butter for you. shridhar says come here and give it to me from your own hands. Kanha takes the butter and remove some from his hands and gives it to shridhar. Shridhar eats the butter and tries seeing kanha’s past but cannot see anything apart from the universe. Shridhar thinks why couldn’t I see kanha’s past, I will see his past at any cost.
There kansa is on his throne and says who from you betrayed me? Prapti, aarti, akrur and 2 more courtiers stand. Pralapt says maharaj kansa is bhagwan, he can see everything that has happened and he knows who it is, confess it and he will forgive you. kansa has a bow and arrow and says the arrow will strike the one who has betrayed me, tell me otherwise I will shoot the arrow. No one say anything, kansa points the arrow and shoots. Akrur wipes a drop of his sweat. The arrow turns into 4 arrows, it comes near everyone and then goes just past them. All of them are saved. No one is hit with the arrow.
There all the brahmans are about to go. yashoda says brahman ji please bless my son so that he stays safe from all evil. All the brahmans bless. Yashoda gives each brahman with a coconut in a utensil. Yashoda gives shridhar a red utensil with coconut. For shridhar the coconut is so heavy that he falls down with its weight. Nand and damodar say brahman dev what happened to you? shridhar sees himself on the top of the galaxy with the coconut, he is scared and looks down. There kanha says mother always says when someone looks at anything with greed then that thing becomes heavier, that is why brahma dev fell down from the weight. Friends say we understood kanha, it means unless brahma dev doesn’t leave that utensil he wont get up. All friends and kanha laugh. There shridhar says if I leave this coconut utensil then I will fall down and die, I cannot leave it. then he sees kanha and is scared.

Precap: shridhar sees kanha everywhere saying I am Narayan, I am Narayan. Shridhar gets up from his dream. Yashoda says kanha brahman dev did not give his blessings to you because of your mischief, I will never talk to you. yashoda goes sad. Kanha says mother wait.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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