Badho Bahu 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky lies to Komal!

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Badho Bahu 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua asks Komal about report. Komal shares that it is in the room. Bua taunts her to hand it directly to Pinki or Rana instead. They can misuse it so easily. You kept it on table! Komal says they wont fall so low. I am sure they wont do any such thing. Bua gives up and so does Komal. She leaves from the room. Bua thinks she is completely mad.

Lucky and Som are practising. Payal’s mother announces the championship between Lucky and Rana loudly with on speaker. She advertises it loudly for everyone to hear. People gossip about the brothers and who they will support. Some people speak in Rana’s favour while some have faith in Lucky. They begin to argue. Payal’s mother tells everyone to get ready to witness the biggest championship of the year. She continues making the announcement. Lucky notices Komal there.

Pinki comes to Komal’s room and starts looking for the report. She easily finds it on the table and begins to read it. Komal notices her thus and catches her red handed. What are you trying to do? What are you looking at? Pinki lies that she only came to meet her. Komal confronts her. Accept that you came to check the report. Pinki agrees. I did come to see it to find out how hurt he is. Komal cannot understand how low she can fall. I don’t know why you are doing all this. pinki insists she is only doing her dharma. Everything is fair in love and war. I am doing it for my love, Rana ji. You too would have done the same if youw ere in my place. Komal says it wont do any good to anyone. What will you get by doing this? Pinki ends up telling her that she will gain fame and respect. Lucky ji is number 1. He is respected and so are you. People don’t respect us well. You wont understand it though. I have decided I will make Rana number 1. I wont fail in undertaking any path to make him win. Komal tries to explain to her but in vain. Pinki tells her to stay out of it. She leaves.

Komal asks Lucky if his wound is fine. He nods and asks for high five. She refuses but he makes her do it. I am not feeling any pain. I am feeling better honestly. She is happy to know it and thanks Lord. Lucky hears her. Forgive me for lying to you. you would have been worried if I had told you the truth. I cannot see you worried now.

Rinki confirms with Pragya if someone saw her. Pragya denies. She takes the ticket from Rinki. Pinki sees them together and is confused. Rinki tells Pragya to pack everything and hurry off. We don’t have much time. Pragya doesn’t want to carry anything from here. I want to spend my life with Teji is as soon as I can. I want to leave this house asap. Pinki asks them what they are talking about. Pragya lies that she was telling Rinki she has to apologize to everyone. She excuses herself. Rinki turns to go but Pinki stops her. You came to Sirsa suddenly to meet Pragya? What’s the matter? I know both of you well. Don’t try hiding anything from me. Rinki is afraid that Payal wont spare her if she tells anything to her sister. I must not tell her anything. She diverts Pinki somehow and leaves. Pinki is still thoughtful.

Rana is exercising. Pinki tells him about Lucky’s wound. Your chances of winning increases when your opponent is hurt!

Komal comes to Pragya’s room to talk to her.

Rana asks Pinki if she is telling him to cheat to win. I am a real devotee of Bajrang Bali. I wont cheat in any case to win! She tries to say something but he firmly tells her to leave.

Pragya apologizes to Komal. I cannot help you in this matter. Both brothers would have thought of something before agreeing for the championship. I don’t want to get in any trouble anymore and get insulted. Don’t trouble me! Komal leaves. Pragya thinks she has nothing to do with this house anymore.

Komal requests Rana not to take part in this championship. This can create rift in the family. He accepts her concern for Lucky as his wife but we both agreed for it mutually. We understand what’s right and wrong for her. please leave. She turns to go but cannot control herself. She points out that he has bad intention to fight this time. You are going to fight a wounded opponent. It will be a disgrace to Bajrang Bali and your father and Babu ji. Please step back as Lucky ji wont do so despite his wound. He tells her to stop. I know what I am doing. Stop lecturing me. He leaves as his mother calls out to him. Pinki overhears their convo. Lucky got hurt on the shoulder!

Rana and Lucky seek the blessings of pundit ji. Kamla ji tells him to bless her son more but he clearly states he cannot bless just one of them. Both of them are special to me. Whosoever will fight with all his heart will win! Malti ji nods. Pundit ji leaves as he has to go a temple far away. Kamla ji says I have heard if you light a diya there, your wish is fulfilled. He nods. It isn’t easy to go there though. Not many people go there. He leaves. Komal thinks of what he just said.

Rinki tells Payal to spare her now. I did as told. Pragya will run away sooner or later. Promise to delete my video and not tell anyone about this. Payal agrees but Rinki insists that she deletes it right away. Payal tells her to let Pragya elope first. I will delete it tomorrow. Rinki agrees and heads home. Payal decides to show Ahlawat family down tomorrow with the help of the letter.

Pragya stealthily leaves from Ahlawat House.

Lucky wonders where Komal is. He suddenly feels sharp pain in his shoulder. Rana witnesses him shouting in pain. Lucky applies ointment on his wound.

Komal is unable to find Pragya in her room. She checks with Pinki but she too is clueless. She said she would go to Sarpanch ji’s home to apologize whenever he returns. Maybe she went there. Komal thinks she left at this hour all by herself?

Precap: Reporters question Lucky and Rana in the conference. Sangram Singh is upset that Rana isn’t saying anything. At home, Kamla ji asks Bharpayi to call Pragya. Bharpayi tells her that Pragya isn’t at home. Payal thinks she would come only if she would have been at home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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