Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa makes a lava demon.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha hugging yashoda and she says my son! Yashoda cries and is happy. Everyone is happy and yashoda says Narayana protected you, kalyavan couldn’t do anything to you. Balram says kanha but I don’t understand how did you save yourself from kanha?
Kansa says cheat! Again Vishnu cheated with kansa and you too kalyavan. kansa laughs. Kalyavan says kansa it is cheating but this time I had given a promise and I always keep my promises, I never break it. Kansa laughs promise? Promise? This is what that Vishnu dopes, cheat! And since when did demons keep promised?
Kanha says I used my intelligence brother. Balram says you did not use strength? Kanha says kalyavan is a demon and every demon thinks he wants to be disciplined to be the greatest but because of

their negative characters, they use evil. Everyone say good you are safe, now we shall do the festival. Kanha says we have to go to mawan, we have to celebrate the festival, there shall be enjoyment everywhere.
Kansa says kalyavan you are a fool, you have written your death today, that rishi gave you a curse that you would die when you would disrupt another rishi’s meditation and it will so happen that you will disturb that same rishi and die! Kansa laughs. Kalyavan says no I am kalyavan, I am immortal and can never die, even death cannot cheat me. Kansa laughs and says you were immortal, that is past, now you are mortal and will die. Kalyavan says no kanha cheated, I wont die. Kalyavan goes to vrindavan. Pralapt comes and says bhagwan, people In vrindavan are going to mawan to rituraj maharaj’s temple. Kansa laughs and says let them go.
In vrindavan, kanha is ready and says my friends, dhama, brother balram, everyone where are you all? I am ready, come on everyone, we have to go to mawan. All people come and are looking at kanha. Kanha says what happened? Everyone look at kanha and people say kanha, you are prabhu vishnu’s avatar, your are a bhagwan and Narayana himself, how can we take you to maharaj rituraj’s temple? You being our savior and prabhu, how will we take you? Kanha says what? Why do you all call me bhagwan? Then how shall I live a life like a kid? Then from now, all people I shall live in the temple and not my house, and mother don’t make butter for me, because I like it not prabhu Vishnu and if I am god I wont eat it, I will live in a temple and you all will call me prabhu from now, you will do my Pooja and give me food and everything you offer to prabhu, I will go. Kanha goes towards Vishnu temple. Radha goes behind kanha.
There lord Vishnu says to narad muni, dev rishi kanha has been born as paramavatar shri Krishna, but he was born as a normal kid and not a prabhu, he is trying to tell the people that he is their kanha and not prabhu Vishnu, he has to live a normal life and by doing his karma only, then he can defeat kansa! To do that, he has to live like a normal kid and not a god.
There kansa has a golden pot in his hand and he says people of vrindavan, I will get you killed this time, that kanha will burn and die. Kansa pours red hot lava from the pot down on ground and it forms a very huge demon made of lava in huge size.
There radha says to kanha, kanha if you shall go to temple even I will come. Kanha says call me prabhu not gora. Radha says keep quiet kanha, remember if you are a god then even I am devi, I will always be with you. Kanha says good, anyway I thought staying in the temple and always eating bhog and doing Pooja would bore me. All people come and say kanha, you are our kanha, you made us understand that we were confining you. Yashoda says don’t you trust me kanha? You are my son! And shall live like a normal village kid. Kanha says but I don’t trust the vrindavan people, they make me god any time they want. People say no kanha, we believe you now, we wont do this again! Kanha smiles. Balram says come on kanha I brought the palki for maharaj rituraj’s toil, lets go to his temple now. All people are happy and they all go taking their procession to the temple of maharaj rituraj by singing songs and dancing.

Precap: the red lava demon comes in huge size and attacks people of vrindavan. Kanha takes a huge form and drinks all lava and takes all fire in his body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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