Kaleerein 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pammi’s Entry In Meera’s House

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Roma shoots at Vivan, but Pammi comes in front and bears bullet. Vivan rushes her to hospital with Meera. He panics and asks doctors to treat his mom soon. Doctors take Pammi to OT and then shifts her to ICU after removing bullet. Vivan then calls inspector Brar and asks to arrest Roma as she shot his mother Pammi. Meera gets emotional seeing Pammi’s condition and says not only Roma is responsible for Pammi’s condition. Vivan asks what does she mean. She says he came to India from London to take revenge from Pammi ji and he is also equally responsible for her condition. Vivan is shocked. Their argument continues. Nurse informs that Pammi’s condition is critical. Doctors rush to ICU. Vivan shatters seeing Pammi’s condition and prays god to punish him and not his mother,

thinks what will he say Amaya. He reminisces Amaya telling wheneve rhe feels heavyhearted, he should cry and not control himself. Amaya comes running with Nimmo and consoles him. He hugs her and says she and Meera were right, he was wrong. Meera says when a child is afraid of parent’s life, his fear is pure, she wants to hold his hand like a true friend, but then thiks a son wanted to punish his mother, she wants to hate that son.

After sometime, Vivan and Amaya peep into ICU and see Meera taking care of Pammi. Amaya tells Vivan that nothing will happen to maa as Meera bhabhi is with maa. Vivan also walks into ICU and feels guilty for hating his mother, he apologizes and says he wants her in his life. He sees Roma losing her pulse and calls doc. Meera performs chest compression. Doc enters. Pammi revives and opens eyes. Vivan gets happy. Doc praises Meera and asks how did she save patient’s life. Meera says they are taught not to lose hope till end of game. Roma tells they both saved his life and giving their hands into each others says she wants them to be together always. They both look at each other. A romantic song plays in the background.

Vivan and Amaya bring Pammi home. Dolly does her aarti in punjabi style. Vivan says welcome home mom and takes her in. Meera comes running and hugs her saying welcome home Mrs. Singh ji. Pammi says everyone are right that she is too crazy/jhalli, they teach in SKU not to act motherly with mother-in-law and never speak out their heart to her, but Meera has already done that, so she wants Meera to be her daughter. Dolly says Meera is really jhallli, she should touch Pammi’s feet. Pammi says no, when Meera and Meera are together, they should touch feet together. They both touch feet. Meera takes Pammi in. Amaya taunts Vivan that he is smiling as if he is married just now. He asks to take mom in and thinks he was married long ago, but realized it now.

Dolly shows cake to Pammi and asks to give Meera SKU marks as she prepared it. Pammi says she taught to prepare cake at SKU, but never taught culture, only a wel cultured mother like Dolly can teach culture to her daughter Meera. She apologizes them for misbehaving at SKU. Dolly says forget the past. Pammi says she will teach preparing different cakes to Meera and cuts cake. Vivan feeds her cake and thinks he will give whole world’s happiness to Meera.

Precap: Meera asks Vivan how she is looking, what he wants to say. He asks to sign papers. She says if they are passport papers, she will sign them later. He says these are divorce papers.

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  1. Trisha

    Absolutely love this show! Im guessing Vivaan wants a divorce so he can marry our Meera properly this time? Hope there’s no bad reason for it. 🙁

    1. I hope that’s not the case as they can get remarried even without getting a divorce…. Its so funny that serial cast members get an instant divorce if they want but in real life it takes years for someone to get divorced and minimum a year even with mutual consent.

  2. Good episode. I agree too Trisha, I would like to believe that Vivaan wants to remarry Meera in the proper way. After dreaming in his office that she said they could marry all over again, maybe that is what he wants to do, I’m sure she’ll be sad but I’m sure he’ll be planning a grand sangeet and vivaah ceremony to surprise her. It’ll be so romantic if he could propose to her and till the wedding takes place, writers should give us endless nok jhoks…gosh…what an intense man????????…can’t wait for upcoming episodes….but I have too??

    1. Trisha

      Even i cant wait! They should have like a Kaleerein marathon or something! Vivaan n meera are soooo cute together.???

  3. Why here there are so many less people I guess this show deserve more people
    It was actually a cute and adorable episode
    That is y I love kaleerein they are different than other shows in creating small small movements

  4. Naz,you must be wondering where is Lakshmi but you know yesterday evening I was too busy watching the real heroes in action that I had to skip seeing fictious ones…..Ofcourse today I will catch up with the repeat …Coming to the red hot Samba team ,my god , What a game and what a win ….Neymar,after such a painful ankle twist still taking the field and beating the Mexicans hollow was worth skipping all the regular shows particularly when there is a clash of timings…Ofcourse ,there is a talk that the magician with the ball is sometimes an embarrassment to the game as he emits those bloodcurdling shrieks indicating a serious injury which some people claim to be fake…just to induce the referee to punish the opposite team ….May be there is some truth in that…even I was astonished to see him running at his usual pace after all those tantrums but no doubts he is supremely gifted and if he hits top form over the next couple of weeks,Brazil will certainly get their sixth World Cup title…..
    Coming to the divorce papers,I sincerely hope that the writers are not starting another of their stupid tracks since Roma’s is over….

    1. Neymar sure is a drama queen. When he fell, he even said a word or two then he was all pain… I was like.. What the heck!! All that Neymar? Was rooting for the Mexicans, they represented my region of football called CONCACAFF..one good thing though I’m seeing different teams heading into knockout stages, besides Brazil, all the big guns went home..this is good football and I love this game with a passion. BTW… I did wonder if you were OK, would have emailed you if days had passed though, now I know. I love the changed Vivaan , now I can get some of what I really want… Hey, the new serial looks I, the childhood story reminds me of ETRETR…and you know that occupies a soft spot with us. …anyways… Later, gotta run….again lots to do today.. Chat later ??

  5. Sheen,though certain things were not to the viewers’ liking like Vivaan ill treating Meera for supporting Pammi ,there is no doubt it is a cute show ….As my friend Naz says Vivaan is really a very intense guy, at the same time his anger is almost childlike….even when he was insulting Meera,we could always see his own pain and hurt which was more than Meera’s at being insulted…I am happy that Meera loves him so much that she could appreciate this and helped him to become a normal person….I do hope the writers won’t do something else to create differences between ths cute couple ….We know for the continuation of the story ,another antagonist is imminent but for the time being Vivaan and Meera need some nok jhoks and romance .The viewers would love to see Vivaan confessing his love to Meera,proposing to her on his knee ,the marriage celebrations etc…hope we won’t be disappointed and keep commenting…

  6. W Is nimisha today. Nimisha are you from goa

  7. I like how Meera acts around her mother in law..she doesnt hesitate to just be herself..Pammi seems to understand Meera and begins to adore her for who she really is..Vivaan too..I also like the twist in the story..while everyone is on a happy stage, Vivaan demands for a divorce..After all the insults and mistreatments Meera had to go through, I would have to say, “Meera sign the damn divorce paper because Vivaan doesnt deserve you..he needs to earn your love and respect the hardest way..and if his love is true, he will be willing to fight for you no matter what”..I cant wait to see what this serial has to offer on the concept that girls dont need to change in order to be accepted for marriage..great episode btw

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